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The Latest Books in 
English From Billy Meier
("Goblet of Truth" and "OM")

Translation into English of Billy Meier's latest and most profound
work, "Goblet of Truth" is well underway and is on track to be
published as planned. A significant amount of money has already been
donated to this project and FIGU has indicated that there are now
enough funds to finish translation and publication of the book. Many
thanks are extended to those who have contributed to this immensely
valuable project! Your collective contribution has made the
difference and this work is soon to be a tangible reality for the
English-speaking world.

Directly following the book, "Goblet of Truth," another spiritually
profound masterpiece - "OM" - is planned for translation and
publication into English. "OM" - The Book of Books - The Book of
Truth - is the book of the laws and directives of Creation, rendered
into easily understandable words. Sections of "OM" include the words
of the ancient prophet, Henoch (Enoch), which were transmitted to
Billy Meier in a telepathic form by the Plejaren JHWH, Ptaah.

Billy Meier began preliminary writing on "OM" in 1975, but it was not
until 1983 and 1984 in which the bulk of the 77 canons (10,136
verses) was written down - a period during which the author
struggled through enormous health-related difficulties. Final
corrections of "OM" were made in 1987 with help from the FIGU Core
Group and the German-language book went to press shortly thereafter.

As with the "Goblet of Truth" project, FIGU welcomes any financial
contributions that can be applied toward the translation and printing
expenses involved with the production of this English-language book.
If you wish to help, you may use the information contained in the
following document to assist in the process. This document was
originally prepared for the "Goblet of Truth" project, but the same
donation information applies to the book "OM". If you have any
questions, feel free to use our Contact Us page.


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Marc Juliano,

Is Steelmark still  planning to release the book Pleiadian Departure? 


Kaare Bergheim

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I wanna count on the authorization of Mr. Meier to start the project of broadcasting and spreading the Pleiadian knowledge across Latinamerica. I'm a professor researcher who has studied the english documents for years and now I feel ready to take the message through conferences, lectures, workshops and group meetings.

Greetings from Loja-Ecuador-South America

Manuel Hernandez
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