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Hi everyone!

I'm doing some research on pyramids and Ancient Egypt so if anyone knows something interesting PLEASE send it to me or let me know the web address that could give some info on that!


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The pyramids are much older than they seem. if you read about zacharia sitchen's research you will find that the summarian and egyptian cultures had the same gods. which were actually pleiadians or i am let to belive they were. that lived on nibiru.


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Originally Posted by Dino
Hi everyone!

I'm doing some research on pyramids and Ancient Egypt so if anyone knows something interesting PLEASE send it to me or let me know the web address that could give some info on that!


this site has some cool info...

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this is a cut and paste from figu bulletin 11 -



Billy: ...I would like to ask you something about the pyramids, which are not only found in Egypt but all over the globe. Asket told me once during a contact, that the pyramids were constructed under the direction of extraterrestrials. At the time, in 1956, she stated that the pyramids were built two times 36,650 years ago (from 1956)—hence, 73,300 years ago. Forty years have passed since then, which would put the pyramids' time of origin at approximately 73,340 years. And yet, scientists profess something altogether different. They place the construction time much later, just a few short millennia before the birth of Jmmanuel.

Ptaah: I am familiar with this misrepresentation and miscalculation. When you calculate back from today, the pyramids were indeed erected approximately 73,340 years ago. This includes not only the pyramids found in Egypt, but also all others located around the Earth—whose distance from the sun amounted to 152.5 million kilometers [95 million miles] during the pyramid's construction era. The pyramids were covered on the outside with a solid layer of limestone and lime mortar, and they were accordingly higher than they are today. In those days the Cheops pyramid measured 152.5 meters [500 ft] in height, representing 1 meter per 1 million kilometers of the Earth-to-sun distance at the time. Over the course of millennia, the outer limestone layers were removed as were parts of the actual pyramids themselves due to erosion or when the material was removed by people to construct other buildings and the like. The pyramids' purpose changed repeatedly as well. In their last function they served as tombs, but in other locations they also served as cult temples. The pyramid structures and the many interconnected, subterranean rooms were constructed under the direction of humans of extraterrestrial origin who had come to Earth in those ancient times from the Orion constellation. For this reason the Egyptian pyramids were constructed to replicate this constellation, while the sphinx points toward the Leo constellation. The utilization of the pyramids as tombs and the like—along with the hieroglyphics—date back to more recent periods ranging from just prior to Jmmanuel's days, some 2,000 years ago, into the past of a little more than 13,000 years ago. Extensive subterranean spaces, components of each pyramid complex, became subterranean villages of varying sizes where their human inhabitants hid from the looming terrestrial dangers and threats from outer space.




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Concerning Egypt and the Pyramids this is what Gurdjieff wrote in 1921 about the Pyramids- the telescope referenced is the great pyramid-note that Gurdjieff says that Beelzebub  also had a teskooano (observatory) on Mars.

“Their Teskooano or telescope, the construction of which, it must here be said, passed to them also from their remote ancestors, they did not fix on the surface of their planet, as was usually done there and is still done now—but they placed this Teskooano very deeply within the planet, and they carried out their observations of the cosmic concentrations found beyond the atmosphere of their planet through specially bored, pipelike hollows.

“The observatory, I then saw, had five of these hollows.

“They began, in relation to the horizon, from different places of the surface of the planet occupied by the observatory, but they all met at a small underground common
hollow which was something like a cave. From there, the specialists, then called Astrologers, made their observations for the purpose of studying, as I have already told you, the visible presences and results of the reciprocal action of other cosmic concentrations belonging to their own solar system as well as to other systems of the Great Universe.

“They made these observations of theirs through any one of the mentioned hollows which looked out in different directions onto their horizon, according to the
given position of their planet relative to the cosmic concentration observed in the process of the ‘common cosmic harmonious movement.’

“I repeat, my boy, that although the chief peculiarity of the observatory constructed there by the three-brained beings (humans) of the future Egypt proved not to be new to me, since this principle had also been utilized in my observatory on Mars, with only this difference, that my seven long pipes were fixed not within the planet but on it, nevertheless all their innovations were so interesting in detail that, for any case that might arise, I even made, during my stay there, a detailed sketch of everything I saw, and later even used something of it for my own observatory.

“And as regards the other ‘constructions’ there, I shall perhaps tell you about them in detail sometime later, but meanwhile, I will only say that all these independent
constructions which were then not quite finished were situated not far from the observatory itself, and were in-tended—as I elucidated during my inspection under the guidance of the constructor who accompanied us and who was a friend of one of our tribe—partly for the same purpose of observing other suns and planets of our Great Universe, and partly for determining and intentionally directing the course of the surrounding atmosphere in order to obtain the ‘climate’ desired.

“All these ‘constructions’ of theirs occupied a fairly large open space of that part of the said region, and were enclosed by a special lattice-work made of the plant then called there ‘Zalnakatar.’

“It is extremely interesting to notice here that they erected at the chief entrance of that huge enclosure a rather large—large of course in comparison with the size
of their presences—stone statue called ‘Sphinx’ which strongly reminded me of the statue I saw on my first descent in person to your planet in the city of Samlios, just
opposite the enormous building belonging to the learned society Akhaldan and which was then called the ‘chief cathedral of the society Akhaldan.’

“The statue I saw in the city of Samlios and which greatly interested me, was the emblem of this society, and was called ‘Conscience.’


subtitled-"Beelzebub's Tales to his Grandson", by G.I. Gurdjieff. Published 1949 (written 1921)


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Can you tell me about Gurdjieff? I have heard this name before.


Who is (s)he and how did you find out about this person?


Thanks and welcome to the forum.

Marc Juliano
V.P. Technology/IT, Steelmark
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Gurdjieff was a guy who after travelling through many countries searching for knowledge, met with some esoteric group(s) from which he supposedly learned about many mysteries

he wrote some books and he had some famous disciples like P.D. Ouspensky

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