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Like many, I am Reiki level 2 attuned. However, I experience many blockages in energy flow. It appears that many Reiki masters (when contacting them) turn away from this challenge or they ask you to pay an enormous sum of money. In my search for a Reiki master that is willing to study me to learn what causes energy blocks, I must admit most of them do not wish to bother. If not that they want to charge you and arm and a leg. Lucky if you try hard enough you can find some people who are willing to help for the sake of science.

In my story I will refer to myself and my own experiences. Reiki attunements obviously do SOMETHING. I am Hispanic living in an urban community in New York City. My people are always stereotyped as being criminals, but that is besides the point.

Reiki energy (or simply 'energy') seems to flow along the spine from the top of the head through the body to the feet. In my case, the energy stays clogged up in the head area...just above the neck. I am greatful that recently a Reiki master in California was able to read me and detect that I have blocks at my neck, hips and knees. She also detected no energy at my feet. Now I must admit that my lower half of my body does not seem to have any energy. I can feel sexuality while my heart seems to be turned off. More importantly, my knees feel fine, my hips feel fine (physically speaking) but my neck...that's another story.

I agree with the Reiki master that there seems to be a problem at my neck. Ironically it is in the back of the neck area where spirit guides live and hang out. Does this mean that my spirit guides are preventing the energy from flowing through? Only time will tell since I have another volunteer Reiki master working with me.

You learn new things all the time. The other day I was told that the 'Third Eye' is in your gut feeling area...not between your two human eyes. This is suggested by a Reiki master...not just an every day person. It only gives us more things to research.

Anyway, when I engage in research or spiritual talks, the energy is present. If I get into world mysteries, the energy is its strongest. This energy is defined as downloads from heaven (knowledge from heaven). It also appears in my studies that knowledge is what is also refered to as light in spiritual matters. I've also picked up that knowledge rests in our cells and bones. If that is the case then we can understand why the energy must flow through the body, it perhaps has to access cells in order to engage in a 'unlock' routine.

I thought this information may be helpful to someone. Even now as I type this I am feeling strong energy coming through. I can also feel the actual block at the back of my neck. For those who experience the same thing, what I find to help easy the discomfort is to take asprin and go to sleep. Sleep seems to break the flow.

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