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Depending upon your extension of experience with the dynamics of reality, this story may or may not be for you. However, it is true.

As has been the case in my life path, at the end of 2007 I met some new friends which I will call in my story the urban oracles. These are normal everyday people except that they are what men of Earth call psychic. They are a little different since they not only are in connection with what we call spirits, but they are so close to them, they literally are friends (which is how I see things myself).

Anyways, as I hung out with my friends I had the opportunity to learn about these spirits whom were former human beings (still retaining judgmental characteristics). I got to see people get readings. I got to see how accurate things were in those readings. I also was told a few things from time to time about myself.

One day while in the home of one of these urban oracles, I was told about another spirit which shared my body. Now I must tell you that when you walk into an oracle type of person's home, they already can read your matter how much you like it or not.

The oracle told me that in the 1990's I had a astral projection experience. That as my body was out of the flesh, another spirit stepped into my body.

I learned from the oracle that when you leave your body, an Angel guards your body while you are out. In this particular case, the Angel allowed this other spirit to step into my body. The only way an Angel is going to allow this is if that spirit has the right to do so. The oracle went on to tell me that it was my twin spirit and that I should ask my mother about when I was born (to see if my mom was keeping a secret about a lost twin brother/sister).

It turned out that my mom never had a twin so this other twin spirit (which is female energy) is of some other important nature. The ironic thing here was that prior to meeting my oracle friends, I had communications device experiences with a female spirit entity (to put it in Earth man mysterious terms).

The oracle went on to describe certain characteristics which existed in me which were attributed to the spirit sharing my body. I don't recall ever having a astral projection experience in the 1990s but it is my understanding that the 90s correlate with celestial 'stamp' predictions as per the Mayans (I believe regarding Venus). I know that Venus is my ruling planet (Zodiac) and I assure you that parts of my life reflect activities of Venus.

I learned that when it comes to people who do readings, it is largely a deciphering game. This oracle received (what humans call) spiritual messages in one ancient Earth language. The human channel (oracle) must decipher the message (which comes through at high speed). Since the oracle has to 'decode' things, it means that things can be decoded incorrectly. It is important for people to remain in charge and not have their gut feelings changed by anyone. For example, the oracle stated that I had a lot of yellow color around my head area. I was told this was stress. I found it difficult to believe since I was highly at peace all the time. After doing some research it turns out that the color yellow has a peaceful definition by many measures.

Anyways, others have seen the twin spirit with me but I have not personally seen 'her' myself. As I stated earlier, I used to engage in communications with what Earth man calls the spirit world through various tools. I would connect to the same female spirit all the time. She would give me various bits of information which for the most part were valid. This twin female spirit is not to be mistaken with a spirit guide, this was not a spirit guide. From my understanding of spirit guides, there are four guides each representing the four corners of the world. One is highly experienced while the other three are trainees. Human beings can assist in the training. The spirits were once human beings themselves. I also learned that although these spirit guides are around us most of the time, they are not around all the time. Lastly it appears that once you are in your final incarnation, they leave you alone for the most part (since of course you have been well trained).

You can feel your spirit guide usually behind your head. My guide usually visits me during evening prime time hours and I feel the tingles behind my head and over on top of my head. Although people love to make things in life appear as if they are simple and apply to everyone, I have learned that life may have its generics, but nothing is as simple as many professional make them seem. It is up to us to continue looking for experiences so that we can learn that life isn't as simple as many make it to be.

I thought maybe this information may help someone doing research themselves. To me when it come to psychic abilities (which is no mystery), there are groups or zones in this spirit world domain which govern groups of men on Earth. A tree is a tree but it has different branches and clusters of twigs and leaves...further, there are different genders of trees...a tree is not just a tree.

- Blessings to all

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