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When I close my eyes I see visions sometimes very faint but sometimes very real. I can see sometimes 2D shapes and sometimes 3D landscapes. The more I concentrate the better I can see the visions. I don’t know if other people can see this as well and I never thought about it much (I thought I might be tricking my eyes some how) until I read something in contact #10 on page 7 (please download and read this and the free download area)

If anyone could tell me more about this please go ahead and do so. Also feel free to ask me what ever questions you want that might help.


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I recomend to you to meditate, mybe with meditation you can enforce that quality that you have.


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I do sometimes. But what intrests me is on contact #10 page 7 it says some very intresting things that I cant coppy and paste dont want to type. I looked this up on the internet and found out that some people see shapes and paterns when they rub there eyes but I can see things without.

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Hex, on the topic of viewing or visions or envisioning.  I took a Buddhism Menla Medicine course here on the Island one time and the first exercise we had to perform was picturing our bodhisattva, that is Menla (a Buddhist Medicine deity - someone who evolves and whose only role is to help people heal, even emotionally) in his purple native form.  I was able not only to picture Menla but started having animate movement, and yet the doctor who was giving the course said that he could not get that far, or didn't I suppose, but also because that wasn't incredibly important.  I have always had a good imagination, and I was awed that I could have a relationship with one, they are very humble beings indeed.  But it does work, (and I never push anything to anyone for that matter) for my mother got very physically sick one time and I practiced the invocation and the mantra for her, and you know what (I did actually see if the sickness would go away) and only after the invocation did the sickness went away within a half and hour (and never came back over a half a year later). 


I haven't attended one for almost a year now (if for no other reason on purpose, I haven't had time, and sad to say every religion or even art or systems take years of time to master), and I meditate at home and even with brain-wave generators as well.  But in the Buddhist training, and their are probably a few free places that one can attend and practice a Mantra and Meditate for an hour.  We were taught to keep the room in view and not do any imaginative viewing, and just quiet the thoughts and keep the room in view, yet after an hour, within that time, one does actually view some amazing materials, because the more the concentration or control over that technique then the better.  Now meditation and the movement of the 'astral body' through space and time, just with the mind, is one of the highest attainments to me, and proper breathing and body position (uprightness) and two of the most important techniques. 


I also occassionally practice at home again, the tensegrity exercises from another domain, and these teach how to control the attention, the dreaming attention and many other types, through the continued use of bodily techniques, some forceful and some intentionally forceful or not, and for forging an energy-body approach to the human body, and losen the assemblage point from its normal range of movements, but again I do not seek to master this system either, but at least here there are specific exercises for the male and female elements separately.


One can go further now, because instead of learning an ancient story of the Buddhist history, one can learn the OM and use it before the meditation, and then meditate upon the great figures and spiritual warriors of our universal past to get a better picture of the universe and its alignments, alterations, battles and characters and so on. 


Below is a picture of Tara White, a more typified Buddhist female-type deity, though not totally as is the rule, where most of the others iconographically and intentionally share both male and female (overly accentuated breasted features) features, as they share natures, and so forth.  Hope this helps.




Over and Out


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In contact #10, Page 7, on 154 it reads: As the light may be perceived through the closed eye-lids, as lies within every human creative presence, the entire spiritual realm: however, it is visible only to those who are actually able to look inward through their inner eye. ( I dont know if this has anything to do with this it sounds like invisioning with the mind witch I am not talking about I rely see it like im looking at it with my eyes. )

I can see some very strange things sometimes like just today I saw somone geting shot while driveing. I do not always see bad things sometimes I see good things and things that are inbetween or dont make any sence. Like another time I saw squares and another time circles. One time I saw what looked to be like a first person view of spining around with lights bluring. This seems to be very random and the visions can differ in strangth. My eyes dont need to be closed eather. If its dark I can see it as well. I also see dots that is like static when im not seeing visions. The visions can become very real like dream like real but at other times I can hardly see anything. I havent had any visions that looked like I was looking at it for real and after its over I often forget what I had seen.

I might try meditateing if you could tell me how to go about doing this.

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There is another branch of picturing the energy body, and although it is not adopted by the usual sources to us here on this forum, even the crop-circles are used by people (I do use them still), continue to be like an alternate source of picturing our relationship with that cosmic source, and the Pleiadians no longer debunk them like they used to, and have loosened or retracted some of the earlier views for us (rather like eagles actually).  Here is one as an example, and here's hoping your don't be confused, and I don't be berrated for saying that they might be used in that way.  We are a spinning array of patterns, and by typifying some of these, like the diamonds spinning in the one below (they say the eye actually leads of a Mayan circle supposed representing a pattern of the view toward the universe) they have helped in consolidating some of these anthropomorphic contactual forms.  Some patterns have the appearances of horns.  This would be to me a Quetzal approach toward the sources, personally, and experimentally, then perhaps the same (interesting) ...




Over and Out


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Thanks for the replys but I still wonder is there anyone that sees visions like me? I cant be the only guy to be able to do this can I?

Even more info about my visions:
I dont remember seeing things when I was a little kid but mabey I dident know I could. I dont think you can see it without knowing how.

Heres how I do it:

1. I close my eyes and I see darkness (works better in a room with no light)
2. I see static like dots everyware and the impresion of light that I was looking at right before I closed my eyes. (you might not see the dots or lights at first. look with your eyelids closed like you do with them open and focus your eyes dont think that all you well see is darkness)
3. Once the lights of what you last saw are gone focus on the static like dots.
4. Eventualy lights well apear and move and you might be able to make out a picture of something.
5. The pictures you see are usualy black and white but sometimes they can be color to.
6. What you see can be anything from a shape to an image to words or even to nothing you have seen before.

You can try this if you want but I dont know if it well work or not for you. I can do it with ease. Just close my eyes and visions start comeing to me.

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hi Hex

since i was a kid i remember seeing things like the ones you describe (with eyes closed and in a place with no light i saw all kind of colorful "strange unknown things" that changed their shape etc)

i don't really know what they are, but i always enjoyed seeing them . . .

about the visions of "real" stuff like landscapes and particular situations, i think they can be some "form" of dreaming, that is: that your unconscious mind is maybe trying telling to you something,

when i take a little nap (and being fully conscious) i also see all kinds of different things, always after experiencing "this dreams" i feel revitalized, no matter how bad was the day i feel like new (which is something that doesn´t happen when i do not see anything and only rest)


i don´t know if you have any problem with sleeping, but there can be other possibilities for the things you see,

it is supposed that people that do not sleep well can have visions (dreams) in the middle of the day (and even with eyes open!!!!)


a possible cause for seeing colorful
geometrical objects is the use of some drugs (it is even possible to have visions even years later after consumption and while walking in the street or anywhere)

but also persons that do not use LSD, peyote or whatever can see this kind of things, search for the web for mandalas from different cultures, Islamic art, op art and fractals and maybe you can find something similar to your "visions"

i dont know exactly why we can see this kind of stuff  in some  situations (for example sometimes people who practice tai chi or yoga  have a "little trip" in the middle of their practice), but it is very interesting

here i add an image from Huichol art (they have all kinds of visions during their trips with peyote) and a drawing i made some time ago (i love geometric art)

take care


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It seems that many people can see these things like me. If you CANT see it please reply and say so, so i can tell if this is something everyone can do or not. Also please post what you think this might be for. A few ideas I have are, seeing into the future, and messages from the subcontious part of your mind.

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hi again

everyone can

it can happen unconsciously (like dreams), produced by many factors like drugs, but  many different things can be the cause

you can also produce them consciously and with an specific purpose (for example in the world of "hermetism" there exist exercises in which the person attempts to "change reality" (what he/she doesn´t want/need/like etc) using the power of his/her thoughts, so he/she continuously visualizes what he/she wants to happen instead of thinking all the time in his/her problems or in what is undesired form him/her


i think that the different types of "visions" of which you talk are of different nature and have a different cause

the points and colorful shapes seen in absolute darkness can be seen by anybody anytime (if someone is reading this and dont believe it then try it, if you see nothing then move your eyes to one extreme or the other then colorful shapes will appear now you just need to concentrate more and more),i think its like an optical illusion but it can be useful to increase your ability to concentrate and meditate)

many things like that exist but people are not curious (for example: now go to the outside to a place with a lot of light, now look at the sky and close a little your eyes (not completely) and you will see different  circular "transparent" points moving (and other long shapes too)


now about the geometrical visions,
 i think that they are more interesting, i think they hide some secrets of an universal nature . . . (and thats why they are beyond any culture or religion or whatever), if you  study the microscopic world then you will find a lot of geometry, if you study the human body, too, and even if its in a "occult" way there is geometry and maths everywhere, lets say that is it like "the matrix", i think it is the "unseen" order that exist in all, its like an universal language


and finally the "normal" visions (of things that are not abstract) . . .

i doubt very much that they are visions from the "future", but it is not really impossible (to confirm this then you would need to see something before it really happens), i think that most likely they are stuff from your unconscious, (or from the "collective unconscious") cause the thoughts of all persons travel at the speed of light and are interconnected, usually we are not aware of this but they affects us even if its only in an unconscious way

take care

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Originally Posted by Barbarotico

I recomend to you to meditate, mybe with meditation you can enforce that quality that you have.

I recomend you medicate our have your eyes tested. LOL!!!!!!


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I know what you're talking about.

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