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I have some pictures that were taken 27/6/2006, direction east/northeast, out my livingroom window, (karmöy) westcoast of norway, as I was in a bored state, looking out my window and thinking that perhaps they dont WANT to be noticed. --- Picked up my camera, and to my SHOCK... there was something in the display that was NOT in the sky! I took several pictures, hurried down to my computer and checked them. And honestly , there you are! Un-identifieable Flying Objects!


yes, it was some sort of mind-power that made me even pick up the camera and check...


Anyone willing to prove me wrong, are welcome

BTW, 101 KB is too small for upload-size...

I can mail you the pictures if you ask nicely


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can we see those pictures?


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       In the past I've seldomly seen Unindentified Flying Objectss, but I HAVE seen them..right above my house. I'm an amature astronomer and I like to keep a keen observation of a clear night's sky whenever time permits. I know when something is a meteorite, star, plane, satellite, planet, (ball) light phenomenon, geese? shall i mention geese? lol .These objects I see, which unfortunatly I've never been able to catch on camera are extremely similar to the dimenions of 'foo-fighters' seen in the WW2. They often appear to be circular and have erratic flight patterns and just for the record.. they are no way comparable to any of the categories mentioned above. 

I see them at about 10,000 - 12,000 ft up and there is no denying it when you see them you think...'impressive..what unusual flight characteristics..'. I've seen 2 now in a 4yr period..pretty ace and if I had to put my money on it I'd say without a shadow of a doubt these objects that I have seen are either top secret military surveillance craft or some sort of E.T remote drone that had been deployed for whatever reason.


Astronomers don't see UFOs??   Try me


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Hi KaTh0Ga !

If You want to see and learn more of this kind of footage search

from the net:


The Case of Nasa UFOs by David Sereda 2001 (1 and 2 episode)


and Jaime Maussan Mexican UFO Investigator "military footage 2004"


And after this start download UFO Files Shows !





OK !





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