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I hear people say it's not real,or I have to see it to bellieve it.Some times you have to go on faith,have you ever seen one million dollars? not me! but I know it's real.Just like I know Mr.Meier is telling the truth.I've never seen aliens,but they are there.I can feel them,almost like they are part of me.just like I feel when I look at the beautiful world I live in,I feel it's beauty and it's sorrow.


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Faith?  Most people who are religious use the term 'faith', however they do not realize the faith they have is not in a god or deity but in the ones who tell them this is the right one. It is usually the parents and children grow up trusting in whatever they have been taught, so they have faith they have been taught correctly. Putting faith in someone you have never met and most likely never will meet is beyond foolish, it is a form of insanity. I have found that most people who claim to be truth seekers or free thinkers are far from either of those.  They all seem to cling to someone they have found who gives 'evidence' for what they want to believe and follow them almost like a 'savior' and will believe whatever this person says. We think religion is a form of bondage and brainwashing, yet millions will follow some man or woman blindly because they like what is being presented. This has become on sad and scary world. It is high time we think for ourselves and take no one at face value. We are all equals and need no one to lead us. We all have been given a mind and the ability to think. Try it, it will not kill you...........


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Hi trash86d,

"I can feel them" the reason you "feel" them is because people talk about them all over the internet. I wouldn't trust that feeling so much in everything you do.

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