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Sorry, but my english is not so good


Did anyone knows more information of this Crop Circles case ? 

And the very interesting findings in the same place .... silver, gold and bronze plates !?


This information come from me in one year ago from FOX tv show "Incredible Forensic Evidence" (movie 10min 134 Mega)


A few pictures from the show... (attached)


Michale Hesemann - researcher/author

Claudia Brebach - Journalist, "Neue Presse"

Moschkote Litfass - Historian

Jim Schanabel - Sociologist



"... Many people said that crop circles are navigational charts for ET's, then another group of people said that the crop circles are human-made and even Billy Meier confirmed that they are not made by ET's."


The last line is not 100% true !


I am very glad for any information or any clue...





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Hi Gerd

Billy renewed his point of view in recent years, he agreed that some of the crop circles are indeed have ET origins.



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hi Savio

the last that i heard from Billy is that:

In the 328th contact of July 20, 2002, Ptaah explained that ETs are not involved in the making of the crop circles. They (the P’s) first suspected this to be the case, but then detected that cosmic influences are involved instead (influencing the ideas of those who are creating the pictures on computers or by hand-drawing). The crop circles are man-made (terrestrial).
There have been UFOs flying above sites where crop circles were made; but they were not involved in the „construction“. Some of those UFOs were coming from our terrestrial future.

unless you are talking about more recent contact notes

take care

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I´m always asking my self one question, why Ptah or Semjase don´t give any picture of her own planet, city or close up planet snapshot ?! This is very BIG WHY ?!

In the 70-s  was that kind of picture very good evidenc.

And I think in the ´70 sceptic has very big problems to explain this kind pictures ! Okei you trick the UFO pictures, put how you doing the big city close up pictures like "New York" 36 years ago ?



And again one good question and good answer ?


2. Why the pleiadeans don't like to be pictured? according to some peoples there are some very advanced non-human spices that can mimic telepathically. In other words they make that the people see them as humans but they don't have control over the cam and the picture. And for this reason they don't like to be photographed.


One Semjasis problem was recognizing !

But this is not the point, ...

When I was the "Semjasis" I given the Billy pictures from another female or man person from my own planet Pleiades.

And after the picture make public "Semjasis" don´t have the problem... !?


> There have been UFOs flying above sites where crop circles were made;

> but they were not involved in the „construction“.


I have video clip from UK were flying "ball/UFO" visit the field and the same time Crop Circle forming...?!

UK military has lots of this kind on movies !


And within days it appeared Operation Blackbird had been successful - night vision cameras spotted something in a field below, and, sure enough, a new crop circle could be seen as dawn broke. For a few hours, the world reported the crop circle mystery as solved - but operation leader Colin Andrews soon realised he had been hoaxed and the figures on night-vision cameras were not aliens but local mischief-makers.

According to Mr Andrews, however, across Wiltshire a more mysterious and sinister event was happening, which has remained top secret ever since.

He said: "The public knew but half of what was going on at the time. While the media present at Operation Blackbird were looking at the right hand, they did not see what happened with the left.


Nick Pope head of the Ministry of Defence's UFO Project from 1991 until 1994

(And what did you conclude?
That 95 per cent of it was just misidentification - aircraft lights, weather balloons, meteors, satellites, etc. But there was a five per cent core of things that defied conventional explanation. I had UFOs reported by trained observers, such as pilots and military personnel, plus visual sightings backed up by radar which is always interesting.
You've said you started off quite sceptical but after three years in the job came to believe that aliens exist.)



> Some of those UFOs were coming from our terrestrial future.

Yes this is one version...




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hi Gerd

why does the Plejaren do not take pics of their home and show them to us?

mmmm what would they win with that?
what would we win with that?
if people are not smart enough to find the truth with the proof that has been given then it is better that they stay away or they will simply distort all and this would end being another stupid religion

experience has shown that skeptics continue to question all even if there is undeniable evidence, they are simply not so intelligent and only want to appear "big" in front of others . . .


"And again one good question and good answer "

good answer?
i only see speculation and fantasy

Semjasis? what?
i didn´t understood anything!


"I have video clip from UK were flying "ball/UFO" visit the field and the same time Crop Circle forming...?!"

do you mean the Oliver Castle video? many persons say it is fake, but since im not an expert in video analysis i will not make comments

UK military has lots of this kind on movies !

i have seen some of black helicopters chasing these "balls" through the fields, they are interesting

take care

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Hi 00

I was referring to an unofficial translation on the contact on 1996 May 13th...

Billy: Then the situation has actually changed concerning certain things in the grain crop circle falsifications, even in the sense that now Extraterrestrials are also involved in it.

Ptaah: That is actually the case for quite some time. However, that means all pictograms, etc.. that are attributed genuinely to the strange to earth foreigners can be manufactured just as ever into falsifications.

Billy: And regarding which connection stand the pictograms and those developed by extraterrestrial influences. I find it quite foolish that such highly developed far-ago-travelled forms of life would make itself noticeable in this manner.

Ptaah: The coming connection exists happening in the SOL system as well as in the announcement of the appearance of these strangers to Earth; since their ancestors came to Earth already in former times. And regarding the foolishness which you have wrongly addressed, do not associate such foolishness with the strangers to Earth, but, rather with that of the Earth human beings are these quite primitive formations on the coming happenings attentively made, because a direct and open appearance of extraterrestrials could release chaos. By use of the pictograms, the Earth human beings also have their hands in the game, because Earth humankind slowly partakes in these events of the future, even if this is actually a very primitive proceeding reduced for the benefit of the Earth human beings. The genuine pictograms however, may not be surveyed correctly in that many falsifications are added which alone are the work of terrestrial charlatans and cheats.



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From the Cosmic Connection, by Michael Hessmann, pg 52:


“22nd July, Grasdorf, near Hildesheim, Lower Saxony:


The largest and most complicated German pictogram was discovered by early-morning joggers on 23rd July.  The roughly 110yds (100m) long and 55 yds (50m) wide formation at Grasdorf near Hildesheim, Lower Saxony – it covered an area of 5,000m2 (6,000 sq yds)! – consisted of seven symbols and thirteen circles – with a cross within the circle in the middle, suggesting the ancient sun symbol.  In general it reminds us of a Scandinavian rock painting, the object in the middle being the ‘sun chariot’, an ancient sacred symbol of the Scandinavians and North Teutons.

     Actually, the location of the pictogram is archaeologically significant:  it lies at the foot of the Thieberg, a Thing or ancient Teutonic tribal parliament site, possibly on top of a prehistoric processional path.  In the immediate vicinity is the Wuldenberg, an ancient Germanic Wotan sacred site on which a church was erected under Charlemagne, and the Holy Grove (Heilige Holz) of the Teutons, which was fought over right into the Middle Ages.  When a feudal lord gave the order to fell this sacred wood in 1273, he was murdered by the people of Grasdorf: a small civil war was the result, and the wood stayed untouched until the 19th century.  So this very ancient Saxon heartland, christianed no earlier than the 9th century as a result of the victory of Charlemagne over the Saxons, had been sacred for at least 4,000 years.  Dr Nowothnig, an archaeologist from Hannover, described the neighbourhood as “one of the most significant prehistoric cult areas of Europe”…”

     “So was this a real pictogram?  Much speaks for it.  When a person going for a walk passed the field around 11:00pm, nothing unusual was visible, so its creation must have happened later.  There are signs of quite unusual causes of this pictogram:  that night Christian Fiedler from Grasdorf had seen an orange-coloured, pulsing light, which moved to and fro at great speed in the area in question.  Thousands came to visit the formation, and farmer Harenberg started collecting entrance fees at the field’s edge, following the example of his British colleagues”…


Hessemann writes about the finding, and the later analysis.  What were found were three plates a bronze, silver and one gold plate, the bronze and silver now in the hands of an industrialist. “They were shown at my internationally UFO conference, “Dialgue with the Universe”, in Dusseldorf, Germany in Ocotober, 1992 and used again when he filmed a piece on the Grasdorf case for the US-TV programme, “Encounters” in April, 1994.  In addition, the Tugingen lawyer, Dr Roemer-Blum, arranged a scientific evaluation at the German Federal Institute for Material Research (Bundesanstalt fur Materialpufung) in Berlin.  Their conclusion, after carefully analyzing both plates was:

     “Plate one (silver colour) consisted mainly of quite pure silver (what an understatement!), with an additional ingredient accounting for less than 0.1%.  The weight of the plate was 4.98kg (11lbs).  Plate two (bronze colour) consisted of a copper-tin alloy (of which the tin content amounted to 10%-15%), nickel and traces of iron amounting to less than 0.1%”

    This meant that the silver plate consisted of 99.9% pure silver, purer than sterling-silver.  Furthermore, a spectrographic analysis of both plates proved that they had not been made from a cast but from some kind of conglomerate of silver nuggets and natural copper and tin pieces of the type found in Germany’s Harz forest, not far from Grasdorf.  They had been produced, either by heating up to a degree that partially melted the metals – or in a low-gravity environment.  We are left with the question of what hoaxer would go to such expensive lengths, in terms of cost and effort, simply to pull the wool over the eyes of the press and a few crop circle enthusiasts?”


It is further mentioned of the gold plate, of the finest quality that had been seen by the examiner.  The industrialist received about 25,000 Euros for the bronze and silver plate and the gold was worth at least 75,000 Euros.  One must examine the content of Plate two (bronze color) to see an interesting parallel.  There is a normal alloy of copper-tin, and it is called phosphor bronze, but is has the only slightly added phosphor, and it has interesting alloy properties as well. 


The signs on the plates are very interesting and represent to me a rather important and somewhat mystical thought process of the identification with the state of mind and connection between man and his environment in his will to transmute and create metals with rare properties, and those with incredibly advanced and refined techniques indeed of that advancement.  Some have placed emphasis on the anthropomorphic symbols as being highly important in themselves, and that closer connection then towards man seeing his will upon this materials and that field as well then, hence the further parallel.  Thank you for that further material as well from the Meier Archive.


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Thanks Captain_Tuttle for research !



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As far as I'm concerned, "The Cosmic Connection" by Michael Hesemann was one of the finest books from that period that was written, (came out in German in 1993 and then in English and the USA in 1996) as well as a nice description within the further chaperters on the messages and symbols and their possible meanings, as well as all of that work performed on the Mars by the Richard Hoagland types and the reconstruction of the Cydonia geometry. Reveals the first true scientific works on the crop-circle phenomenon and those plant and stalk and seed tests.  These are still mysteries to which we attend to even at the present time as well, thanks for the feedback, Gerd.

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