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What is the best way to contact Billy or Randolph Winters?

Addresses, phone numbers etc. appreciated.

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Actually, after reading some of Karl Korff's stuff, I don't think I can trust anything they say.

I wanted to believe, I really did.

I guess that's why people still believe Billy.

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I think it's well established that Kal Korff is far from being an authority on the Meier case (and anything else for that matter). It may take you some time to figure this out for yourself.

Anyway, Billy's address and FIGU's are the same: 

Semjase Silver Star Center
CH-8495 Schmidrueti / ZH

I have no idea where Randolph Winters lives.


Marc Juliano
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Originally Posted by JMN
Actually, after reading some of Karl Korff's stuff, I don't think I can trust anything they say.

I wanted to believe, I really did.

I guess that's why people still believe Billy.

 That is exactly the effect they wanted to get from you. Thats why they invest sooo much in distorting the facts about the truth. Not just with Billy but with everything to do with it.
It's his words against Billy's and you are in the middle of it. Your crime was you wanted to believe and now you feel ashamed of believing.
Just remember one thing. Your heart felt good to think that there was a higher level of existence because it was in contact with the reality and logic of the truth. You somehow felt free and the artificial world around you seemed less important. That way of thinking through feeling, for those that want us controlled to them, is the biggest stone for their glass house. They are so dedicated to keeping you blinkered and tied to the cart that they will come up with little gems like the one that disheartened you. If you want truth maybe you should just meditate and consider nothing for a few years. Better than having some literal mind control programme cloud your thinking.


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FIGU emailed me and said that Randolph Winters isn't a part of them - he is not actually 100% honest - he does want the money... He should not be trusted in other words. Same words go for:
Kal Korff.

Rather trust Michael Horn, he might also know Billy's phone etc, or contact FIGU website too...



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How can you trust a document when the original was destroyed? A copy is a copy, which means nothing. That copy could very well be the original for all we know. It could very well be a complete forgery. The originals of all the bible manuscripts have never been produced and all we have are copies of copies. How convenient for the church. It is very odd that the man who found this so-called Talmud is the same man who claims that aliens communicate with him.


Since the beginning of time as far back as we have record of, religion has been used to control, deceive and generally scare the hell out of people. The Sumerians had gods that they claimed came from another planet. Later the people who came to be known as ‘the chosen’ used that same story in a convoluted manner and made a whole new religion just for the Hebrews. Few people bother to study on the other nations at that time which also had their own tribal gods. (History is written by the winners and the winners are NEVER honest) The leaders and priests used ignorant and superstitious people for their own greed. As time went on and people became more educated, the old tribal gods had to go. Serving a tyrant became a weary chore so in comes the son of this ‘god’. Yes, he was much kinder, but still showed the knowledge level of his era. Sickness and insanity was caused by demons or sin. He apparently still believed the earth was flat for the bible tells us Satan took him to the mountain top and showed him all the kingdoms of the earth. He gave women no way out of an abusive marriage. If a woman did leave, she had to remain unmarried forever. All through the bible it was another story and set of rules for the man. Imagine that! In the OT there was no devil and there was no hell. When a person died, that was it. Of course, with the OT god, who needed a devil? Jesus didn’t command his followers to kill, rape and slaughter like his father, but he brought satan into the picture to continue the fear factor…believe or be damned, follow me or the devil gets your eternal soul. None of the information in the bible was given to all the people. It was said to have been ‘revealed’ to certain men and they would speak for these gods. They did not even write the books in the bible. Someone at a later date was again ‘inspired’ to write for them. The catholic church still claims to be the spokesmen for god to this day and fools believe it. The clergy in every denomination claims to be called of god to teach his word to the common people and fools still believe them.


Today religion is being examined and many are seeing the bible and religions for what they are….myths, fables and lies.  They have access to the books the church once banned and with the internet, knowledge is at our fingertips.  Now comes the UFO and alien agenda. We have the good aliens and the bad aliens and what a shock that the good ones only choose certain people to reveal themselves to. The communicate to their ‘chosen’ ones and they in turn communicate all of this info on to us, just like the religions have done since time began.  Does anyone see a problem with any of this? Will the human race continue on the same path that goes around in a circle following every so-called ‘prophet’ that comes along? This isn’t anything new. It is the same thing that has always gone on only with a new twist. As an ex-christian, I will never ever have blind faith in anything or anyone again. I most certainly will never take the word of another human who claims to speak for such a being. I can be ‘contacted’ just as easily as the next person and until I am, I will pass on the ‘ascended masters’, ‘reincarnated beings’ and all other presences I have not seen or heard. I find it sadly amusing that many of these self-proclaimed ‘beings’ have a page on MySpace and desperate people actually believe they are who they claim to be. What century is this?  A thousand years from now I shudder to think what the belief will be on earth. Perhaps by then mankind will finally see that he is in charge of his life and the only demon he needs to fight is himself. The ‘god’ he needs to serve is his fellowman. I think the only doctrine we ever needed was the Golden Rule, but that would have been too simple and greedy people could not have prospered, so they gave us twisted lying belief doctrines and we fell for it hook, line and sinker. If we need to fear something, what more could we need besides religion and government?! I now trust myself and my intuition. I have found there is nothing more reliable than common sense. I refuse to get important information second hand from someone I do not know claiming they are speaking for another that I do not know! Who in their right mind would even conduct the most simple business transaction in such a ridiculous manner. A ‘revelation’ given to one person is their revelation with no concrete evidence. Once it is passed on it becomes second hand news and is here-say to all others. You are not trusting the ‘source’ of the info but the self-proclaimed receiver of said info. I see people use the given names of some of these ‘beings’ as if they know them personally and it just blows my mind. Somewhere there are people sitting at a computer laughing their heads off as they pass along wisdom from ‘above’. I have my doubts about all the scrolls that have been found in the past 100 years. How strange it was for the dead sea scrolls to be found in the same year of the Roswell incident, forming of the AF, CIA, NASA and other odd ‘coincidences’. Just as it was when people began to tire of the OT god, people are now seriously questioning Jesus and lo and behold here is a new document showing a brand new prophet who was not really god but someone we need to listen to since he was a ‘contactee’(new language for today’s new doctrine). Something is just not right about any of this. I am not trying to be rude or ugly but I just want the truth. I don’t want someone else’s word for it, I want to know it personally for myself.

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