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I've had a few Alien/UFO dreams the last few years. Just wanted to share 2 odd ones though.

Remember the movie Hitch hikers Guide to the Galaxy, when Earth is gonna be destroyed and becomes surrounded by millions of those square ships. then boom were gone. Well it wasnt quite as intense. maybe worse I dunno all perspective. It was a shortlived dream but I can remember it all.

I was summer I was at a friends house down my backlane, it was warm out but we were having a fire in his backyard with his family and a few of our friends. around 11:30 Pm, and we had music going a few drinks and what not good conversation, when we all kind of noticed a whole bunch of little red lights flicker on  in the sky. soon the bunch turned into hundreds then thousands, soon the whole city was covered in evenly spaced red dots in the sky. about 5 minutes passed and they all just sat there... another minute or 2 went by and this is the weird part for me. What look like portals or gateways I cant explain kind of opened. I was like looking at the night sky but like a big blotch of darker sky opened in it, I could still see the stars in there position through it yet it was still another dimension of sorts. about 5 that I could see opened and out of them each came 2 large silverish colored saucers followed by a pitch black but oddly reflective black on that was smaller. they all kinda of just circled around the sky, while the red dots began to decend. the got larger as they descended and came into the city streets. they were cubes large enough to be a small bungalow size. out of them came about a dozen little Grey aliens, each carrying a kind of Stun Rod. they didnt have to hit you with it they only had to be within about 5ft or so point it at you and zap a small lightning bolt came out and paralyzed you or sent you into shock or something. I saw a few people who had come out to look at what was going on get shocked and taken back into the cube until it was full then like a flash it was back up in the sky... I woke up shortly after but was kind of shocked. it was a first for me as a dream like that.

now more recently but even shorter then the last dream. It again took place outside, this time in september, at a local park near my house. I was out at night with friends go figure having a fire... this time instead of red lights, it was just the rips in the sky and the 3 prior UFO's mentioned coming out and just flying around. what gets me is the kind of rip in space.

I want to know if there could possibly be another dimension resting on our own... that if you were to open it and look through would be identical to ours yet different in some aspects. Like all in the same place but different time frame, or reality im not sure what to say.

I have learned to overcome fear, and become objective.

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Next time try to telepathly connect with these UFO's and "request" that either they become brighter or dimmer, if they respond then most likely than not these UFO's are ET driven and not Earthly ones developed by our scientists because those of earthly designs do not have the necessary technology to incorporate telepathy thoughts to respond in such a manner.
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