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Ok..check it out ...the strangeness of this story:   I know this is a lot of  babble but it happened exactly the way it was written. If people have the time to actually put into  studying it perhaps something can be gained. It was a personal interactive thing and I was just so amazed , that is why all the hype at the time. But am not the same person today exactly but do remember it well. Will always remember it as a turning point in my life. 
   It is rather hard to follow all the details unless one really digs deep into the story and usually people don't have time. I know I don't have time to read some of the stuff other people write. It goes in one ear and out the other  and the true essence of it goes unseen often.

Check out my encounter story from 1993 Wrote it all down for about 4 years but never really saw a flying saucer that I remember . A lot of other ways of speaking though.

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