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Hi everyone,

This is to give a counter response to Michaels above - which is thoroughly misleading.

To be quick I will say that unfortunately for Michael and Billy the work I have done on the WCUFO IS conclusive.

The claim that Chris Lock has a detailed analysis waiting to go up must be erroneous since he has NOT seen what can be called the conclusive proof I have invested my own time to produce. He only has a few images I took - without comparative images - concerning all the necessary details like time of day, sun angles, weather conditions etc, etc. to make such conclusions. He cannot, therefore, be an expert as he claims since the moment I consulted real "experts" locally they ALL confirmed that Billy's WCUFO pictures were frauds that showed small props due to their relative focal issues. It's not difficult to spot them it turns out.

How does Chris think he can analyse my pictures against Billy's if he can't spot the most obvious signs of fakery in the originals?

A small point about the tree is that it is not easy to reproduce a miniature tree cultivated by someone else when you have NO resources to do that. It was not my concern to reproduce the tree exactly since there are plenty of other issues in Billy's pictures that show small scale models and props. Here's a hint at just one of those issues: the amount of grass in the foreground!

There are many things in Billy's photographs that give away the use of models - it's not just one thing everytime. So my case is very strong indeed as will be seen soon enough.

I CHALLENGE CHRIS LOCK TO PROVE THE CARS IN BILLY'S NIGHT TIME PHOTOS ARE NOT TOYS - I have examples of real cars framed the same way etc, etc, etc.


ps: kal Korff is a stable and very approachable person in my experience so any suggestion - and it is just "suggestion" - that he is mentally unstable is a statement made by a person (Michael Horn) who wishes to mock the integrity of another rather than appreciate their very sincere wish for the actual truth. There is nothing wrong with being sceptical, especially when that scepticism is founded on personal experience.


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We are happy for Phil, as he may well have a lucrative career in model making. And as we stated, we think his attempt at making a model of the real WCUFO is a good and noble effort, flawed as his body of work and conclusions obviously are.

Now a couple of points. Because neither Phil nor Kalvin are actual photographic experts, the actual obviousness of the blatant failure of their attempt snuck by them. And it isn't even necessary for Chris to see every one of Phil's nice little photos or videos, the "ouch" is present in the ones already available.

A side note, and one that I've previously (for years!) refrained from making. While I indeed made much hoopla about the WCUFO because of its most unusual appearance, etc., the truth is that it's NOT the hardest of Meier's UFOs to make a convincing model of. The reason is obvious and even exemplified by Phil's efforts. It has, in comparison to other variations of the Plejaren craft, far less contouring of surfaces and use of dissimilar metals (which surely our friends here will want to say are just different colors of metallic spray, etc.) I won't give away too much else, or talk a lot about the difference in how spray paint and actual metallic surfaces reflect objects in daylight, hint, hint. And while Kalvin thinks that Meier used cereal bowls, etc., it's demonstrably not the case.

However, we will leave that for the moment and encourage the Philster to do everything in his power to make a worldwide phenomenon out of his little project. We shall then, without fail, post Chris' clear, detailed, professional and irrefutable clobbering of the overconfident little craftsman here. BTW, may I add that while Tony Wharton, the "stranger" who came by to "help" Phil, must be virtually salivating at what he thinks is an opportunity to avenge the humiliation he suffered as a result of his own ineptitude, I'm afraid that it's gonna take more than a few pints to get over this forthcoming demolition.

As for Korffkopf's klearly kooky, kompromised konsciousness, let me ask you, Phil if you REALLY think that the following is authored by someone who, as we like to say here in the states, is "playing with a full deck":

"Dear Michael,

I am NOT "excited" I am determined to make sure you do NOT "speak" for me nor LIE about me since you have NO LEGAL RIGHTS TO DO SO.

This is another example of your consumer FRAUD, Michael, look it up.

You ALREADY know I use all caps for emphasis, not yelling. That's been a matter of public record since 1976, back to my Smith-Corona typewriter days.

My lawyer will be contacting you with a mark-up of EVERY LIE you have stated in your recent Steelmark post.

Steelmark is also being contacted and WILL be sued if they publish your lies about me, or anyone else's.

If you do NOT retract or correct them, especially since you KNEW better and already had info which PROVED you knew better, you have no legal "defense" and by legal standards it established CRIMINAL INTENT, look it up.

Your "analysis" with your new buddy is also a fraud, easily disproved.

The last thing you can afford both literally and figuratively is to go to court and be cross examined under oath.

The ONLY reason you are the very last of the 27 books exposing Meier is because everything you've written that is significant is reviewed and exposed in there, as well as what you invent between now and when that title eventually comes out. Also included will be whatever happens to you legally since you do not know yet, that you ARE going to be investigated by the Feds.

Since I am in counter-terrorism and work in intelligence helping eliminate Islamofascists, I was informed of this since I will be called as a witness now.

I am WARNING YOU for the LAST time, after you get the legal paperwork from lawyer and his bill, you will either retract or be prepared to "defend" yourself in court on three continents.

As even you know, the right to "freedom of speech" does NOT apply to lying, libel, slander, and deliberate defamation with malice.

Of course you KNOW this, but did it anyway, citing "facts" which ALREADY were DISPROVEN, like Garret Moore's comments, and HE WAS NEVER AN "INSIDER" — and you already know this. The fact you LIED AGAIN, after being told this, PROVES deliberate malice, which is a criminal offense.

Michael, if you have any common sense, you'll stop committing consumer fraud before you go down with Meier's ship and get prosecuted, and I do not mean beamship, but think Titanic, to use an analogy.

Only serious,

Kal Korff
President and CEO

cc: Arturo Colmenero, Attorney At Law."

You see, Phil, bullying threats by a klumsy kook who would roll over the konstitutional rights we (still) have to free speech and expressing our opinions - after all the kauldron of krap that I just kopied here is simply one klown's OPINIONs, hardly factual at all - are the kind of tactics that VERY unsavory enemies of freedom have for a long time. And just what kind of weak, kowardly, wimpy sad excuse of a human being goes around threatening people who disagree with him?

So, seeing as you've thrown your lot in with this very konfused sissy, this whimpering and pathetic excuse for a real man, I wish you all that shall indeed come your accordance with the immutable laws of cause and effect, of kourse.

Heck, everything I've said is, after all, just my OPINION...though it may contain a whole heck of a lot of the plain truth.

Michael Horn
Authorized American Media Representative
The Billy Meier Contacts

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The fact that most people online, and in the world as a whole, know very well that Billy Liar is a total fraud is very comforting indeed.

I'm very pleased to see SO many threads on SO many different forums scolding Billy Meier's Pathetic attempts at faking UFO pictures with what can only be described as laughable dinner plate models that aren't even straight. Some engineering!

Oh, and the only laughing stock online concerning this case, Michael, is YOU!

How many have laughed at you now? Er..I've lost count.

"How to make money with a load of old rubbish" ..right?

Did you think I can't talk to photography experts and get their "expert" opinions concerning the pictures?

Did you think Chris was the ONLY "expert"?

Poor Chris. He can't even tell the difference between a real car and a toy one! Some "expert"

Good luck defending the "case."


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Dear Phil,

Please allow me to paint a little picture for you, an illustration that may help you to have just a bit of a perspective, should you have any operating brain cells. Using your own, er, statistical research, it's actually quite obvious to any rational person that the majority of the millions of people who now know about Meier are rather on his side of the matter.

A simple look at the absolutely accurate counter on my site reveals nearly 5 million unique visits. Now, if your envious little assertion was actually true, I should by now be FLOODED with such komments and klaims of hoax, fraud, etc. that you deceive yourself with.

Most obviously, if a majority - if even almost ANY - of the 1,000 or so people who have viewed your little show agreed with you, they certainly would have been letting me know about it. And with kwirky Kal's supposed gazillion visitors, doncha also think I'd have been deluged by now with messages of worldwide outrage?

You see, Phil, you don't mind if I call you Phil, do you? Well, you see, Phil, since you're just the latest of the self-impressed, and rather obviously uniformed, young folks to come on the scene and to not know how to make heads or tails out of the rather monumental Meier kase, your ignorance is not only appalling but also...not surprising. I do wonder though why you haven't contemplated and commented on how Meier managed to take his 1964 UFO photos in India, witnessed by hundreds of people, and reported in a daily newspaper there.

Okay, truthfully, I don't wonder, because you yourself are one of those wonder-less drones who wants to demonstrate just how smart he is...without ever being able to do so. Now you can only imagine (let's hope you're capable of that) how many wannabes like you and Wharton I've encountered in my 31 years of research. And hasn't it occurred to you at all that when the guys from UC - who are friggin' UFO skeptics! - said that they'd have to go to CG to actually duplicate Meier's films, they were right (except that even they would only be able to duplicate the "effect", just like you)?

You see, Phil, we no longer actually have to "defend" the case. The stunning corroboration for Meier's prophetic accuracy has already done that for us, unfortunately for humanity. Now I understand that it has successfully been hidden from you because it's:

A. In plain site

B. Freely available

C. Requires average intelligence to recognize and understand

So, since you apparently wish to provide more komic relief in addition to kowardly Kal, aka The Threatener, do know that I can frequently use komic relief; I get a daily boat load of people asking all sorts of questions, seeking information, exclaiming their joy at finding, etc. - the Meier case. And even though I have an auto-responder directing them to all sorts of places for more info, I still end up answering lots of questions personally, and doing all sorts of Meier-related work that literally keeps me going from when I get out of bed in the morning until I go to sleep at night.

And I love it.

Konsidering how long, lonely and hard the road has been, to see this much progress - actually we kouldn't have made as much progress without the Kalhooie Korfficles of this world to help kreate the kontroversy - well I have no komplaints.

I should tell you that I REALLY extended myself, against the best advice of tons of people who turned out to be right, by even kommunicating with konfused Kal. I gave him the benefit of the doubt, even though he long ago proved himself to be an inkredible koward, sneaking around Meier's home in a disguise, for goodness sakes! Do you REALLY think any sane person takes this bozo seriously now?

And what a sniveling little kry baby! He actually threatens to sue anyone who has such opinions of him as I express and as he has absolutely earned for his feeble little self. Is THAT the kind of a person you really want to be associated with and tie your, er, fortunes to?

Now when you read this, probably hours from now, do think it over. And do, by all means, fire up the burners there and get to promoting your charming handiwork vigorously. If you succeed, you earn the biggest prize of all, a full on debunking and drubbing. But you've got to do the work, no more freebies for you guys. 

Okay? Got it? Now get up and get going, we're...kounting on you!

Michael Horn
Authorized American Media Representative
The Billy Meier Contacts

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Hi Phil,

Okay, here's a little bombshell for you.

What would you say if you found out that Korff, years ago, never went to the Semjase Silver Star Center, never interviewed FIGU members there, never went around the grounds of the center and Meier's home...all as he claimed in his book?

How much credibility would he have for you then?

Michael Horn
Authorized American Media Representative
The Billy Meier Contacts

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P.S. Phil, you might ask Korff:

What's the real reason you left the U.S.?

Were/are you now being treated for delusions, paranoia, paranoid schizophrenia?

What medications were/are you taking now?

Were/are you receiving any form of electro-shock treatment?

Where can official recognition of your claimed military status be verified?

I think you will find the answers - if he answers honestly - most interesting.

Michael Horn
Authorized American Media Representative
The Billy Meier Contacts

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A little side note about the person behind the latest attacks on Meier and the case.

In frequently posted messages and emails, Kal Korff refers to FIGU as a "cult". So should be clearly stated that Kal Korff is, as usual, contradicting himself. That isn't surprising since he's not only delusional but thinks that threatening people is an effective way to communicate.
However, please read the following excerpt from an email that I received from him on Sept.14, 2009: "... I will also explain to people at the beginning that 'one man's 'religion' is another man's cult' and that it is WRONG to call the Meier group a cult, and that I am also GUILTY of making this same mistake." That seems pretty clear, doesn't it? So just what kind of liar do we have here? And what should one expect from a HIGHLY paranoid person who crawled and snuck around Meier's home and the FIGU center, under a false name, wearing a disguise, lying to everyone he met, and has reveled in his deception? Why was it necessary for a snake in the grass to go "undercover" to try to penetrate a non-existing "compound"? What kind of pervert takes advantage of good people who extend their friendship, assistance and good will to him? So when new slander, lies, defamation, and aspersions against Meier and the people associated with the investigation are issued by this mentally ill individual, please consider that the REAL, demonstrable - self-admitted - liar is none other than this little bully boy himself. And when a self-admitted liar attacks the credibility of other people who did an honorable, thorough investigation of the Meier case, well, it's certainly not worth it to pay attention to that.

Michael Horn
Authorized American Media Representative
The Billy Meier Contacts

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I'm still interested to see if Phil could achieve the same optical conditions in his tests of the wedding cake / tree shot, where Meier maxes out the zoom on his video camera. You can even hear the fact that Meier zooms in his SABA camera to its max setting because it stops zooming and then you physically hear him release the zoom button.

Since we're talking about a 3.5-meter object vs. Phil's (presumably) 0.5-meter model, there should be a noticeable apparent size difference of both the WCUFO and the tree itself both at maximum zoom and minimum zoom when compared side-by-side. But his video camera needs to have similar, if not identical, optical specs to Meier's camcorder. In the least, it should have a similar lens and optical (not digital) zoom capability. He should be able to get this information fairly easily if he tries, beginning with getting the camera model from Meier himself or FIGU.

Marc Juliano
V.P. Technology/IT, Steelmark
Forum Moderator

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I have forwarded the accompanying images to Marc Juliano that illustrate Chris Lock's comments about the WCUFO video and Phil's attempt to duplicate it (as I was unable to insert these images myself):

"Zooming in on the WCUFO
An attempt at recreating the WCUFO film by Meier also shows noticeable differences from Meier’s original. Initially the video looks like a fair recreation, but as usual something gives it away. When zooming in, the Langdon model is hopelessly out of focus, whereas the Meier craft remains in focus when zooming in over more than 90 meters of meadow. Fig. 24 shows the attempted recreation and the Meier original from the videos for comparison.


Before the Langdon crew rush out to try again, we know that even if their model were in focus the pine needles would be seen revealing the small nature of the model, as we saw earlier in Fig. 9. Again what they have shown here is an important difference between the two films and what is within them.
The attempted recreation film link is: 
 and the original Meier film can be seen by scrolling down to the fourth video at: Stop at 24 seconds. A commentary from the latter link on the original Meier film says:


Here is a controversial clip from a long video shot by Billy Meier at Bachtel on April 3, 1981 of a 3.5-meter (11.5-foot) unmanned remote craft….There were also several larger manned versions of this craft (7-meter, 14-meter, etc.) which Billy was able to photograph at various locations.

Most of the video taken of this ship was destroyed by the radiation effects of the craft itself. Billy claimed to have finally built a lead casing around the camera (a SABA brand video camera) to shield it from the magnetic radiation in order to film this.

Billy can be seen off to the right side at the beginning of the clip taking still shots of the craft. He claims to have been conversing with Quetzal, one of the Plejaren extraterrestrials.In the long version of this video, Billy asks Quetzal [allegedly speaking telepathically out-of-frame to the left side of the camera] in German why the ship is not moving around the tree; why is it [sic] remaining so still. The presumed (unheard) response is that they are not allowed to do so, as indicated by Billy's unhappy response.

Is this another example of controlled doses of proof and plausible deniability by beings far more advanced than earth humans, or just another example of a hoax? You decide…. (23 Jan 2010). 


In a private email Jim Deardorff explains what is happening here in the videos:
Fig. 24: Attempt at recreating Meier’s video with zoom in on left
and original Meier zoom in on right.


 That was a valiant attempt at replicating the real thing. With their landscape scenery they did quite well. However, when zooming in on it, so as to get a close-up shot of it appearing large, it was way out of focus. In the real case, when Meier zoomed in on the WCUFO, one could see the increasingly distant foreground stay in focus as he zoomed in on it. When fully zoomed in, the tree and WCUFO were in very good focus. 


Not so with the model replication. The model and model tree were way too close to the camera to be at all in focus after the focus of the camera's zoom had reached a large distance away from the camera (20 Jan 2010).
Enough said. From these initial comments on the WCUFO it is apparent that there is something very different about the Meier original photos and video to all these valiant but vain attempts at “recreating” them in order to try to prove them hoaxes."

Michael Horn
Authorized American Media Representative
The Billy Meier Contacts

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For a delusional person who somehow got some self-appointed bogus military rank of Col Karl Korff, without proving he was ever in the military, I would seriously doubt any other "genuine evidence" he may have against Billy Meier.

These photographs are really not of much importance as the non-religious spiritual materials BEAM has written. If one cannot understand these materials, then one is too stupid and ignorant to even understand themselves, therefore you are stuck-on-stupid to even make much sense for your own good!

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