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You can always go to the official board & ask Billy any question you want. He will answer!


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Hi gib niner,


i do recall seeing a BBC documentary a few months ago that delineated recent scientifically proven theories that actually at the centre of each and every galaxy lies a black hole and that the size of this black itself would be proportional to the size of each respective galaxy in turn.


I know what you mean.  Here's a quote from the BBC Website about these so-called supermassive black holes:


Using the powerful Hubble Space Telescope, scientists have been scanning nearby galaxies, searching for these giant black holes. It's a difficult job - by their very nature black holes swallow light - so can never be seen. So what scientists have been looking for is the effect of their massive gravity, hurling stars around them at immense speed.


Now this is what I call reverse logic.  The very observation that necessitated the theory of these supermassive black holes is that something is "hurling stars" around at immense speed at the center of most galaxies.  Since the current dogma holds that gravity is basically the sole force acting upon stars, planets and galaxies in the universe, and since it is (incorrectly) believed that gravity is a strictly property of mass, like color or hardness, and directly proportional to that mass, then the only explanation that is acceptable in the current view is that there must be something there that is "supermassive".


Since the size of a galactic center's active area is rather small, and since the mass "required" by the theories to cause these stars to be hurled around is calculated at "billions of suns", these theories have to cram lots of mass into a small space.  So much mass, it turns out, that the escape velocity from this mass would be higher than 286,000 miles per second, a.k.a. the speed of light.  This is where we get the "black" part.  Of course, this mass of millions or billions of suns existing in a small space or point (the "singularity") cannot be comprehended by us mere mortals.  This is where the laws of physics "break down" and where we get the "hole" part.


That being said, in no way do observations of stars hurling around the center of our galaxy prove anything whatsoever about the existence of black holes... that's the thing they have to find an answer for, and is not proof of their answer!


I'm confused myself - is there black holes or is there not black holes?


Well, if you believe that only gravity controls the universe, which is the currently accepted view, then black holes have to exist or your theory collapses.  However, if you believe that electromagnetism (which is orders of magnitude stronger than gravity) might somehow have escaped the attention of pre-electricity gaslight-era physicists like Newton, who originated the immutable "laws" that modern science rests upon, and if you believe that electromagnetism might actually play a role in our universe, then black holes don't have to exist anywhere outside currently outdated theoretical physics models and researcher's computer simulations.


Another point, mentioned in an article I linked to in a previous post (about the plasma focus device type of item that really powers the galaxy and its stars), is that a "ring of stars" could not possibly form so close to a black hole. Tidal forces from such a strong gravitational source should tear any forming star apart.  And these days black holes are said to spew out jets of matter at near light speed, which seems to go against their very nature, but that is yet another observation they had to explain away somehow to keep their model afloat.


If you want more information, here's another LINK to an article about the ridiculous nature of reporting on black holes in the media, and explaining what is really lurking in the center of most galaxies in more detail than I can do here.



If you would be a real seeker after truth, it is necessary that at least once in your life you doubt, as far as possible, all things.
- René Descartes

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ok..Wow interesting stuff


 i know have a much better idea of what you're talking about - and I now know about Plasma where before i knew nothing!


Still tho, time will tell - maybe it still is black holes but they havn't pinned down all the correct properties of that precisely.

seems to me that maybe its  a case of which came first... the chicken or the egg ie the gravity or the black hole.


was wondering if you were aware of the Tunguska event in Siberia (details of which are on Horn's theyfly site) and from a scientific standpoint how in the hell could it possibly have been either a meteor or a comet when there's absolutely no crater whatsoever left behind on the ground beneath. Meier's explanation might indeed seem to fill in the holes (the black holes! ok poor joke ;-) ). From the eye witness reports there was mention of a succession of bombs going off.


Also, and this is just tangential, I think you were saying in a previous post that it was the TJ that you were finding to be the most engaging aspect of the Meier case as regards its legitimacy. From my own perspective as an irish person i find it highly interesting that Henoch prophecies concerning future popes (of which there is supposed to be only one after the current after which the Vatican itself is done away with somehow or dissolved or at the very least loses its position of power/influence etc) seems to in fact co-incide exactly with those predictions made be a medieval irish  monk named Malachy - whose track record of accurately describing each of these succesive popes down through history seems to have been by all means uncannily accurate and impressive to say the least.


Anyway just another titbit of info about Meier case that perhaps you were unaware of, and perhaps something to chew on in the form of further data to possibly support the validity of Meier case - unless of course that is that Meier ripped Malachy off!!! But at the end of the day the gut feeling concerning this - (and these kind of intuitive judgements are important too....i think!) is that  Meier - doesn't apppear at least to have a dishonest bone in his body.


anyway - salome.


& gib -out


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Hello again Piper,


 something small i found that might be of interest to you -


Gravity is electromagnetic in nature with two unitary but contrary forces. It is connected to the MASS itself The Earth generates the gravity. The cause of the Gravity can be found in the self warmth of the planet and the "cold" of space. Also the "solid" density of the core of the planet is a contributing factor.


Thats all there was in the thread - probably there is more in the contact notes somewhere....


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Piper should put down his "piper", shut his mouth for once and meditate without any thoughts intervening. Because the only way to see to the "bottom of the pond" is when the surface is calm. And the only way of "understanding" the mystery of sciences is to rid oneself of his/her ego, the natural route of knowledge is always impeded by one's limited capacity of restrictiveness.

I think you are trying too hard to get answers that can be colabrorated by other sources, a typical scientific approach. Sometimes the answers are right in front of you, but the frame of mind is not in balance. Its probably your past re-carnated personalities making inroads to your present frame of mind that needs to be controlled and become more in harmony by yourself.

The Plejarens mentioned the 7 levels of coarse and fine energy, in which there lies 7 more levels within each for a total of 49 levels. Earth scientists know the outer 3 maybe 4 of the 7 level in coarse material energy. (atomic, subatomic....) As one "discovers" more deeply these levels, they become much more powerful and need to balance this technological knowledge with corresponding spiritual balance.

Otherwise they become like in the past, creator overlords, unbalanced spiritually although much advanced technologically, thus they created the manipulated DNA humans (us) to "fill in" the gap they created themselves. That is why we are so aggressive and prone to violence, but that can also be controlled.


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Yes there are black holes in the universe; as a matter of fact, Billy said that in the future we can extract energy from them. It is a clean energy source.
Also, black holes are the recyclers of the universe.

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