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I found this quote and I want to know why. I still do not believe this applies to me but I obviously can not prove it and if it does apply to me, I want to know WHY and WHO.

here is the quote:

Subconscious Deception Through Subjective Autosuggestion

This may be evoked by all kinds of fantasies in a normal state of consciousness or in a trance. People in this state often tell the craziest stories about encounters with extraterrestrials and about giants in outer space with such persuasion that even recognized ufologists fall prey to the stories and write thick books about them based on the statements of these pseudo-contactees. In principle, we ought not to accuse such pitiable people of dishonesty, since they are unaware that their alleged experiences were by no means genuine. They have merely fallen prey to a subconscious self-deception.

Talk to yourself like you are talking to god, cause god knows when you lie.

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 I read a book related more or less to that matter.
Let me explain the quote as I understand it:

"Subconscious Deception Through Subjective Autosuggestion"

Your mind has a conscious and subconsious part. Autosuggestion - or when someone suggests to you something and you totally believe it - effects your subconscious mind.

For example when people get hypnotized the person that
hypnotized them can suggest to the subconscious that you are a fish - and you act like one.

Since you are
hypnotized you cannot reject the idea, thus believing you really are one - the subconscious does whatever you believe you can do.

So the quote is referring to what I explained to you - people can influence you by using the power of suggestion - it is your duty to
consciously reject what you feel is not right for you.

I find your questions illogical and I think
it's because you did not understand the quote.

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