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Hi, I have heard about Billy some time ago, then I read books about him. It was the first step in knowledge about ufos airships. I read a book dr Pajak about Tapanui crater (find it in internet) and I have found a method leading to get our life free from ufo.
Everything has its own phase and when the phase changes the theme doesnt exist. Like a bolt and screwdriver, when you  drive the bolt in you move in accordance with the clock and when you drive the bolt out you move against the clock.
Let us assume that ufo uses implants and chemicals liquids powders to examine us like a rats, and then  many of cancers are from ufo experiments.
When you hear the beamship sound everything what is from ufo in your body and life gets stronger (illnesses too) it is the way drive in. How to get an opposite way? We cant do it ourselves for energy "drive in" is hudge. Using the beamship sound  and changing the phase of the sound  we get screwdriver to drive everything what is  from ufo  in us . It is very simple way , I put on phones and put on the beamship sound and I ask the God for change the phase of the sound and clear me from the ufo. I am not crazy but ufos influence on my life does not me happy.Before ones says :he is crazy let try my method.


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How we 'interpret' perceptions is an individual affair.

You say the UFO's make you feel 'this way', and others say that UFO's make them feel 'that way'.

In the 'Phoenix Journals' we find that even ATON the God-head asks us "how do you think that we get here?"... And so, all these 'craft' are, is a useful and more modern mode of transport...

And so, I need to ask you: "if you had never seen a motor car before, and I came to visit you in a motor car, would you 'think' that my car was 'boring a hole into your mind?' You see, it is just a car, and it can not hurt you...

Thoughts are EXTERNAL  entities, with the brain being only the receiving agent... and so when you speak of things harming you and entering into you without your approval, all I see is an array of negative thought-form entities, that are trying to mislead you by 'pretending' that they are from your own mind... which they are not...

In 'The Talmud Of Jmmanuel' we find that The Christ Himself was taken on-board a space-craft when John The Baptist baptised Him that day.

And yet neither John The Baptist nor The Christ Himself DECIDED to find all this odd...

We can DECIDE to find things however we like... but it is always more useful to find things in a positive manner...

And so, I am deciding that everything is helpful and interesting...

Take care - John Grau

Jonah Needs To Speak With Billy Meier
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