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Captain Kal Korff to Lead Prosecution Team Against Michael Horn and the Billy Meier “UFO” Cult

December 19th, 2006 by Public Relations

Praga, Warsaw, Poland - European Union; Prague, Czech Republic - European Union; St. Catherine’s, Ontario, Canada:


CriticalThinkers announced today that Kal K. Korff, a Captain in the Special Secret Services, has joined the prosecution team as a “key player” who will now seek to indict and convict Mr. Michael Horn of Consumer Fraud, among other charges, along with the Eduard “Billy” Meier UFO Cult in Switzerland. Horn is a volunteer “spokesman” for the Meier UFO cult.

“For more than 32 YEARS, consumers and the global public have been lied to concerning the Billy Meier UFO hoax. It is time to not only expose these con artists, but to bring them to justice.” declared Kal Korff, who is also the duly elected President and Chief Executive Officer of CriticalThinkers. 

“We are asking that EVERY CONSUMER who has purchased ANY Billy Meier ‘UFO’ related material, especially any photos and videos, to contact us here at CriticalThinkers. You are not only entitled to a full refund for any and ALL materials sold to you under false pretenses, but may also be eligible for extra financial damages that we will seek to recover. You can reach us at” explained Korff. 

Captain Korff, whose job in the Special Secret Services is primarily as a counter-intelligence analyst and operative, also fights against consumer fraud, and helps prosecute criminals. Korff was a key, expert witness in the O.J. Simpson murder trial CIVIL lawsuit, which resulted in a resounding legal victory and multi-million dollar financial judgement against Simpson.

“In January of 2007, we will be broadcasting on worldwide TV via the Internet, the first meetings and hearings that will mark the beginning of this new legal action. Mr. Michael Horn, who is guilty of defrauding the public and selling them material under false pretenses, will be our first target, he has certainly earned it. Our budget for prosecuting Mr. Horn, and other hoaxers like Ray Santilli of the Alien Autopsy fraud, is $25 MILLION U.S. dollars.”

The Arabian backers, lawyers, investigators, intelligence operatives and law enforcement officials, will all eventually be revealed in a new upcoming TV show to be announced the FIRST WEEK OF JANUARY 2007. The new show will chronicle real live attempts to track down terrorists, consumer scam artists, and other criminals.

For further information, contact Please put into the SUBJECT line of your emails, the title Horn Fraud.


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I really hope Kal. korff loses..this is beyond a joke.

It sounds really serious and I hope Michael Horn & Billy Meier don't suffer too much with this trash. Michael Horn is doing a great job it's such a shame the un-informed have to attack Meier's legitimacy.




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they have no basis, the person responsible for this action just drew the wrong attention to himself, quite foolish in my opinion. he should get the military title off his name too, cause that gives no credibility in my opinion.

you know what I realized, this dude is trying to be a controller isnt he? he is trying to control others lives, and on top of that, accusing them of it, its a paradox!

this is a perfect example of a BLOCKER who is way late in the game, he gets the duh award, its says all over the place in the material, in one way or another to take it as you will, the choice is yours to believe or not, the decision is yours really.

Talk to yourself like you are talking to god, cause god knows when you lie.

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Hi Satchi

It seems this is the same joke again on stage

There was a certain Underground Video performed the same kind of so called lawsuit a few years back (perhaps KKK was behind the whole thing?).

What happened was Underground Video faded away with all the personal information (people who wanted to have a refund) it collected then.

Now, KKK comes to the front stage, we can have a good watch.




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 Now why should anyone from the special secret service be so interested in trying to de-fundamentalise something as "unbelievable" as the Meier case?
Is this service so misinformed that they don't know that attempts to debunk Meier's work have existed for years?


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Kal Korff Named New Green Lantern

by Ignatius M. Lunee

Oa (Galactic News) - Kal Korff, like his predecessor Hal Jordan a man

of unparalleled courage and conviction, has been named the new

Green Lantern for Earth and it's adjoining space sector.

Korff is a Captain in the Super Duper

Secret Services, where he has worked

closely with Duck Dodgers (himself a

former Green Lantern).

His new position will undoubtedly help

him in his struggle against terrorists,

frauds, con-men, hucksters, layabouts,

little old ladies, field mice, clouds,

Belgians, and whomever else he judges

to be evil, and deserving of being


Superman, when asked for a comment, had this to say, "You mean

they made me a Green Lantern?"

When informed by his close friend and colleague Batman that it was

Kal Korff, not Kal-El, who had been appointed to replace Hal Jordan,

Superman exclaimed, "What the F***?? What were the Guardians


When reached for an interview, the new Green Lantern spent two

hours extolling his own qualities, and then announced that as his first

task, he was going to fly to the Pleiades, where he would prove once

and for all that Billy Meier was a fraud, after which he was going to

sue the Green Lantern Corps for a bazillion kazillion dollars for

littering, hound doggin', and miscellaneous other skullduggery.

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