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Hello all ..and Marc in particular.


Marc do you know if the Semjase contact notes are in the pipe-line for publishing by Steelmark? Another thing ..The Decalog, now.. I'm curious as to when we can all expect it's release?


And Yet They Fly was ace, very informative.


Patiently waiting, regards, Satchi




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Hi Satchi,


The Contact Reports are in the pipeline along with Celestial Teachings, Decalogue and others. Money has been donated by a couple dozen or more people toward the Contact Reports project when it was being translated by a few people some years ago and still remains fully intact and applicable to that project. The key is getting the approved translations done for the first 31 contacts which would represent Volume One. About 10 or more have been done but still need final approval.


A professional translator comes to mind. One of the problems involves the spiritual and technical terminology used by Billy, et al, that a translator would need to work with and that do not have a modern-day cognate or cannot be otherwise easily rendered into English. This issue can be somewhat overcome by using an up-to-date glossary of terms or by adjusting these words and phrases as needed during the correction passes.


I am going to try to breathe some life back into this project once again with the help of others. There are some new (free!) tools that have recently come on the scene for online content collaboration that may prove to be successful in getting translations done and/or allowing for group editing of paid, professional translations. One of the problems we had as a team in doing these translations some time ago was the cost of an effective online collaboration system.


If you're interested in any developments with this project, sign up to the FIGUtranslation Yahoo Group at



Marc Juliano
V.P. Technology/IT, Steelmark
Forum Moderator
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