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So that we are not all being called fools and liers, what does abducted mean, taken without our consent.  What about consentual contact, contacts of the first kind, (and who knows most people don't report sitings to begin with let alone try compiling what every single person could see if any UFO was really in the sky, ha), and then those of the second kind, and then those of the third kind.  Those of the second kind.  Ok I wasn't picked up either, but the afteraffects were like revisitations between what was there and what I contacted and that gulf between what you see and believe to be contactual and I could be totally different, but the force would be the same.  I have had contacts with the 'Greys' for years, liked it and saw it weird that communication could be so funny and aboriginal, performed like psychic studies on them so to speak, then closing in for contact, like a bird with opened up new eyes for myself in the black and white of an backwoods scene, alone in the night, could be very very real, and see all visitations, and seeing experiences, if even between person to person as viable diaglot that a "medium" exists like a P2P person to person medium and what one invites and receives, until that fullness is realized is like magic and the supernatural to the initate, and the law of realizing the law of the Universe to the wise man. I became very angry with my fellow man because he or she wasn't strong enough to do even that test.  I also have spent many a time in graveyards and sitting in the summer shade in a good one, one can see where people, the times and the tonal of the families of people are embedded within the karma of the landscape and like the Pleyaren say even the auric forces involved.  I would certainly go further in this criticism because to me very honest and reputable people beyond just you and me and that guy there are involved, no sir, not at all.  Even the Brooklyn Bridge Incident and the other Bud Hopkins case materials are interesting and scientific enough (and there has been tremendous criticism, but read them anyway the characters are incredible and seem genuine) and here is some further interest as criticism and enlightenment.  Even if Hopkins is proved wrong by the 30% he says require no hypnotism, it still makes this whole phenomenon a caseload of incredible complexity.  My experiences began early and continued right to my sons as well, and it affected my tremendously, really beyond just mere observation of occurrences, it was like meeting something that was already there, again, and then again and again, and it was never threatening to me and I never felt "abducted" so it wasn't for me like it has been for some.  I cannot dismiss all cases as being fraud and lie, even the Travis Walton Case has enough evidence to support either a very very good scheme to lie on detectors, to do what?  The original people did not get anything out of it, it hurt everyone present, and Travis eventually had the Hollywood movie done, but complained bitterly that the inside part was done totally wrong to his memory, and so on.  Unless these people were very unbalanced and bordering on insane, who would perform such a thing, and really no one has gotten that much positive exposure from the UFO thing, certainly not back in the 1970's when mine and other people had theirs, no way, it was frowned upon to say you were a believer in that crap, honestly speaking that is.  Ok, so Travis or Whitely could be frauds, so what?  The caseload material on the UFO phenomenon is simply huge to begin with.  As for Pleiadian criticism, did they not at one time say that crop-circles were fakes and not to pay heed to them, to come back later and say that some were incredibly the real thing and even from the future?  Quite a shift in the truth on that one.  I put a little salt on the Meier Case for saying that without him almost, there would be no inner circle of UFOlogy and contacts that run within families, just like the books say.    


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indeed your right, that crop circle example was perfect, they back pedalled a bit on that didnt they, I lost my cool on that post, I apologize again, I cant really prove anything besides testify whats in my head right now and I am as forward as I can be about it, I question my own experience as much as anyone, but that fact remains for me that these thoughts are there and up front in my mind.

I am on a constant mission to seek the truth, and right now, that is the only real truth, to me, only true proof, undenyable, presented to the world will truly be recognized anyway.

you can question my motives when I am asking you to send me your money, LOL.

Talk to yourself like you are talking to god, cause god knows when you lie.
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