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Hi again!

One of interesting stories these days was a recently discovered native tribe on a small island in Pacific. They appear to have legends and myths that are only 60 years old.
The most interesting "legend" is called Battle of the Gods. It says that 60 years ago just over their island gods of "good" and "evil" fought in their "birds". They threw flaming arrows at each other.
Birds that are mentioned here are actually P-52's and Zero's - American and Japanese fighters. Flaming arrows are light trails of the bullets.
From here we can see that primitive people (like these) that don't know that man can fly in a plane think that they are witnessing a great battle of the gods.
The conclusion is that every myth there is about battle of the gods or about gods that are flying by could be true in another way.
Gods could be beings of higher intelligence or ET's.
If this is true it could make a real chaos on Earth.

If you have anything more on this theme please post it to me.
Thanks anyway,

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That analogy show that many histories of the bible are in reality of extraterrestrial origin, of peoples like us but with advanced technology.

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