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Place: Orlando Florida
Time: During the hurricanes of 2004 or so

During the hurricanes which struck the state of Florida around 2004 or so, there were many strange happenings in the sky. So much so that I adapted the name 'sky watchers' for what was going on during these storms.


By this point in my life, I do not think of UFOs as a mystery. For me it is more of a matter of the intention of these 'visitors'. If you eat enough good baked cakes, you'll want to know the recipe. It's not so much a matter of 'if' something exists or not as much a matter of how it affects our conscious minds (that is where we need to be).

I worked for Sears in Winter Park Florida (which is around Orlando). I got off work and walked 3 or so blocks to the bus stop. I sat down on the bench and waited for the bus. The bus stop was an open bus stop, not one of those with an enclosure. There was a gas station behind me and a big active street in front. This was across the street from that flight engineering school central Florida is famous for.

It was day time and the sky was clear with a cluster of clouds here and there. As I am sitting down, I see in the distance...about 2 or 3 blocks down...I see an aircraft coming in my direction. I knew it was a helicopter because of how small it looked and how low it was flying.

As it got closer, I noticed it moved pretty slow. It also seemed to wobble a bit. I also noticed that it was not a helicopter at all. As I kept looking, I tried to immediately identify it but could not. I did not know what this was. It had a round shape, moved slowly about equal to a car at 25 mph. From my sitting position on the bus bench it moved from the right in a diagonal track as it came closer to me. It made that diagonal turn where the gas station was. The object was as high as about 6-8 building stories high.

When it got to the gas area just above me I could see that it was a sphere object which seemed to take on the characteristics of the sky. You could see blurs around it as it seemed to be generating some sort of field which interacted with light. At the end of the object as it moved along the sky I could see trails of heat. The object disappeared into the clouds.

These were the times when my nephews seen orbs of bright light at the mall which swirled around them and then zipped away into the sky. Later in years (2007) another family member spotted a physical object UFO in central Florida.

- Dave
  Now in New York


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Interesting, did you notice any barking dogs as some type of propulsion creates high frequency vibrations beyond the human audio range? Some crafts do not create HF because of another type using magnetic methods.

Did you try to make "telepathic" communications with it? This craft was most likely checking you out, on a brain wave analysis. Every human "radiates" brain wave frequencies, the more spiritual (non religious) developed, the higher the frequency.

If these crafts are frequent visitors, then don't be surprised if you are visited again. Develop your spiritual abilities through proper mediation techniques described in Billy Meier's website. Bear in mind that almost every living earth human  is a product of millions of years of evolution and re-incarnated spirits from various Lyrian and other humans.

Earth is the only planet in this DERN universe where humans have had their spiritual developments hijacked by religious nonsense in such a perverse matter.

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