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 Can anyone lay down the science of the Annunaki genetically engineering Humans on Earth to extract gold from the East African underground and also the story of Jesus (a Pleidian) and when he showed up and planted his seeds within the human DNA?

 It's time to get down to brace tacts with the truth of the history of human beings and get beyond the literalist version of the many variations of religious text. The heaven and hell, satan vs. god crap. Can anyone discern the bloodlines for me and clue me in to activating the twelve (12) chakras system so I can go ahead and enlighten this place. Come on!!  Also, I need to know when I should get the hell out of California before it sinks. ha ha.

John Hornbuckle

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I just want to tell you JSH that everything you are talking about(annunaki genetically engineering humans on earth, and gold extraction and pleiadian jesus planting seeds in the human dna, as well as 12 chackras or as I heard before 12 strands of DNA as well as ascension even though you didn't mention) are nothing more than nonsense. Please visit websites from Billy Meier and read a little bit, they talk about these kinds of things in detail.A little bit means several pages and you need to search them yourself because the work  of Billy Eduard Albert Meier is very complex.

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