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Hi again,

I was interested, what does Billy say about the third secret of Fatima. Maybe I spelled it wrong because I really don't know how to say that in English.
If you don't know what am I talking about the story about Fatima started after WW1 I think. Few children saw Jesus's mother on the hill. She told them three secrets. The truth about the third Fatima's secret came out in public in 1990's.
Cardinal, and now pope, Ratzinger said that document about third Fatima's secret says about destruction of the world by war. He said about a man dressed in white (probably the pope) runs to the big hill toward a cross. There are corpses all over the hill. When pope finally got to the cross few masked men killed him.

Is this maybe a warning for the destruction that could happen by the WW3 or something else?
Please post something about this and inform me if there is some documentation on first and second Fatima's secret

Thanks anyway,

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the lady of fatima was supposedly generated by the so called Gizeh Intelligences, an evil minded ET-Group, who wanted to gain control over people mainly by the use of relgion. (They where banished by the Pleadians, I think in 1984 after their attempt to murder Billy Maier) It is said in the contact notes that attentive observers were even able, to recognize the astronaut suit of the lady of fatima, though in these days no one on earth knew what a astronaut or space suit was at all. The whole show propably was a mean to keep the people holding on in religious beliefs.




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For me the Giza intelligence are bad but not as bad as the earth men. Maybe they act in that way because they see us as a dangerous race.

Maybe they want to destroy this world to build a new civilization less degenerate.


And changing of topic:

Somebody here read the book "The 12th Planet" by Zechariah Zitchin?

This book speak about extraterrestrial activity in ancient cities of Sumeria.

This book is based on archaeological interpretation.

Does is true this book?

What do you think about this book?


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the Giza intelligence ET's are definately bad people.


Apparently I heard that some of zacharia sitchen's twelfth planet book is correct and some of it is not.




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Phil is right about what the Pleiadians/Plejaren have said regarding the Fatima event. It was literally a high-tech display in front of tens of thousands of people by the so-called Bafath (or Gizeh Intelligences) who--as the story goes--were a renegade offshoot of ancient Lyrians or Plejaren who created a base of operations deep beneath the Giza/Gizeh Plateau in Egypt some 10,000 years ago. Their main goal was to lead earth mankind astray, particularly in religious and cult-related concerns so that we would ultimately eradicate ourselves through the ensuing confusion, wars, etc.


The display involved a huge bright light (read: ship) moving in the sky and a "ethereal" appearance by a woman (read: Bafath E.T.) that caused many to drop to their knees in absolute veneration.

Marc Juliano
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