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 Do you have anything to add after that experience that you would like to share, or has anything else happened since you came back to corroborate your sense of these things?


Hi there,


I don't really have much to add, really just to reiterate the many qualities i saw in Billy : no ego, modest, friendly, polite, non materialistic. All those hallmarks you would expect in a genuine contactee.






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the photos's taken by Mr. Meier were done with miniature's.proof taken by Tim Edwards in salida,Colorado and at nellis air force base in 1994 are in my opinion the only cases at this time that should be looked at,not to say that they are ufo's from somewhere other than earth,but most of the cases have little if anything to go on or study other than she said he said.

i don't like the fact that people are making money off telling lies and having family lie for them.we all want to believe were not alone,but to cheat people out of hard earned money with fake photos,tapes,books etc.its no wonder nobody wants to touch on the subject,just for a second think in your mind about what Mr.Meier was trying to make people believe,look at the photos and use simple logic,it will all become clear

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