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Thank you so much for taking the time to help us. Humans I know must understand that it does not matter if something is true or not, they must learn how to measure by conscious depth. Some humans choke up in their debate regarding the validity of your people. I know that many of them are missing the point. Humans must look beyond these personal wars and look at the value of your message. They must ask themselves...'Is the message of the Pleiades people good or harmful?', they will find it is of good benefit.

People of this Earth must get passed their anger and hate. They must look at their anger as a living thing and say to themselves..."Anger...why are you here?, who has invited you to dwell within me?" If humans can begin to identify their energies as individual living things...I think they will finally win the game of 'Hide n' Seek'.

I do not require to see you myself in person to know that you exist in my conscious universe. I think the human Holy Bible mentions something about the value of a person who believes and has not seen. I personally thank you for your efforts. Many of us do. Human beings must take charge of their course. Why wait for a Savior to arrive when men of Earth can bring the change themselves?, does not love exist already with man?

I wish you the best of success in your efforts with mankind.

- Dave, NYC


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Your spirit is indestructible and will go into an "ether" state to await its reincarnation into the next suitable new born human within 21 days of conception and establish a new personality. The next re-incarnation depends on your pass life experiences/knowledge and how it is utilized in order to "balance" this equation in the next life.

The body decays and some of the past personality "essence" remain in the bones for several hundred years. If you're sensitive enough, void of ego, then you can become aware of this "conscious" in all living things, including plants, words both spoken and written. Every single human has this ability to "communicate" amongst themselves and other living things, just need to develop that ability through "free will" and other means of concentration, including technology.

The spirit in each does not adhere to religious doctrine, which stagnates its development, but rather "seeks" its ultimate path to absolute Creational energy, through knowledge and experiences gained through numerous physical life’s(60-80 million years). After this period, the spirit no longer needs a physical body to gain knowledge and experiences. It becomes semi-physical and offers "guidance" to physical humans, if they are willing to seek it, no orders or dictation is rendered because of the creational laws of free will.

From this semi-physical state, more experiences are gained through others of the same level, but at a much higher frequency level, beyond words or concepts that physical humans are not capable of. Then the spirit "transforms" into a purely energy state of Creation, where it then creates more life and universes to continue. Takes billions of years to get there.

So, the real question is not to worry when you're going to die, but how you conduct yourself in this physical world is what that matters. Seek a higher conscious "awareness" through positive actions, meditation, good works that help elevate humanity to its ultimate realizations/development.

When you help others to gain "awareness", you also help develop "your" spirit too. But must be done without expecting something in return, the spirit cannot be bought or sold. This also applies to the Plejarens and other advanced entities throughout these universes. They can "learn" from the experiences of other "undeveloped" status humans.

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