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If billy writes poetry, maybe he can write up a couple of dozen or however many poems, but each poem would have a lesson to be learned or figured out...
like a beneficial riddle or something like that.
so not only is it a poetry book, but a learning tool.

any comments?

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Dear Peter,

That would be a great idea. However, the translation of poetry from German to English proves to be almost impossible. The words that rhyme in German most certainly will not rhyme in their English translations. If you were to examine the intrinsic interconectiveness of poetry even in one language, such as English, then it might become clear on how a translation is almost impossible into another language.

Many of Billy’s works have been written in a poetic form, but that form is not evident in the English translation. Also, books from the Petale level (Such as Genesis) are so beautifully constructed and poetic that reading them makes me feel just a tiny bit closer to Creation and almost brings me to tears.

You have a good suggestion though!

Best regards,
Mike Whelan
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