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A few months ago I had an OBE, or so I feel it was. I have a hard time sleeping and im usually up till about 3-4 in the morning, kind of like i am now. (i just got my confirmation email today by the way or i would of posted this when it happened...) and i had my eyes closed and was focusing on a sun spot in my eye lids from looking at my light before turning it off. when I started to get a sudden rushing feeling throughout my entire body, it started in my eyes or head im not sure, like when you watch the millenium falcon go into warp speed. and my eyes began to shake like during REM sleep, and i could feel myself being lifted out of my body and whipped into the atmosphere and into space. I was looking at earth from a top down perspective over canada mantioba, where i live. and i was in awe of what i was seeing. i began to feel the rushing feeling again and my eyes began to shake more so then before and wouldnt stop, my "body" began to rush towards the moon and passed it, then mars and passed it, and through the meteor ring, then passed jupiter, then finnally it slowed as i got to saturn, (remember im rushing what feels like FTL speeds... all the planets i passed were no longer visable or barley within seconds of passing) as I rounded saturn above the ring, I began to see thousands, millions, im not sure, of red lights all different sizes or distances im not sure. at that point I freaked out and the rushing feeling started up again, and my eyes (still rapidly moving) begin to move faster, speeds that i cant replicate when im awake no mater how hard i try... and within 10-20 seconds im flying back passed Jupiter, through the meteor belt, mars, the moon, in the atmosphere, into my house and I was slammed back into my bed or body... when i could sit up again, i was cold, sweaty, my adrenaline was pumping harder then ive ever felt, and i was terrified of what i just experienced.

Ive tried to replicate what ii experienced and how it happend or how i thought it happened, but i cant... I am a very spiritual person but have absolutely no faith or belief in god or satan... that is just your conciseness in my belief, god or satan thats just how you act whether your a good person or an ass hole.. no offense to anyone...  and I would sooner believe in an alien species from a distant galaxy or another dimension then that crap. Ive seen lights in the sky I cant explain and had dreams of earth being in contact with aliens both good and bad, present past and future. if anyone else out there has had experinces similar to me or dreams please respond! i feel alone in this universe alot, being human is hard as many humans are or seem dumber then you, or are being manipulated beyond repair by some form of gov't mind control some scheme for putting a chip in you through a manditory vaccine "H1N1" (biggest hoax) the vaccine made you sicker then the virus. i had swine flu, not fun, but it was better then watching the ppl i knew get the shawdy vaccine that made em sicker...

please leave your thoughts and comments. im very open and accept all views and opions for what they are.

I have learned to overcome fear, and become objective.
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