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These are from the contact notes and are taken and spliced and adjusted here for your viewing paraphrased (really cut and spliced, hopefully enough to have to do away with quotation marks only, meaning the majority is Meier's) pleasure and hopefully some native feedback.  They concern the origins of the species that exist on the earth, that is terrestrial humans and humanoids perhaps as well and this migration is a Celestial one completely and migrates away from the Origins of the species as we knew them.  I do not apologize for the length, it is within forum rules and hopefully for this old timer may yet still conjure up more feedback, and hopefully faithful arguements which are the purposes of the forum as well, so more the better then for Billy Meier, whose tone is attempted to be captured as much as possible.  One can actually read through the data quite fast, and still regain most of its content though some will require analysis of mind, oh yes, just like sitting perhaps finally within a celestially doctored reading vehicle and taken from the start at full-speed and explain previous sarcasm regarding the believable contents, which read better and clearer than terrestrial man can simply comprehend, or the old attitudes of our now new celestial parents (if not be assimilation though it is not, more like creative designed incest by some of THEM and new to us as Earthlings for sure) and growth of, as towards, the needed evolutionary creative design explained by them, some explained behaviour of past peoples (even cannabalisms and catastrophe and war) and may explain (or should then) the behaviours of the civilizations of Earth and the mentality required by us the viewers and then as towards the recogning as believers and really battled hardened ones at that and introspective ones fully or the role of a Ptaah figure even not as much metaphorical as metaphysical especially in relation to the understanding of these works, and that what they haven't been telling us is that the psychical battles were more than just verbal ones, to this day even descending both spiritually and mentally and also physcially upon him the Billy Meier (shall we, that modern Prophet Jmmanuel source descendant, with just a little Edgar Cayce on the side to explain for us our relationship to that source, even yet or the role of every prophet for adversity right in the midst of battle) our spiritual mentor of this material and it's direct descendant if you please, and yet even from that source then a smaller yet prominent biblical one as well is you must and it must be realized that in much writing (though prexisiting) even there is more authorship then from their sources.


Few other details are needed to explain the number of diverse human skin tones on Earth. From our previous explanations, it should now be apparent that various human races and their skin colors originated throughout the most diverse planetary systems of our galaxy, the Milky Way. The regions of Sirius, however, played a specific role too, at least with respect to the actual Ur-Ur-origin, before the Old Lyrians came to Earth where they later merged with terrestrial human beings. Numerous distant descendants from those early days inhabit this planet today. One more explanatory remark regarding the original genetic manipulators: In reality they were the benefactors of the genetically-altered people, hence they were their "creator-overlords". When the time came to eventually kill or merely exile the genetically-altered individuals they (the benefactors) split into two sides. Subsequently, the two divisions fought each other with harsh verbal assaults and accusations until other intelligent beings from the Sirius regions intervened; they were joined by the group who wanted to kill the genetically-altered people. The true benefactors, those opposed to the killing, were able to rescue a great many genetically-manipulated beings whom they had divided into several groups --- in spite of the many counter measures of those who wanted to kill. As was previously explained, two groups of peoples settled on the other side of the galaxy, while the remainder of the peoples found new homes in the SOL system on Mars and Malona; subsequently, several thousand degenerate, genetically-altered individuals were deported to Earth. The benefactors knew even then that the people shipped there could not remain in this solar system forever but that sometime later they would have to depart for other destinations. The benefactors were fully aware that this remote system's sun was a waning star even then, and it was specifically selected since the Sirius Intelligences and the "creator-overlords" who were willing to kill the refugees, did not suspect that this region with its dying sun would be a candidate for new settlements of the "degenerates" and "god's workers", as they were called by the "creator-overlords". For this reason, the benefactors placed vast distances between the genetically-manipulated people's home planets in the Sirius regions and the SOL system, as well as the distant system beyond the galaxy, so as to protect those living on them from those who threatened to kill and eliminate them. The selected hideaways were chosen therefore for their extreme remoteness and their position at the fringe of the galaxy. In addition to having a dying sun, another determining facet also was that living conditions on SOL planets, and planets within the system on the other side of the galaxy, were very inhospitable since the breathable air on each of the newly settled planets did not match the original air composition on the home planets. Even on Earth today this is applicable, for its air composition fails to measure up to human respiratory requirements. The dying sun, inadequate living conditions and poor air in the SOL system and beyond the galaxy, were therefore reason enough for seeking hideouts here from the pursuers. The genetically-altered human beings have struggled to survive ever since their arrival in the SOL system so remote from Sirius, its planets and intelligences. The newcomers propagated offspring and ceaselessly evolved as terrestrials. Soon they will have developed the capability to embark into the Universe's vastness and to their Ur-Ur-points of origin. These actions contradict the unjustifiable claims of terrestrial scientists who contend that Man on Earth, in his current form, is the Ur-product of Earth --- let alone Charles Darwin's stupid-primitive false premise that Man descended from apes. There do exist, however, some purely terrestrially-created human beings on Earth but they display their own evolutionary lineage, which is independent from the apes, while the apes descended from the original, respectively earliest, human beings. Yet, even these purely Earth-created individuals are saddled with the genetic legacy of the so-called "original sin", if one can call it that. The same applies also to those many humans propagated in former times by Old-Lyrians and Pleiadians who then died on Earth. Every extraterrestrial, absolutely each and every one, who ever lived and died on Earth never again returned to his homeworld. Their spirit forms passed into the terrestrial realms of the Beyond, and they have since incarnated into new human bodies. Because these individuals were born on Earth, they too sustained the damage of the previous genetic alterations by the "creator-overlords" from Sirius. This entire situation transpired because the genetically-manipulated and the purely terrestrial human beings energetically propagated offspring with each other, and as a result the degenerate legacy unrelentingly spread throughout planet Earth's entire humankind.

The genetic manipulations do not imply that terrestrial Man is a born killing machine, but signify only that he is a combative life form, capable of killing when required to do so, or when events trigger his loss of control or outbursts, etc. Such actions may also lead to degeneration; but, generally, they only occur when the two factors consciousness and psyche, hence the person's world of thoughts and feelings, are afflicted or briefly overburdened, whereupon they prompt the act committed in the heat of passion. Therefore, the evil brought about, or rather fostered, by the genetic manipulation, is not an intrinsic, compulsive inborn lust to murder. In truth, the genetic manipulation was only created as a controllable factor enabling Man to subdue the evil implanted in him, and to make it slowly vanish as he walks along his natural, evolutionary path. This takes an incredibly long time, however, and the reversal of the gene manipulation is an absolutely suitable solution therefore. Clearly, there truly exist no born murderers, and this fact must be stated explicitly. Such malevolent predispositions, degenerations, or individual and mass actions result from either injuries of a psychic-conceptual-emotional nature, through some sort of disorder of the consciousness, or by explosive rages. In case of disorder of the psyche or consciousness, organic injuries of the brain can play an important part. All of this is the result only of the degeneration of the gene that was accordingly manipulated, whereby evil, the purely negative, forever forces itself into the foreground. For this reason additional items also come into play, such as Man's savagery and blood frenzy during revolutions and wars, at times when he discovers the ease of killing and then overcomes the killing barrier. Such a barrier normally will remain forever present in Man, despite his genetic manipulation, unless circumvented by disease or explosive rage. Therefore, there is no such thing that Man is born evil in the sense that he or she is totally evil from birth onward, as some people enjoy claiming; those who wish only to see evil and total negativity. Man, of course, was provided with both the negative and the positive from the very beginning of his existence, but not to the point where he is only negative or only positive. Ultimately, an equilibrium is established that truly provides Man with the capability and stability of conquering every inflicting injury and all forms of external influences. Both, negative and positive factors, when combined with and applied to the appropriate form, result in one grand total which turns the human life form into an extremely hardy living entity that possesses the required abilities and is a born fighter for the Creational-natural laws and directives without excessiveness. The "creator-overlords" who originally were human beings with the same characteristics as Man, however, insanely eliminated this gene from within themselves. In the process they lost all their own combativeness and robustness. They modified their entire thinking process and actions accordingly, and this resulted in their complete decadence. Consequently, they were defenseless and were subjugated when aggressors attacked them. As a result they secretly developed this breed of fighters whom they genetically manipulated and covertly new races were propagated having an array of diverse skin colors. These fighters served as pawns against the aggressors and were victorious. Thus, the "creator-overlords" are to blame for their own deterioration. In their distress they procreated a new breed of humans who actually possessed all the nature-given prerequisites once again and, hence, they were capable of fighting and living. This proved to be insufficient for the "creator-overlords", though, and they decided to conduct additional genetic manipulations to make the new peoples even more aggressive than their natural tendencies allowed. To some extent the creators merely amplified certain factors through genetic manipulation, whereby the manipulated individuals actually turned into fighting machines -- but always equipped with the potential capability of normalizing themselves again through the control of evolution. For such an event to transpire millions of years would be required, though, and this evolutionary path continues even today as is evident in terrestrial Man. The genetic manipulations made the negative or evil factors, as humans of Earth know it, particularly forceful and unnaturally aggressive. For this reason these factors have not dissipated from terrestrial Man to the point where they can never flare up again in any way, that is to say, in his excessive procreation of offspring. Such behavior has led to overpopulation, every type of ensuing ill and religious-sectarian insanity and imbecility that is frequently fanatical in character. All of these factors threaten not only the complete, ultimate destruction of the planet, but also the environment in general and every life form. Terrestrial Man's thoughts and actions represent a regressional phase toward the Ur-condition of the genetic manipulation whereby everything degenerates and becomes excessive, just as it did in earliest times. The "creator-overlords", at the time, discerned another reason for eliminating the genetically-manipulated people. This regressive phase is manifested ever more powerful in military action, militant matters or religious-sectarian machinations. Military practices, political hate campaigns, religious-sectarian fanaticism and every type of crime generate a loss of control over the positive, which is consumed and suppressed by the negative. This turmoil spawns a state of negative-evil frenzy, which is then indulged in and pursued without restraint.

In ancient times, men and women were equal regarding their capability and energy to live, fight and do other things. Hence, there was neither a distinction between men and women in those aspects nor in their work sites or types of tasks they performed, although men relieved the physically weaker women at strenuous chores. Women and men were equal in every way without there being any discrimination whatsoever between the sexes, as long as biological differences and related details, which were, of course, considered and observed even in Ur-times. Even then, therefore, women were mainly responsible for maternal duties and household tasks when they were married with offspring. If this did not apply, women performed the identical tasks as the men. Both women and men held government posts; male staff members were incorporated into the team to the extent that men and women always governed in equal numbers and shouldered responsibilities together. Therefore neither one man nor one woman controlled the government. The people themselves possessed the right to speak up and join in the decision making process for all concerns, resolutions, edicts and laws, etc.

As previously explained, the two planets Mars and Malona/Phaeton in the SOL system were suitable for habitation by the refugees, the genetically-manipulated peoples. Planet Earth was still quite inhospitable at the time since its atmosphere was somewhat unhealthy for human life forms from the Sirius regions. Consequently, only those fallible, genetically-manipulated individuals were deported to Earth who had aggressively and viciously risen against their own confederates. Five remnant races fled to Mars from the Sirius regions, while two other races embarked in direction of the sun on the opposite side of the galaxy, as explained previously. The five races fleeing to Mars and Malona/Phaeton were joined by two other creator-overlord races. These two other races had not yet been genetically-manipulated, of course, and had no changes made to their DNAs. They were the benefactors who identified favorably with the genetically-manipulated people, and they assisted them in their escape. Their origins are traced to two different overpopulated planets in the Sirius regions where everyone was prohibited from procreating. As a result, every child born was murdered and the offending parents were sterilized and banished.

The exodus of the genetically-manipulated refugees from the Sirius regions took place over an extended period of many thousands of years, and they were constantly hounded by their pursuers until they finally found an appropriate hideaway in the SOL system, far from their pursuers' reach and sight. A similar fate awaited the other two refugee groups who settled beyond in the galaxy. Indeed, both refugee groups experienced harassment during their many years of flight, which most of them spent in spaceships as they travelled through the galaxy. During their travels revolutions and power struggles broke out and, as a consequence, the genetically-manipulated peoples lost not only all of their previously accumulated knowledge, but also the evidence of their ancestral heritage. Appalling dramas befell them and led to cannibalism throughout all of their spaceships. As a result, the ancestral indications of the genetically-manipulated peoples, the future terrestrial humans, was lost. This knowledge consisted also of information regarding the Creational-natural laws and directives, among other things. Great confusion ensued that led to further problems in face of the knowledge about the dangers of their pursuit; this knowledge was passed down from one generation to the next.

The genetically manipulated peoples, along with their benefactors, the "traitor" "creator-overlords" who eventually settled on Mars and Malona, ultimately developed into a notable technological culture. Unfortunately, they were not able to protect themselves sufficiently and one day were forced to flee from the planets. Their scientists discovered that the SOL system was cosmically much more perilous than they had originally anticipated. Many comets, roaming planets, meteors and other perils repeatedly endangered the two newly inhabited planets Mars and Malona/Phaeton. Several of these space intersectors plunged upon the planets, causing immense damage and taking numerous human lives. In the process, a large roaming planet was discovered that had an unusually long rotation period and an orbit that projected it far beyond the outermost planets of the solar system. According to the astronomers' calculations, this large celestial body threatened to collide with the planet Mars, or to ravage it to a point where all planetary life, including all floral, faunal and human life, would be completely destroyed and annihilated in the wake of a near collision. The genetically-manipulated people, or rather their distant descendants, made the decision to abandon their place of exile. Even these distant descendants were aware of their situation as one of exile, for they remained cognizant of the danger of being pursued, albeit in a much vaguer form. As a result, they were incapable of defining the origin of their peril any longer. The threatening wandering planet in the past, over a long period, had caused a great deal of destruction and wreaked great havoc in the SOL system. According to details formerly presented by Sfath, this celestial body named the "Destroyer" had previously caused the most horrifying destruction on their homeworlds in days gone by, before it streaked through space on its unpredictable course. The "Destroyer" ensconced itself in the SOL system where it also wreaked much havoc. Over time it decreased its orbiting period to an average of 575.5 years; however, the Pleiadians/Plejarans have since increased this interval again. As a result, the "Destroyer" will again appear in the SOL system in about 1180 years. The Pleiadians/Plejarans were unable to completely knock the planet off course, as they had planned; nonetheless, they did change the Destroyer's orbiting period and rotation time in such a way that it presents no longer any danger --- at least for the time being. Normally, the planet would have returned in the year 2255 with devastating, destructive results. The High Council failed to give the Pleiadians/Plejarans permission to offset the wandering "Destroyer's" course by any other means or to destroy it, and it requested the Pleiadians/Plejarans refrain from doing so as the Destroyer's obliteration, or a change of its course, would have generated an even greater destruction and possibly even affected the Earth.

As they completed the details for their emigration opportunities, a dispute again erupted among the distant descendants of the genetically-altered people who had, of course, inherited the genetic manipulations from their ancestors. A decisive factor in the erupting disputes proved largely to come from the new teachings presented by the benefactors. The teachings stated that the benefactors were the creators of the genetically-manipulated individuals or, rather, their distant descendants, and that they, the creators, must be awarded absolute obedience and worship. Most benefactors claimed to be the highest exalted beings -- the creators and makers. However, these opinions and demands were not shared by all benefactors and, subsequently, two camps formed: One camp consisted of the purported creators, and the other of those who retained their prevailing benevolent attitude, who distanced themselves from this "creatorism". A dispute resulted not only among these two camps but also among the faithful within the two parties, their followers. Ultimately, the antagonists reached an agreement whereby those who wanted to do so departed from planet Mars in the direction of Earth and Malona. Subsequently, many people from both camps grouped together to emigrate jointly, some of whom travelled to the planet Malona/Phaeton and the others to Earth. The emigration group leader to Malona/Phaeton was called Zenteka, whose wife (Amalaka) concurred with him. The earthbound group also had two emigration leaders who were brothers called Semos and Passas. The atmosphere on Malona was safe and healthy for the emigrants and the peoples already inhabiting it. It was somewhat like the air on Mars and similar to the air the descendants of the genetically-manipulated peoples had become accustomed to over many millennia in their spaceships. Unfortunately, the same could not be said about the air on Earth. Pragmatic modifications were therefore required for future emigrants who wanted to live on Earth. For this reason, the same purposeful adjustments ensued that had previously been effected when the degenerates were exiled to Earth: At that time and before they were deported to Earth, the exiled individuals were forced to adapt to the terrestrial atmosphere, and their skeletal frame required further stabilization, among other things. Those individuals willing to emigrate from Mars to Earth now had to undergo the same remedial procedures so that they would be capable of establishing themselves on this planet.

Everything transpired as the scientists had formerly predicted: The "Destroyer" penetrated the Martian orbit and wrenched Mars with it into another SOL orbit, namely that of Malona, where it remained. Subsequently, Malona drifted away, however, because of the Destroyer's powerful forces, but managed to exist in this orbit until the time when it was destroyed by its inhabitants many millennia later, and became the Asteroid Belt. During this "drifting catastrophe", the inhabitants of Malona were decimated from approximately 470 million humans to barely 14 million; however, they were able to recover somewhat and by the time they destroyed their planet, their population had increased again to approximately 52 million.

The refugees on Earth lost contact with the people on Malona and Mars, which became completely desolate and its remaining inhabitants perished. Individuals from the benefactor group who previously had demanded that they be exalted and worshipped, fiercely spread their false teachings and never again allowed the well-disposed benefactors to gain any power. In this manner, the "creator-overlords" were then capable of putting on the airs of terrestrial Man's creators, rising to power and spreading their insane religious doctrines which, however, contained an absolutely novel yet equally false history of humankind's origin, history and belief. Its purpose was to definitively destroy and lose all data of mankind's true descent in the event that someone else would attempt to secretly glean the information from somewhere. Of course, the true benefactors did not allow this occur. They fought back by inventing their own religious creeds and disseminating them among the now numerous terrestrial human beings. They were hoping that through their new belief system, humans would learn to search for the genuine truth, to grasp and comprehend everything that is truly Creational and natural --- and they envisioned their situation turning to the better. To this end, the true benefactors coined the phrase: "The teachings shall be produced for the human beings on Earth, so that they may destroy the impurity and degeneration within their abused bodies." However, in these teachings, as in the teachings by the "creator-overlords", there lay the secret hope that these various philosophies of faith and religious doctrines would form a monumental hindrance, whereby the distant descendants of the genetically-manipulated peoples would limit the size of their population to tolerable and responsible numbers. An alternate motive behind this was that the manipulated people's descendants would neither rise against the "creator-overlords" nor the still benevolent benefactors in order to gain control over them, among other things. The benefactors did not want the descendants to prematurely evolve to the point where the descendants had the capability to fly once more into space with the help of a too rapidly expanding, too highly developed technology, and where they would find their previous homeworlds such as Mars and the planets in the Sirius region. The "creators" also hoped that in their scheme of things, and through their various religious doctrines, the terrestrials would eradicate themselves through the ensuing confusion and wars. They based their hope on the concept that terrestrials would only be technologically, biologically and scientifically capable of conquering space when they had evolved through a sufficiently lengthy period, so as to achieve the mandatory adjustments in their thinking processes and actions. In other words, their intention was that terrestrial human beings, through religious doctrines and diverse religious forms, would have the insight to resolve their genetically-manipulated deterioration problem, whereupon they could correct this deterioration. An important factor in this scenario was that, in the distant future, the terrestrials would discover for themselves the genetically-induced earlier damage imposed upon them, and find their path back to normalcy through appropriate genetic reversals. They believed and hoped that the distant descendants of the genetically-manipulated peoples, the terrestrials, should only then seek contact with their original past, their ancestry, other worlds and human beings in the vastness of the Milky Way, alien galaxies, and the Universe.

Judging from all indications, the terrestrials evolve very quickly on their own, for increasing numbers of people have now been born over a very long period who cherish evolution in every aspect. The benefactors' hopes will be fulfilled and exemplary and peaceable races will come to Earth from the Universe's vastness to maintain contact with terrestrials. This can only take place, though, when the unfortunate chain of genetic manipulation is reversed and normalized in sequential order, and when the human DNAs are Creationally and naturally linked once more to Creation's laws. Preprogramming previously occurred, allowing terrestrials to detect and locate the deplorable genetic manipulation of their DNA chain, although these findings will not transpire for some time. Furthermore, with certainty, this "error", which was imposed upon human beings, will also be reversed by humans themselves. This error has kept Man from living the life of a true human being until this day, and has frequently distanced him from the Creational-natural laws, directives, as well as their fulfillment. For this reason, until now, only a few individuals had the capability to find the correct path, arriving at this point only through the most painstaking struggles to conquer the genetically-manipulated degeneration on their natural course to evolution. Therefore, everything on Earth is directed toward the elimination of what was once genetically manipulated, so that Man can leave the solar system once again before its sun dies and the entire system ceases. This event will occur far sooner than terrestrial scientists currently claim. Truthfully, SOL is already a dying star. And when terrestrials emigrate once again from Earth to adjust themselves to their new home planets, distant and remote from the SOL System, they will have to adapt to those prevailing atmospheric conditions, just as their Ur-Ur-Ur-Ur-ancestors did in the past. The newly encountered conditions will be identical to those of Ur-times, when the genetically-manipulated peoples were breathing salubrious air. As can be stated today, these distant terrestrial descendants will have an extraordinary and agreeable future. One last example from the glossary of the book "And still they fly!", a woman, yellow-skinned, called Taljda (tah-Lee-dah), from a planet called Nissan in the old Lyra-Vega system where her people settled millions of years ago.  Her ancestors came from another planet called Kudra and was also where a segment of our Asian Earth races orginate from as well. 

Many years will pass before terrestrial human beings find the proof that their former Ur-Ur-Ur-ancestors came to the SOL system from alien solar and planetary systems to settle on Mars before emigrating to Earth. When they do, the first proof may also be found that mankind's earliest ancestors -- the genetically-manipulated people, or rather their descendants -- were refugees and exiles who originated in the Sirius regions. This proof will shake up the scientific community and, even more so, the religious world; it will prompt the need for great changes. That moment will come chiefly when artifacts from a previous human civilization are found on Mars, with pyramids and sculptures such as the so-called Mars faces representing but a mere fraction of the entire discovery, but if they are such as the Moon (we found nothing after all of our International surveying no Moon-Base), perhaps the mysteries of Mars are buried far deeper than we expect, and almost like their spacecraft, have to wonder intensely rather than in the coloquial fashion as to how they still fly, but only for the time being or the Om they fashion spiritually and just as importantly the manipulated wonder held within those eyes. 


These writings also explain the somewhat hopeless case that Mankind has concerning the everpresent Wars that continually reoccur on the Earth, that we seem predispossed towards and find ourselves embroiled within ethnic (or even that it seems genetic) style 'cleansings' and that field of conflict then and are any comments on that?  Or that we have been pressured (even within our religions) by the God-like powers that be to defend and commit acts of War as well perhaps at various times (and described Man correctly as preditorial) even as and as today as well?  It does for me explain the Gizan influences upon Meier, I would say alter-sirians rather than alter-lyrian and those were intelligences that hide and hid from the rest but are closer and less hid now as well, and embarked upon their own historical adventuries and natural evolutionary conquests and arguments proper.

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