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 Hi! this is my first post so I wanted to make it count.

 I was reading alot of things written about Meier's sightings some that I consider true others false. But what really amazed me is the change in public attitude towards meier's contacts in the 70s and 80's when compared with 90's and present milenium. I seem to remember that in the old days not one professional could find any tampering within the images of the photos nor the filmwork of Meier and his beam ships. But steadily over the years the new thing is to totally dismiss this man's word and to label him a loon.

I think Billy let to many trolls into his home and project, I mean alot of the stuff was stolen from him and we all know what kind of people are trained to pretend to be your friends and then steal your documents. I know that from research on many military and political peoples etc testimony concerning the alien question, that there is an awful amount of cash spent on employing and training people to be professional debunkers. Anything goes, basically, to stop the information coming out. Its a government within a government and it works on so many levels. They write the script and by way of controlled mass media call the tune for the public to believe as the accepted "oficial" truth.

I really think that if the information bureau started to tell the public that turds are green in color then people would believe it. Think about the Roswell incident. It is just so obvious that it and so many others really happened and that they created a boom in aerospace and computer technology through back engineering alien craft and artifacts, not to mention a new page turn in human history.(That the public was denied).. If you want to really look into it your logic tells you that it happened and the cover up was pretty pathetic and fickle in it's methodology. None the less, fabricated public opinion through mass media is repeated to everyone that it never happened and the lazy neuron ZZZZZzz slept. Everyone involved was branded a loon.
I also believe that many who claim to be Billy's allies and make videos and books are also misinformers and they pave a way for the second wave (the batallion of debunkers); to reap through the story presented by their covert ally. They know that not everybody is a thinker and that millions will get thrown off the subject and the lazy neuron will say "O it's all a fake."
We all know what happens to people when something is repeated to them enough. (Its why people poison themselves with junk food etc through advertising). I even think that his ex misus was paid off at some point.

I don't speak much german, I barely speak english, and I have never met Meier to be able to make such a sure opinion as many who claim he is a fraud having also never met him. But I know how the world works and the powers that be are very cruel and the alien question is really hushed up behind black walls and is taken very seriously by some.
Why was billy followed? why can you hear jet airplanes arriving to the scene on his video contacts? why has he been so debunked post photoshop as compared pre photoshop? Why have many changed their story as to what their experiences were around meier? why was meier shot at?
The answer to all of these questions lies in the fact that he was possibly the cat in the bag of someone elses secrecy.
 Obviously this is all based on my own personal opinion, thanx for reading it anyway.


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