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I read earlier this year a thought provoking novel called "A Disruptive Invention"  It described in amazing detail how using published theories about something called "The Fifth Foce"  (which you can look up on the internet) the protagonist is able to buld a functioning UFO. After the first space shot, the US air force rounds up everybody who knows about it, and does what they did with the original rocket scientists in 1945 - set them all up to do their work in the safety of the Redstone Arsenal. Its amazing how much detail of the construction of the UFO vehicles is portrayed. The problems that were encountered. How could anybody imagine all this if it was not real?  When the American made UFO vehicles finally get to flying in space, well, lets just say that they find they are not alone!

If you are truly fanatical about everything UFO, this enovel ought to be in your computer or ereader. Take a look before it is declared to be an illegal security breach!

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