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I´m glad there is a forum like this.I´ve found it reasently.
There are many pages about aliens,but most of them arent
what i´m looking for.I´m sorry for my bad english(i´m from
sweden).I usually dont write in english.
I think it is really interesting to read about encounters.
I have met the little grey´s.For what i know they are from
zeta reticuli.
Have a nice day!

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Hello Antony!
I can only tell what I saw.They were grey,had big eyes,
almost no nose and a small,thin mouth.But they werent like
those aliens that are on paintings and other things.They
looked really kind,but I couldnt se any emotions in their
faces.When I first met them-97,I didnt belive aliens could
look that way.I thought that they would look like us.But
I was wrong.I hope that I can help somebody by sharing my
experiens.It´s easier to know that your not alone,to have
met them.To those who dont belive in them I can only say,
It´s your choise.
Have a nice day!

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The only one I can remember was actually translucent with a smokey grey glass tint. My son remembers seeing both the greys and the blues.

He was taken again a few weeks back, this time straight through the ceiling. Normally he can't remember being transported, just seeing the light in the room and then being on a table in a room.


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I don't think they allow you to video tape an event. Certainly Whitley Striber would have done this if possible.

One night I awoke as if in a dream state and saw a saucer in the rode next to my house. I grabbed the instant camera and took several pictures. The next morning the camera was in the same spot as in my dream but there were no pictures. I can't say for certain that was a true experience. But on at least two other occassions I can undoubtfully say yes, they were real experiences.


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Hello everybody!
It´s really great to read what you experienced.To Rich I want to say that my son have also met the little grey´s but also blue ones.He told me that they let him see little babies in some kind jar with fluid in.He also told me about
coulors that they let him see,coulors that dont exist here.
What he thougt was most strange,was when he flew out of the window,even though it was closed.
In dec 31-02 I saw some lights in the sky.They moved strangly.I ran in to get our videocamera,and everyone in my family came along.They saw the lights to.When I started the camera,one of the lights disapered,but I continued to film the other one.But soon even that light faded away.When we looked on the tape a few
minutes later,it wasnt anything on the tape.You could here our voices,but it was all black.I know that the lens wasnt on,so it was really strange,and the date had been set on april.Only a few days earlier we had checked the date when
we filmed other things.I cant say that it was flying saucers
but I can say that it wasnt an airoplane or fireworks or
something like that.
Now i´m going to bed,it twelve a clock here in sweden.
Good night and sleep well!
Regards zetar.


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You are forgetting about the bio androids that are used as servants and slaves and such by almost all alien races. They are amphibians, because they breathe through their skin, they are artificially made. And they reproduced through cloning. Its not a presently new marvel, writing on cuniform, tells about these creatures and how they are controlled by the humanoid/reptiloid/and any other wize, extraterrestrials.
"darn Plejarens, give me back my peanut butter"
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