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Hi guys,


Just some of my thoughts I'd like to share with you all.


Imagine every front page of every newspaper headlining the Billy Meier material. In depth analysis on the Proof - the photos, video, corroborations, the metal samples and what the experts said about their amazing findings regarding the case. If the papers and tv networks covered this it would push humanity along that bit further in conciousness-awarness regarding THE TRUTH. Yet unfortunately this won't happen..and you think to yourself why? why won't this become reality? Well the conclusions are - the peoples behind the scenes at Fox, CNN, Sky-News, whoever... some probably infact know about the Meier material and do want to broadcast it perhaps. Because they probably think "oh no, I couldn't allow it..I'd be labelled a whacko, a crazy...and my job would be in jeapordy, my bosses would be on my back" You see what I think is - not only are people at the tv networks and newspapers scared..of the possible threat of higher officials telling them "no you can't bring to light this story" (because it's too far out for most people to comprehend in todays society) but also the fact that - people already have their pre-conceptions and ideas about life and that for them is true. They have been cultured in a certain way they are not even open to the idea of reincarnation never-mind alien races contacting a swiss gentleman in Europe. Just sad & annoying how the world is sometimes..don't you think?



You know as humans we have the duty to find out for ourselves what is truth and what is not as INDIVIDUALS. And not to swallow whatever we are told on t.v, in religions, in magazines. And for those who want a fast track to truth, knowledge and enlightenment I have to say the Billy Meier case is the best possible place to start


Those with open minds can see even when they are force-fed to be blind


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your right, unfortunately it won't happen for a long time yet because most people in the world today just couldn't handle hearing the truth. Also society couldn't handle hearing billy meiers material too because it would have a huge devastating impact on the financial world too. Thats why result michael horn (billy U.S. representative) isn't getting any mainstream press coverage because the world powers are stopping them from doing it. The world powers probably threaten the tv stations that if they do a story on billy meier that they'll be responsible for all the trouble it causes throughtout the world to people and religions as well as all the financial costs it causes throughout the world too. That would stop any mainstream tv station from thinking about doing a story on billy meier all the time.




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In this degenerated world the truth does not produce money, because the truth is against the religions, the economic powers and the governments.


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 Hi guys...

IMO the News wont play anything like this because they want us to be dumb..... so they can control us....

they also do not want us to know of any technology that can make our lives easier and less reliant on the system they have set up for us....

We can live in hope that more people are waking up and will not eat the crap they feed us so much.

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You are more right than you can imagine Satchi, and not just at Fox, CNN, and ABC either, for it was poor that even Peter Jennings death could have been suspected of having alternate pathologies than its normal one either, and that because of his report on the UFO phenomenon (that from the Strieber side of reporting and by Paul Hellyer, though only of his passing).  The report on the Towers and the In Plane Site 9/11 Videos have shown that the above reporting networks and associations were controlled to the point of allowing the only adaptation, and that parallel was that it was either what is was or some plot of deception.  I am also working on some picture snapshots right now working back from those very videos, along with one that was posted in a The Day That Changed America magazine, (for the one or so pictures that allowed parallel retrieval for proofing) and will post them when I am done.  The main one will be the flashes of light when both primary birds (that is and at least one if not both is suspected of being not normal civilian) hit the Towers.


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