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If I said that the crop patterns,as I like to call them are coming from intellegence from mars and venus,from a higher vibration of existence on these planets,for reasons that are obvious,would this cause a little stirring of the "solar plexas" as it were?,anyone of you enlightened sentinals wish to comment,and I,m being serious,I,m not patronising.

I can,t come to the forum that often but I will try as often as I can,thank you,Kingdom.Bless.....


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 By no means.
I just laugh at how misinformed everybody is. I was talking about them (crop circles), to someone the other day. When this woman butts in and She said to us; "yes, apparently its done by an artist and his son".
When my friend asked her how she imagined he would travel the whole world doing this without ever having been spotted she said; "maybe he does it at night".
Proving that it was just some nugget of crap that somehow something had installed into her logic and not something that she had thought up herself.
We just smiled at her and had to bite our tongues to not end up falling  about the place in fits.

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