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hi, i want to say something about the bullshit that is being said that they are not allowed to interfere i think personally that that is the most idiot thing i have ever heard they interfered  already by coming in our space thats 1 than  2 they  show them selfs to specific people thats interference nr2 and 3 they showed and changed the whole believe systems of the world in the year that Christianity was created including bud ism and so on, how can you and THEY say that they are not allowed to interfere my idea is  Finish what you have started if they really contacted us.

now i do believe things and the billy thing is really interesting and i wish for it to be true 100% what i want to be part of everything not to sit and type and read online with mistery and wait till what ever time they might show up on tv or on the internet or on where ever im like Finish what you have started. they say that we are not ready bla bla well i gues not about 80% is ready for this, they thought we would not be ready for things in the middle ages also and tadaa we are we live with it and we sleep with it its called technology faster than speed of sound and so i mean its called progress they as i see it already interfered and again i keep saying finish what you have started.  its like starting an operation of something and not finishing it  and  the patient might die or might live.

how longggg do we have to wait. till we are enlightened i guess that happened already  with Christianity, muslism, budism etc. all influence by seen in bible and in other information. so where is part 2 i dont like a book that has no end.

peace to you all

When 1 does not believe it does not mean that its not true.

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My friend I agree with most of what you are saying.  Yes, even today that same argument comes along, how can they sit back with murders, killings, disease, cancers, death, pain and sorrow being the way of life for everyone on the damn Planet, and then come along with their giddy or just highly emotional two shoes, and come along with a feminist attitude that says, I am right and you are already wrong. With books simply titled and still they fly!  Big deal, they still fly, big, big deal to just about everyone on Earth, it means nothing to the 99.9% of all the beings on Earth that don't read Billy Meier or believe him and his works or really care, because it really changes nothing but to those who want to argue and defend his works.  Who scientifically in their right minds, would want to adopt all of the things that Meier believes and writes, the history of the Earth, our Cosmology, our Genetics our Religions, all of them in their present natural states almost completely wrong!  If I had my way someone would get punched in the nose or worse, and we humans all have it within us.  Why?  Because we care for each other and others and have lived in within this so-called mess for yes, thousands of years.  It is indeed one of my continued problems with this this mess of theirs and legalities being legalities that they are to be held somewhat responsible for these things that we have evolved with.  Damn their smiling evolved faces and stauch socialism.   Even if they admit an inch on this argument then they are still wrong, for we want justice, not more 'have faith'.  Faith in what?  Does anyone know how many will perish and die and all of lifespans it will take before this ET thing and our real Heritages are known within the populace? We go from one Reincarnation to another, with nothing from the previous one on our plates, except the few who have really good contact mediums, or can hypnotise themselves or dream properly to find the damn answer to that one as well.  We need real help, not books and pictures of fking flying saucers, and the state of peoples who have conquered everything!   Many people feel the same way we do friend, and slowly and surely it comes to the surface to haunt all of us, some more than others, but really even for me that feeling never completely leaves.  Happiness is just too debilitating, and their is nothing like waking up in the morning and seeing it worse, seeing families and friends and loved ones caught up in the fatal diseases, the street crime, drugs, alcohol, divorce, bad religious experiences, and so on.  For many people, the majority of the common average man or woman, the Meier/Plejaren works add up to way more faith than was required in any other system of 'faith' as they say.  Having to follow one man, put so much stress on that matter, and even his own family was really at sacrifice to the works, it should my friend all fall back on them then, those ET Plejaren, and I hope someday that such a wave swamps their collective psyche as to completely humble them once and for all.  WAKE UP! The more they play this game with us (and it does appear to be an intelligence game) and use only the 'elect' as it were, the more angry the hive does become, and I fear that it has already back-fired, and Mankind will not listen to his books and contact notes.  Really they have committed a crime by creating the BILLY MEIER CHURCH of ET Beliefs and Religion as it were, and everyone else is out to lunch, and don't they seem to like rubbing it in, well for many in and out of families, it just won't work, nor will it just blend back into the original Christianity that the Talmud and Billy himself came from.  Sometimes he almost seems to admit he was the Jesus, sometimes, a Jesus source of modern times.  A prophet for sure, lost a limb, lost a wife, almost lost a friend with a gun one time, and lost the battle to have his little message change the World!  Even he admits, mankind has a dark heart and unless we are given all of the cards, we will rebel and follow other older alliances before venturing into the New Frontiers as they seem to want to indicate, so smiling and loving, like adopting a mere cat into one's home for pete's sake.  Of course, millions have sacrifice their lives and lifetimes giving to the peoples and nations of the Earth in time of war or not, the Revolution hasn't really quit for the past thousand years plus.  Good luck we are all the same to me in the end to me just filling our pockets with the new gold and forgetting the rest at times or closing our ears and eyes to the insanity the world is heading for, complete destruction of the Earth's resources.  But watch them watch us as we commit the worse crimes in History, who can stop it?  No one, I am afraid, friend, no one and this is not a joke, and soon Tuttle goes the way of the fine powder stuff again, who knows who and what he will be next life.  Take care.


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I sort of agree too, but I think if you truly ask yourself, how you would have reacted to contact in the past, it probably would not have been fun, I know if I was approached in the past, I would have ran away or stood and shaked with fear. so be honest with yourself, I think you are talking from the "present you" not the past you. I know I would have sucked if someone tried to contact me, does this make sense to you?

Talk to yourself like you are talking to god, cause god knows when you lie.

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I said, go nuclear, unless I am just under a pyramid and waving in a highly acted out manuever (a tongue stuck out then) but take care backbencher, overcrying psygots(new word for the real heavenly balance the ones destroyed and beleagered and the meek and lowly), you sons of bitchen Pleyaren rewrite that abstraction, for humanity will overwell you and North and South America to boot for once, that stress we all surmise and then feel or emotionalize of form, I know what you mean, by my real name I do. That vein is the original that wrought a Billy Meier from the clay of us.  But really we are saying It says in the damn book, blessed be you poor, for this is how the kingdom interpretation of thousands of years comes down to you, now you dogs and pigs, rend them under yours and our feet, go ahead, in truth community and beauty then (and father, beautify your kingdom through ages of ages, amen) it will change your tones, the blastis before blast then, the abstract core, your color then, (and yes the Greys were a teasing interest), or did you just land among 6 billion people globally, you ur, then to know something or someone that personally passes the test, that yes, somehow there is the Pleyaren influence (kids, parents that lot) just waiting homo-sapien, that is like us, just waiting like heroine outside our contactual doorstep for study then and really you will become to them also, if attempted, and more than just that.  If no, then go ahead, I lose nothing.  You, take that step and see whether you can escape their influence, those sympathies, their combined influence or the astral, Jobian view by nature, it is not easy for it is not strong and those influences then, based upon their psychic influence, to me it seems much stronger than our or my mere study of the Greys were or are fun and exciting for sure to be dreaming once again!  No I become like Billy with a goddamn handgun in my hand like all of us against the enemies blackened within cities and that, what, steel pattern on the back of the mind then.  Maybe not as hard, depending upon how deep one has been, and we (but they) are not stealing the limelight.  No, really the fact of the quotient is that these are the Supermen we are told about and even the REal Greys can haunt us in our dreams, through time and space, with or without our real body, teeth that pull and grunted manuever, ladies and gentlemen.  All you need is the punch or push to do the job, by golly I hope you make the need.  Good luck turning back.  I envy your position of virginity, then, I was holding back, haw, ha, no, really probing them and us, our finer points and points of inner assemblage, and contact between species is actually possible if not probable and the twelve virgins of the parables are parables of true stories, indeed, very real sorcerer stories then, man. And yet once you adopt them as a contact, all of the rest of Meiers material is up for a nest egg, a gigantic one for sure.  Good luck, and good luck with the bookwork it never ends.  I am not lying it is as Jobian as the weavers shuttle of old.  Tuttle is also coming to an end of his or really its cycle, thank you folks.  I was born and raised in Canada, it was M*A*S*H* to start with, thank you, folks on tv that is, but then Canada was first into WWII, had that damn light fine powder in my life always through it, representing between lives, have seen everything in this life from drugs and acoholism, mere bygone abstractions of that familiar age to the real out and about, moutainous adventurer and that clime, but had the more impressive Navy after it (Canada, see it a country discovered and wrought by the Navy, hence minor Japanese Era of Navy?) but so on and even Eric Clapton was a Canadian son of that something of father from WWII and that intellect I know well, that in=between when a man's toes become his bridal, and he was as many were, the fuse them and leave them age, really, and infusion of types, bygone age, see his origination to see the real voice of the equation or Quetzel or you strike it back you sob if Ptaah is one the god forbidden phone, I could handle spiders, but this? ...



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If anyone didn't understand that, I was simply venting frustration, but I do agree with what those emotions represent and the intention of being allowed to vent if we have to, as well as the arguments.  Reading other books on other peoples UFO experiences doesn't do for me.  Using their experiences as passageways doesn't do for me.  Telling Quetzel and the Ptaah off by questioning the analogy of a phone, kind of vented it for me on that line. Having had my own personal experiences doesn't completely do for me, but it does alot more than others who have never had them so that figures into the mix.  But then really seeing and believing in them and the pleyaren, sometimes sets our expectations higher, which is a good thing.  As long as those higher expectation have fruit somewhere.  And where it hits the mettle sometimes is on society and having to see something exisiting so parallel to it and having it not really know it is there.  We seem like actors on the stage, but that is reality in a nut shell, friends, on the 'lines'. 


Really this thing we are handling within our hands so to speak is our very essence itself, so we must handle that with infinite care and detail before pimping ourselves to the rest of society as well.  That is from the insider viewpoint.  Those who really believe are the generation-x types and we mutants if that is what we were, must stick together, laugh and congeal together, also along those lines as well friends.


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Your interest in seeing one of their ships will probably never transpire as they have removed all their bases and only visit Billy in an unofficial capacity. When they do visit their ships are usually cloaked and seeing one will only happen if a situation comes up where their cloak needs to be interrupted to operate other aspects of their craft.

What you describe as to their involvement in our past is the reason why they refrain from the same type of activities now. The advice that they refer to in many of their decisions comes from a much more advanced race that has helped them gain a greater spiritual development and enhance their ability to operate closer to the truth of creation. It is clear from statements made by Ptaah that our vibrational frequency makes it so that the average Earth human and a Plejaren will not get a chance to meet for a long time to come, if ever.

Bottom line, your idea for them to finish what they have started shows your lack of knowledge in the facts of this contact experience. We are responsible for making our world better and the only way for any value in doing this is to learn from our mistakes.

Do yourself a favor and read up on the reality of what this contact is all about. Spaceships are only to get our attention. They know our future survival is bleak and bringing the truth of spirituality to us Earth human's is what they see as our best chances to redeem our planets health. We are not going to be enlightened by anyone other than ourselves.
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