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I realized something today about the pleiadiens, at least the ones we know from the story, like semjase, asket, ptaah, quetzal, sfath. in one way or another they are rock stars and that includes billy now that I think of it.

I also realized the pleiadiens MUST BE human, reading contact from the pleiadiens (almost finished) because they make mistakes which is very human so it makes that much more sense from what I have read so far.

I also realized if what they speak about the large mother ships and societies on them, that also seems like a good over population solution, especially if they (as in the occupants of the ships) are self containing. like floating cities or communities is more like it, kind of like this community (forum) right here, a nice thought for me, feels cozy for once.

Talk to yourself like you are talking to god, cause god knows when you lie.

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 Could you explain these mistakes please. Are you talking about the way that they over estimated the earth human in terms of listening to their words?

Col Phil Corso spoke of a meeting in the desert with a strange but handsome human extraT race of "people". These blonde blue eyed types, as he described,  offered to help mankind from a kind of pending destruction, which was iminent because of mans' attitude and also due to the fact that they were striking deals with other less friendly life forms in exchange for technology. These blonde aliens in exchange for their help, would request the shutdown of all nuclear operations within the planet. Although I think the word "Destruction" in the above sense, was merely mis-interpreted by those military and government men, who of course took a very defensive and strategic point of view about the fact of shuting down defensive nuclear operations.

The reason of these visitors was not a hostile one. Corso himself said that these people possesed a technology that was beyond our belief and understanding, had they been hostile the show would have been over a very long time ago. But what they offered in terms of trading technology just was not worth it. Due to the fact that these visitors offered no technology, only help and a spiritual path for earthlings to undertake.
As when Dr. Wolf spoke about the Roswell "crash", gray alien in captivity(who was not pleiadian), that spoke of the connection between science and spirituality and that only by fusing the two would the mysteries of man be answered. Which if you stop to think about, it sounds very relative. You have the technology to destroy a planet but as you never would have reached this understanding without a spiritual path. The mere fact of destroying anything becomes absurd.
The alien interviewer totally discredits this from the alien and continued to ask about how his technology was possible and how does everything work? etc.
 So there is probably an outside force, covertly controlling this planet and our woes for it's own purpose. If I sound crazy to you, well, thats' your opinion and your entitled to it. I as your Brother would never deny you that.
 Some say that there are many alien agendas however. 

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