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Hey everyone, im new to this whole UFO thing and forums like this so forgive me if I break any unspoken rules etc...

I was on youtube a few days ago, and for fun I typed in UFO.  I watched a few videos and got interested... then I eventually worked my way up to "the disclosure project" which I still believe is the most legitimate online video ive seen on the subject.  Please let me know that I am either right or wrong to believe this video. 

After this I moved onto some bob lazar material, and his describing of the makeup and back engineering of the crafts that they had either found or been given, possibly even made themselves?  If anyone has any opinions on this also as to weather its legitimate or not please let me know.

I’ve seen many other videos on the subject, but I would like to stick to these two to start off with, since I know a heavy post could cause problems and I wouldn’t end up getting but half of my questions answered, as people mostly tend to focus their attention to one or two questions at the end of the post rather than each question individually.  Actually ill just write them out with numbers and if you could answer each respectively that would be great.

1.  "The disclosure project" legitimate correct? all of it?

2.  Bob Lazar, also legitimate? or a government plant?

3.  Where are the craft lazar was working on, assuming he’s credible, coming from? USA made entirely? given to us? Recovered?

4.  I think ive come to understand the basic principals of the antigravity systems the craft run on, however one thing does confuse me.  How do the beings inside the craft keep from flying into the walls and being smashed into a pulp whenever the craft takes off at 10,000 MPH then abruptly, immediately stops...?  Do the antigravity generators on the bottom of the craft cancel out the properties of inertia inside the craft?  If anyone knows that would be great.

Thanks a lot to anyone who can help, and im sure ill be posting A LOT more questions in the coming days!


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Apparently of no worth while value - deleted.




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merciful christ that writing was hard to read.... anyone else wana clue me in on some stuff or reinforce my assertions plz?

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Your right, it was, and I apologize for the veracity of an running commentary with no basis on the threads.  In humility I deleted it for you, and as far as I'm concerned, the fact that the UFO is in null-space and null-time is the fact they aren't smashed like eggs against the shell.


Over and Out


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ahaha no problem man, there was some good stuff in there, it just had a wierd structure, i apreaciate the time you put into trying to answer me though, thanks!

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You are right my friend, when I said teatotaller, I mean I did just that as well, so sorry for the entry at full speed, you know 10,000 mph, but here is something I can sacrifice on this altar of forum (Greek-like or was it Geek-like Semajse in finality, hopefuelly never) with good sense and tact and not just primordial boldness or just a test to the other older forumers (and to some it is, for facts can be wrong, write Marc or is this author a Beaner), and or the protocols of this forum as well ladies and gentlemen as well as trying to get you believing in the right directions as well, if even for feedback, and humility even now and more sometimes, please because we don't Technological first, but I felt like fattening this sheep myself? 


You said merciful christ, and I was wondering then if we should start about what you believe about the right Christ (and HAL isn't that a signature and also the moth or nat for some of us or the Catholic seriously for crossing by pushing to the right way and the Orthdox with a pull to the right), or the inner and outer PHAT that still stalks so much radiation more than computer control, so then and instead of the UFO phenomenon (and those Five stated by Ptaah must more recently), just because, I already do have some excellent material compiled for the contact notes, (but seriously only at length and then accussations of the Castle-Style warefare on All Fronts in our SNAFU to any real insider/Earth sider parallel or just that pure OM ing person on Earth for any real length of time maybe to an oldtimer and that Naming and the Pyramid and PI again) but the feeling is that it sways and we actually reeling from time-space to separated by gulf time-space leaving an obvious sign this time.  Have you read the Talmud of Jmmanuel and any good critcism, almost seems like an obvious plant to most people (laughing a little had most good arguments out with my Mentors) and sources, but does it resolve or create further Apologetics, and what does it do towards the rest of the New Testament Books and stories, or really the Book of Revelation and prophecy, swayed and rocking, bad door frame and cinderella of post-mortem stress?  We can both see that this approach is really with this other subject as a fool is toward s then towards the entire physical description (I have one on the backburner anyway and from another topic old girl) about how the craft work within our terrestrial space, the kinds of shields they also use and not just null-time and space and the ones that can cause them to totally be unable to see or detect, or protect them even from nuclear blast as well and as is well argued anthropomorphically (and yet it always arises, that Why) it flattens out after the thunderbolt, maybe collects the ring (and natural lightening bolts and the carpet rise, or our normal small finger-tip static discharge has the same signature, or ring or amplified effect) that that is how Nature would end and mankind in its walk either walks erect and either go back his primitive past or see the Child (really Infant in more proper languages, sucking Its thumb) and Earth on that Jupiter-like Horizon, folks, sorry to toil or roll and tumble under a heading called Religion and then tumbles towards Celestial Mechanics.


Another reason for suggesting this my friend, is that I have already compiled material from the contact notes, and it doesn't kill the OM in its importance, it sure does then stand as the fullest explanation for the multitude of races on earth, and some are then explained to have come from across the galaxy, as indeed the original Lyra-Vegans also took off from their repective origins, which were a singularity at one time, (the Plejaren or Pleiadians took off into the DAL UNIVERSE one amoung others that share the UNIVERSES as we know them).  Some of the original material for the machines was furnished in Binary Star System reminents, but it is supposed that once those HUMANOID ET PARENTS learned how to harness the energy, maybe they could use them to produce offspring Technological parallel feats, but in any even they did.  The lived on MARS and MALONA subsequently even at that time, tens of thousands of Earth-years ago, man had been using genetically-altered individuals were deported to Earth as well, the fact stated again in another place that it was being used as a deportation planet up to a Million years ago (ouch!). These ones were from the Sirius regions (that huge star on the horizon for us here and used specifically by the Pyramid builders/users) and also possessed the ability and used it to make themselves to live not the just the usual millenium span of 1000 years, but several thousands of years (sounds almost banal or vampiric no, more isms, like the Sphinx always seemed to just rise from the sands of eternity towards Man), and were also our creator-overlords in times past at various places and cultures on Earth and with old Technology now presently left on ancient Mars (that is still tens to only hundreds of thousands of years on that planet?). Somewhere you might in the West get easily mixed up within that 1000 year span of the Lucerfic source (as there is a God source and a J source within the stories and books, write or was is right, Michael or is that Wormwood behind your Supermen and Women), and even more powerful if not forgotten the power to destroy stars and destroy entire planetary systems, long ago with forgotten (we assume) technology and that stasis of psyche and integrity with attachment to toiling source(s) and some are dying like solidier aged creatures of that immensity of time and power proper...  



That these origins are the proof to dismiss not just Darwinism, but also solve the answer to who the Earth Overlords (dark Satan figures, Titanic and God figures) and the human and who follow karmic laws and more codes and practices observed from CREATION these GODS were, all of the ones that have talked to man in at least not the completely spiritual and natural way (I do not like to dismiss the so-called 'God-concept' it is good for us at least spiritually usefull not to dismiss infinity and eternity (which again is space-time in blocks or encapsulated there within that abyss) or the mythogogical elements like the snake in the garden for the primordial figures) or the fact that man has tens of thousands of fibers and others that connect to that infinity and eternity, and for me as the late Edgar Cayce stated, the spirit is first, the mind is next (to be fed perhaps) then the body-system, from the Pineal to the midsection and through the various organs as well and so-on. Or that time-space is within a Seth (Jane Roberts fame or if you already please, the other old Mentor of Billy's Sfath) like metaphysical description where day and night and even time and place within space are controlled and confined and technically far down into the furthest accuracies of gravitational time-travel as well as multiple meetings from divergent time-places or revisitations to time, to change the outcome of an event (hal). 


If Malona (and Cayce was almost right on, except that they were actually PLANETS not the Lemurian and perhaps Scientology is closer to some of these truths now (as the Phaetons are mentioned as a race on that Planet) that this material for us as Earth believers is here to be tested, socially towards them perhaps as Gods, brothers and believers themselves in what I am told is our co-authorship within (and in some very high forms of - and Lucerific to our tales or Titanic at least towards the Buddhist that is - creation one of the purposes for us to be here)), and of course within all of this are very complex wines and the intentions of the heart, or the refusal except for the gold of the vehicles not the spirit.  Since they write in close Hebraic, and follow a very old language, and perhaps since the stories past down from the older tested social systems (the Vedic and Hebraic and Aramaic and Persian, etc) we find that these works fulfill themselves, along with what man saw of the Gods of the Unverse, say Greek more fully this time, in companion with the whole, (no other way in the END really), of the father figures, the Titanic power to be communion with nature as to send lighting-bolts (done of Billy with a bit of Celestial humor gentlemen no doubt in the background) or sarcasm at the bowl or shower sparks (as Quetzal did)stored within incredible (and to us still) leydan or capacitive destributed spacecraft systems that are harnassed from the air one for power tests of Titanic class phenomenolgy towards pure psychology and the like intensities on both sides as well or like Whitely Strieber (one of five, sarcasm to comment on 2006 Ptaah meeting with Billy as toward visitation rights and those experimentations and incest in our back-yards, a little detractive sarcasm on the shadow or is that Dharmic=Shaddai=Jmmanuel=Billy Meier=Earth=0, and prudence for the next 5 or 6 dicemix) or the Spirit, which always recedes, often with a smile or snicker. 


If done on and individual poor terrestrial Man it would have scared the doubt right out of them, put doubt and perhaps false gratitute, secrets and powers of awareness unknown to them, the nature of the physical universe, and the archetypical spiritual parallels that led to the physical machines and vessels (or show the Cu and Co) to cause or invoke the earthquakes or any other earthly or even celestial phenomenon that did occur to our ancestors from our celestial guardians and guards towards that end, and of course Wardens, which does also become a very important term, seeing that other Powers and Civilizations had a hand in our Evolution and we have been used many times for frivolous acts of harassment and assassination (to the extent that the hand at the table as to hide its act) of our genes, genomes and of course heritage, both cultural and spiritual and of course as Warriors as well), very importantly in this present Time or of the past and constraints to US and THEM.  The horse was put in Man before Man knew there was a horse, and this is but a small sample of that article I would like to post and get some feed back from, dig?  Anway, rambled on enough, anything to ask or comment on, this is pretty heavy or does it also include our own Wars and leaders responsibilities as well, naturally.  Oh, yes there is also a solution to the problem as to how Mars and Malona shared a common orbit for a awhile after the Destroyer Comet (and remained in a locked 575 year cycle) SOL system.  Malona lost 90% of its approximately 500 million people only to be destroyed by the survivors who were hungry for power, or starving we aren't told to sympathize, at any rate they destroyed that Planet (by forcing water into the mantle of the geological system) and then after that the Pleyaren were finally able to increase the rate so that the Comet will not reappear for another 1180 Earth years, saving us in a creator-overlord role more Jobian Godlike (save Man when he doesn't know it), and preserving this mess we call Earth (some sarcasm intended), and yes it solves what Guido has asked about in the book, "And still they fly!".  Or that I completely agree with our ancestors as to why they don't just come now (almost daily at times) or why they have acted and continue to act the way they do at the present time, almost within a War-like containment structure, almost in parallel to ours at times (though Earth and mankinds present Wars are probably the worst happening in the Galaxy perhaps).  Or that even from my other article about Western Philosophy and the OM, that we haven't been in a mess since day number ONE or SIX (AD or is it almost Id speakingly then) as well karmically speaking (or even terrestrial, for we live with a practical lack of Oxygen we are told and have been for some time, duh), why destroying this occupation and let the spirits migrate to another system would entail, for we cannot karmically cross from one Universe, or even totally within our own galaxy either it seems that easily, or that this already happened and we are just the offshoot of that War or Tragedy or Enactment of Creation.  Yes, there is still talk on our table of element 115 or 116 range and haven't been given the 'clearance' for that information, but hey, maybe CERN can provide the first microsingularity, which is the vital proof we need to proceed in terms of energy and vitally important towards the Physics of the 21st Century.  There is more but tell me what you think so far, young believer, I am throwing you into the fire at this point. 


One last point, and the Wikipedia gives a good rendition: the following excerpt on Billy Meier, if you haven't read already and it is also being updated, slowly and methodically:


"Meier himself speaks of two human males named 'Semjasa' who influence the Earth in much the same way as described in the Book of Enoch, a text that he says was altered for religious purposes. The first Semjasa, who lived around 389,000 years ago, interbred with native Earth-humanity, creating a lineage. The second Semjasa, said to be the same spirit-form in another human male, lived about 11,000 years ago and, as a remnant of Atlantis, seeded an Earth-human lineage, an inter-breeding of the Atlanteans with the wild humans of North Africa, Mesopotamia, and Northern India. This, it is stated in the Contact Notes (see Contact 9), was the origin of the Three Peoples: the original Armenians, the Ancient Hebrews, and the Aryans.

According to Billy Meier, the name 'Semjase' or 'Semjasa' simply means 'Semi-JHWH', referring to the JHWH, the highest rank and title in Lyran-descended societies. In both historical cases, Semjasa was said to be of lesser rank than the JHWH, being a 'Semi-JHWH', so the name could be associated with the title as well."


One for old guy, they still wear their love on their arms and it is like being as against something as cruel as Death, or as Old, the OT any Earth version practically speaking, what a beheamoth, friend, (snickering at that feeling - we will soon see this Bride or is it Bridge and Groom and Groom) JHWH version at last, or that those centuries are only 389 generations to our Parents or the si-versions where quid pro quo does apply, 'and still they fly!, and someone saved my life tonight by describing that black or white capstone where in this beautiful time and wonderful place to perform a Stonehendge action  manuever and see cousins' dark eyes eye against eye to the point then of what would in that field and perhaps could better suit to give the answer to a problem or a descriptiojn to the Germanicj(even in that give the blocjk outcomes of problems (some lasting thousands of years in memory and that open mess to make IT look small like a worm or flower or moth, etc Christian or that damn shotgun and the final meeting where none is intended) that Time=space=nullspacenulltime=infinity=eternity=ball-transcendental tunnels * symbols+loop area archetrived then parallel transcendental to natural number sets improve our version of post-relativistic PI and bio-flavoids sarcastically) who could solve and equation or up the Social Ante in one strophe for a KING-TYPOLOGY, but knowing that these fields are all limited right now by the practicum of technology and will be erased (for a certainty, yes, I usually erase my own to beat the clock she said, playing with IT, sad for days and months and a year and this happened state of mind and George the Walking Bush walks the Earth like a burning Bush and moves the Earth and smiles as he walks, and we as health North Americans know the routine of a healthy and primitively sourced naked as Kings on Earth individual leader (pick on the German female leader you ET or otherwise psychically contrived affair, it did, but pick judgment for equal we need a World Leader like that Bush and the German when meeting that Immensity, and carry the King or even an Egypt in your thoughts (with a Nation quotient equal to most Planets Mr. Wormwood speak back, tit-tattler) in your OT thought-like OM as equal the 'Oceanic Master' reincarnic sentience and retinue our Earthly present to last Dailai Lama that like Catholicism and Nostrodaumusisms and Protestants and the Spirit and Core) bless his soul in a very moral and then positive and then rehearsed affair as towards a King of sorts, and that song of Moses (IT's carried away now)) would have to say, at last again, late against that clock, it is mine and not the Ones on Earth just with the or his very jagged teeth talking either, sir or just that little Jew (you can't or cannot just yell against that wall, its turned to dark crystal by the celestial and more powerful Abandonment of the End, sorry seems dark or Czhark or Szkeleys of Dracula fame that Brammuffin of tenacity for the truest for theatre or act or really real Metaphysics and the birthplace of Cine), though they are all different in the NEW AGE it does seem and will seam like turf protection figuratively unless supplanted with culture and technology and style for sure to solve both equations (and in this present time of War, even for Canada, costly, never zero) the answer to the whole problem (hey, and ours what a good dose of pure information would mean to the rest of society like adrenalin and hope in it pure form for all, see that daily wish again, Hawkeye, penny for your thoughts Tuttle by mere prayer and that abstract melodramatic emotional core I enter the Warriors on the Field, say AFGh), I'm sorry I'm here to help you and the End became dark again at that party and that final almost parental sound, do I want to be here, it must prophecy biblically toward the Egyptian content that final dharmic previous Taoist revelation where fails to vault properly is that damned snake, eternally micjhael raised by forced and with power?...


CC:CC & P.S. Let George beware of the immense archetype that he must represent in this last period of man's evolution and involvement (and us for so easily having our numbers and words represented to mere individuals) in what has never been called less than a battle of intelligences, for as Quetzal himself in the contact notes (and we have sources here that flow from the FIGU circles quite closely), and if it were not so our moderator Marc (aren't we Hawkeyed like sheep he is so intellectual and moderate) his number is that infamous one mentioned in those most famous of revelations, and then pray that the enemy doesn't just get ahold of this information to make war against that Beast, but come towards Wisdom as to what we must wake up to as a Global Civilization that is exactly where the modern prophets said that it would be, he must follow the biblical parables of metaphor and story, see the Egyptian Source, the Enoch source (all extant and useful) but also the revelatory drying up of the Euphrates and what must follow the Armageddon (and no one knows the Why either) and what is the power stricking out from Israel towards hers and their enemies, and causing the cataclysm of Nuclear Conflict and all-out-war (which sorrily it could very easily slide towards, and yet Iran is not mentioned as that important factor in the Henoch prophecy, so go figure that, and the real power heads towards Europe and away from the Western Eagle Superpower (and strange as it seems, almost the necessary requirement of population to rule a World alone) and we must follow suit and try for World Government eventually, and it must be in line with our knowledge, quite frankly (and not the Drake figures) our POSITION IN THE GALAXY and further, from sources we have seen which are immensely old and only now are asking us to excercise faith and mere belief in them (quid pro quo) on that aspect completely, friends, they have stated as much, and that by our Ptaah of the Plejaren, the JHWH King that controls our sphere from just up there and then just beyond the Seven Sisters or that Pleadian star cluster in our night skies has with Jobian attitude and high intellect let it be known that this battle is in their court sympathetically as well, as old Titans awake from their alter domains, here on the four directions of Earth, flattening out an old hide, sir.

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You know Treebeard I can tell that you are a deep and interesting wooded specimen, so I will conceed that like the first time, you said a foreignly related word sequence, but now can swear more properly over any king or just intelligence, that it was too much and doesn't give you what you want, but I won't stop there, for I am leaving to reincarnated to another name myself. 


What did you want, an answer to one question or a davinci for the other, and my hat is still off for one, what do you want here, many people come and it is like they start doing crack and want us up their smoking stacks for one seeming reason or another, and at times it becomes three legged like following intelligences into tunnel-scapes and captain Ahab legacies against the all-time victors, those other black-magicians from alter lyrian habitat? Or that they travel in celestial vehicles and some of them of those five races are pretty damn metaphysical and getting to the point, because they can (and what does that mean, that all races don't follow a Godhead as such but the act of the incredible fire of creation for better word than that ugly screwtape on intelligence for parallel really) that Mankind is still grappling heavily upon the Supernatural (which is still an element) and the Pleyaren have almost dismissed it for a light-weight but victoriusly intelligence and controlled to certain parcec of space (Markian cluster is easily visible at the 70 million light year limit and they are not in the Federation and probably don't want to be confined by all of the " verbal arguments") or is us and you really struggling concretely with what works best as a proof (the DNA from a hair sample like the one already at the 'Semjase Star Centre' would be a Nobel level prize). If I don't appear to holding a gun but a rather sharp sword is only because I like many people, after consideration of the facts, still like you decides even at higher levels not to answer questions exactly that way, but let the metaphysical energy provide the tunnel vision for the tenacity of hardened proof and memorial strength if nothing else produces any sympathetic arguments for the millions of peoples of present Earth and of course the past as well if you must include rebuttle towards god-like peoples that actually wanted to spare an entire planet from this type of evolution, come down and control that painfully slow and violent process (though it must be said, that even in the wars that kept happening like a sun going through a specific role) of those events here and there hopping from one place to another, that 80% of living on Earth was most likely mundane acts from day to day and year to year in the social life of this planet and a slow affair it still is today. 


That we are not like Trees (and that quantifiable, here comes a leaf, now what is that, the thing or the interpretation of a thing or that somewhat loose term chalkboard or even German 'leaf') is also a quantifiable quandary that I will only say with a looser sense of definition that the math of even a leaf (and Man was compared to a flower by christ correctly) and that the final appalling or apollic argument for every understanding of thought and mind is not the metal or the physics, but the US the I AM of every being on the worlds upon worlds around us and that the DNA of the minds and of those beings would be by far (and of course maybe harder than the metals to control, or not interesting question and the result far more powerful as well though) would be the most analytical route and should be separate from the physical technology if it could be done.  That is in one sentence.  We would rather know the minds that are behind that facts, than the reasons they aren't flying off the wall are we?


This is why I say that there are far more important factors than just proving that they still fly and have been performing that act for tens of thousands and hundreds of thousands of years over the life of the galaxy that is, not the earth.  It seems to me that that sample of hair (if it hasn't been stolen yet) is the most vital element and like a somewhat holy grail clue, that it is still active, and if Billy isn't a fool, we should petition him to give it up for the lifeblood of mankind or if it is true and he alone could have saved lives (and to me this argument comes down to that on an instinctive level by any of the races or intelligences visiting Earth) by letting that vital piece get the the exact lifeblood of the real scientific society and put him along with his stupid mountain (actually interesting natural item, but hey does anyone know it again and not laughing) on a nobel level as far as I'm concerned and not the pimped up level that he must to anyone sometimes appear to be, that is away from mainstream society and culture, it seems the most logical from the beamship sounds to the pictures and videos, this one is more quantifiable than the metals which we still cannot do, but maybe somehow it is known the both are on parallel lines, and perhaps for us only time will tell. 


P.S. the intelligences would say the hair wasn't needed, everything else, Talmud original, original metal sample, and original wife, had disappeared but no one was smart enough to ask for the real material that only recently (DNA) could be completely analyzed for genetic that is genes, content and from any race, far more valuable a data bank than any single piece of hardware, not worked into circuitry or any level of application specific pathways, right, and not just a joke to us then?


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Treebeard, I'll address one question regarding anti-gravity and anti-inertia. Please go to Professor Fran De Aquino's Web page  he has done calculations and experiments in anti-gravity and anti-inertia. He says, that under certain conditions the weight and inertial mass of an object contained within a field can be canceled.


I also recommend that you go to for other articles, videos, and sound interviews with people who researching and experimenting with anti-gravity.


My feeling about UFOs in general, that many of them are human-engineered experimental crafts that use some sort of anti-gravity technology. It is very convenient for the ME, military establishment, to perpetuate the UFO-alien folklore to cover up their black projects. It's my opinion that Bob Lazar is deceiving the public for his own benefit or for the benefit of maintaining the cover up. If you are a believer, Bob Lazar is a misunderstood whistle blower. However, if you are a skeptic, like me, you might think he is a liar who is directly or indirectly helping with the cover up. I think that while people are distracted looking for UFO's hovering over the Groom Lake facility, the ME are experimenting with some extraordinary war technology elsewhere (Utah maybe?).


-- "I want to believe" --


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