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Let's face it fellow earth humans Nuclear War is enevitable in our lifetime, it's not a pesimistic point of view but an educated one taking in to consideration, overpopulation, primative & illogical thinking, fanaticism in religion, powerhungry governments. Every goverment wants the biggest slice of pie..but there's only so much pie to go around. 



Here below are some prophecies: (it must be noted that i got this information from a tape randi winters did called 'prophecies' i must state that i've written it in the shortest and laziest way possible and it isn't word for word by any means) it's 2am in the U.K btw) (I took out the most 'juicy' bits)..I'd also like to say that i've heard that randi winters isn't exactly a reliable source regarding the Meier material so with caution make what you will of the tit-bits below.


Death & destruction will sweep from the east and the west, the old mother earth will be shaken violently and angrily the result of mans madness the reward for his insanity. America , China, India will be countries that will burn. whole countries will sink under the water. when mt vesuvious errupts it will signify the beggining or commencing of world war 3 expect political assasinations as a major part of the war will start with an invasion at night unsuspectedly. China will march in to India and take it over. Europe burns and sinks in ashes & embers with so much destruction. the 3rd world fire is conjured up by the hands of humans through religious sects, hate, greed, power. it happens because people don't seek the truth and it is a lesson to earth humans because they don't seek a spiritual life. europe will be the central point for the things that are going to happen. 100 atomic suns will glow and destroy everything in a roaring fire, it will be so severe the land of germany will 'steam'. the powerful will hide in their bunker shrines laughing while they toss their deadly fire on peace seeking europe. radioactive radiation will destroy much of the life in europe implemented with chemical and biological bombs. aslo in the way of a neutron weapons whole countries and lands will quake. because of the chemical bombs so many new dieseases will be made and many people will die a very slow and painful death. people would be driven in to unmercifully horrible deaths just as it was predicted 2000 years ago the cause once again is politics, religion and other earth insanities. The world war will break out in europe and everyday of no war will be very precious.The powerful of the world will designate europe as the area for the battle so that their own land will remain intact. The powerful will beat it war axe on europes head. Christian and non christian countries will fall to their death. 25 million people will be led to death in India, because the yellow storm wave of china will push in to india and start the bloddy battle for new dehli. India will be completly conquered by the powers of the chinese.persia and turkey will also fall in to the waring as russia invades these two countries and takes them over because of the oil reserves there.the balkan states will fall in to uproar and will cause their own war. africa and arabia will be taken over so that the conquering of europe will be easier.russia will head a 3 headed dragon across to the west conquering the balkan countries. Italy will be destroyed and millions of people will be made homeless, religious leaders in general will meet a brutal death as the pope flees across the atlantic towards south america for safe haven. Russia will march through hungary, austria, italy, switzerland, france. The american weapon depots in france will be taken over by the russians and the russians will lead the war against england, spain and scandanavia. this war will be terrible for the entire world but especially for europe. plagues and dieseases unknown to earth scientists at the time will arise and rage across the land of europe which will be caused by the bacteria and the radiation and dead rotting human corpses lying everywhere. germany wil suffer an attack from the east from the GDR through which a civil war will be sparked were german will fight against german. france will invade norway and sweden, finland will be conquered as well, all the countries bordering the north sea and england will be destroyed by a terrible flood which is caused by the flood bomb and by a powerful hurricane cities and towns will submerge under the sea and most of scotland will be lost..england's position as a world leader will be totally destroyed forver as the russians from the east will cause a revolution to break out in england itself which will cause more bloodshead and turmoil will greatly exceed that of the german civil war, south wales will be deafeated though bloodshed, revoltys..ireland bleeds to death in a murderous war america will be thrown in to another war and it will be with canada because of political complications. America will be over burdened with so much pain and attack that it will not be able to run to the aid of europe. america for the most part will be destroyed..through nature catastrophe weapons china will ignite parts of the lower athmosphere and burn everything below it (elemental weapons) also terrible and horrible hurricanes will run across the american continent wint no mercy caused by the elemental weapons, monsterous gigantic waves of fire will burn america and will leave evrything in debris and ashes. a supermassive hurricane will rage over america it will go towards the norrth eats  then it will move out to the atlantic were it will cause a raging storm producing such a high tidal wave that observers will say that it looks like  a huge mountain. it moves towards europe and . 2/3 of humanity will die in the 3rd world war..death will be in the billionfold..5 out of 8 billion people will perish.america will have 2 civil wars which will divide the country politically in to 4-5 parts.if the worlds power hungry in power don't come to a compromise everything on the planet will be destroyed. hunger and problems will slowly suffocate russia, the last and most significant sigh for the 3rd world fire will be a political murder which will take place in a country of the east. church leaders will be massacred in france due to the cowardice of the pope.


Skitish I know but i'm very tired..

I just really do hope these prophecies don't materialize! or were all in ankle deep blood.


take care, be well





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Satchi,in answer to your fear of nuclear holocaust,NO CHANCE.
Certain circumstances are in place,have no fear,it wont come to anything,
all will be well,"promise"....


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FIGU told me randi winters should not be trusted. It's the second (and last) time I said that on this forum I told them I created a myspace page - and they seen it and sent me an email after they seen I uploaded videos from randi...

He works for the money as well...

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