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Hi again!

Many people said that crop circles are navigational charts for ET's, then another group of people said that the crop circles are human-made and even Billy Meier confirmed that they are not made by ET's.
Few days ago there was a documentary on crop circles on TV. It was on one of Croatian programs so you probably haven't seen it.
There were exclusive video clips and that clips confused me. Actually only one of the clips confused me and now I'm even more sure that they are not made by humans.
In Ukraine a man was taping a strange bright light in the sky. It was about 22:30. The strange light landed on his field. It was about 50cm wide.
Few seconds after it landed crop circles appeared below it. Few minutes later more light balls joined and tomorrow morning there was an extremely beautiful crop circle.
It is proved that the video clip is authentic.

Well, what do you think about that?

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Dino, check out this site, it mentions one circle from the Czech Republic and one from Slovenia, but one of the ones in Poland actually caught on film, some wierd object in those same fields.  That formation, the object are identical to ones seen in Alberta Canada when I lived, there.  Very few were actually reported, but there was a report from a friend of some kids he knew that were chased by a so-called small triangular UFO, and could this identical to what chased them even in Alberta, here, years ago, and like the one that you were reporting on, and it free copyrighted?  Thanks, Dino.


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