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What are the Laws of Creation, Creation’s Laws, Laws of Nature that we are to attempt to understand and how do we apply this understanding to our spiritual evolution?

Unless I’m misreading them, I don’t see laws of nature in the Decalogue. If we are to observe nature’s laws, should we take note of things like survival of the fittest? How would we apply that to spiritual development? Or would it be other laws we can observe around us like the laws of science, i.e. cause and effects in physics, chemistry and biology (energy cycles, genetics, gravity, thermodynamics, electromagnetic energy, etc). Or are they also laws that govern in the world of internal thoughts? Are they laws of cause and effect of different moral thoughts?


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Creational laws have many facets and is basically two forms of energy, with human logical thinking and the "will" to choose good/evil as the key. This determines whether humans evolves, stagnates or destroys himself.

There is fine energy (thoughts, idea, spirit, ether) and course energy (solid things, atoms, you, water) it is actually condensed energy slowed down. Humans need to co-exist in harmony between his technological and spiritual developments in order to proceed into the Petele stage and further to the Creational  phase.

There are 7 different levels in the structure of matter that are manipulated through technological developments. However it must be in harmony with the spiritual levels of the high council to prevent destruction.

Its a learning experience, one must grasp the meaning of awareness through conscious development and learn through how nature evolves itself. One must have complete control of his/her ego and work within their capacity to evolve. Well there are short cuts through technological/biological means. but need to be permitted by higher intelligences

Depending on your level of awareness and spiritual development, I (not "I") would suggest joining in the Peace Meditation held every 1st and 3rd weekends each month. Study Zen, the art of knowing the "Nothingness", when one has emptied his mind of thoughts including himself, then all Awareness fills the "void".

Believe me, Creational laws are much more complicated, yet we must work within our own capacity. I'm still working on this.......

Hope this helps, but each must find their "path" towards the creational being.

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