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I recently listened to an Art Bell program concerning a blind girl having a near death experience. Very revealing information, or rather proof imo of life after death.

This particular girl was blind from birth, was involved in a car crash at about the age of 21 (in 1973) and was frightened because she had never seen before. She recounted what was SEEN and spoken in the emergency room plus what happened in the spiritual side of the house.

I had read books on NDE's in the past but the blind girls account stiffled any arguements about the mind shutting down and causing someone to see visions.

I'm curious is the Billy's visitors ever touched on the subject of NDE.


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This is a rather old post, but none the less, interesting about (NDE) near death experience. One should read FIGU Special bulletin # 38 which explains in detail humans 6th and 7th senses. We need to pay more attention to our penal gland that processes thoughts and emotions that has been neglected for too long.

During NDE, one's strongest thoughts "seeks" connection to those closest to the human in question, in this case at the speed of 900,000 meters/second. Depending on the evolutional development of the individual, may even re-incarnate into a passing UFO within this distance.

Remember, that thoughts are fine energy and depending on which level, 7th being the highest will not be limited by time or distance. So, I quess the moral of this topic is that one should not wait until he/she is dying to "experience" this condition, but rather work on its development while still living. It will deffinately make one a better person, so long as he/she remain in the requirements of Creational Laws and will become spiritually advanced as well. Good luck....

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Just recently I've read several books about out-of-body "essence" one called "Adventures Beyond the Body" by William Buhlman and one I recommend by Lyn Buchanan called "The Seventh Sense". In which he describes how the military remotely spied on secret projects using techniques very similar to NDE, but done when one's 5 basic senses are left in the body and his "essence" of non-material "body" then travels else where.

How the blind person got "surprised" upon seeing for the first time while in the NDE is amazing, because in this state of non-material realm, all the other 5 senses are "released" and join one's 6th and 7th senses, even though his sight sense was lacking and "locked" in his physical body as some "potential". Thus in Earth humans, there are more such "potentials" that have yet to be released!

Billy and the Plejarens describe this realm where the personalities of former physical bodies dwell as the "ether" and their past knowledge and experiences are stored in the Memory Banks. However they both acknowledge that communications with these personalities are possible, but more elaboration is required to see if indeed it would be beneficial to one seeking some type of assistance?

Which brings the point that Semjase also must have some type of NDE when she had that terrible accident and was within seconds of dying, had not the Plejaren froze her body and the Sonars, a highly advanced race from the DAL universe saved her. Maybe BEAM should ask the Plejarens about this, would be very interesting to find out?

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