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I am aware that technically they are not Meiers spiritual teaching, but the ET species he ascribes them too. But I wonder if the latter is the case as well. I am very familiar with Sanskrit teachings from the Hindu tradition, and today reading Semjase's contact where she explains her spiritual teaching I spotted the glaring similarity. I then made my way to the Figu forum and looked at the time cycles in the spiritual teaching, which surely enough were similar to the Hindu time cycles and contained exact figures for the life time of the universe approx 311 trillion years.

I understand that Billy Meier was in India before, so him being acquainted with Hindu teachings is likely. What I don't understand, and please correct me if I'm wrong, why doesn't he acknowledge the Hindu teachings? Why is he claiming to be a prophet, when its obvious these teachings are not his, and nor does one need to ascribe them to ET.

I understand that in the past some of his critics have pointed out that he plagiarised the Vipasana meditation technique from a publication at the time.

Is Meier plagiarising his spiritual teachings from the Hindus?

I am a spiritual being.

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Creational laws are universal in nature, does not matter if the Plejarens or Hindus have similar meanings, it comes from the same source. I believe the life cycle of a universe is more than 311 trillion years, never the less its a very long process to insure that life forums are given enough time to evolve into higher consciousness before it contracts and explodes into new building blocks for another cycle.

Billy Meier does not even liked to be called a "prophet", yet he accepts this title because his spirit is a re-incarnation of other prophets who came before him and he is the last of the 7 prophets here on Earth. The Sanskrit is probably the most accurate interperation from all religions regarding the original creational teachings, but still riddled with imperfections. It was an attempt to counter the evil minded ET's who started the religious dogma of humans paying tributes to themselves as "gods".

It is true that he was trained by Hindu masters in meditation when Asket was his mentor and stationed in India for some years. I think the main point in this episode is to find your "awareness" within yourself and not be distracted by who is the "rightful" author of elevating mankinds consciousness...afterall it all leads to the same evolution process.

There is allot of confusion, along with delusional attempts by creating fear and doubt from those bent on remaining in power to prevent Earth humans from discovering their true nature in themselves, how one gets there is the primary objective. The authors of such methods are not concerned about getting due credit because pride and ego has no place in spiritual development.

Even though the Plejarens are vastly evolved both spiritually and technologically from us, they are still in the physical state and prone to mistakes. There are certain experiences Earth humans have that no other ET's have, and can learn much from our most diverse background spanning the lengths of this DERN universe along with DNA exchanges with various ET's both evil and good.
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