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I recall recording something extremely similar to Meier's UFO sounds. I did this in high school in 1977. All you need is a reel to reel tape recorder (remember those?) with separate playback and record heads. All you do is activate both heads so that you are playing back what you are recording in the same session, and by patching or using a speaker and microphone, you can feedback or loop the recording causing a very strange echo. The echo delay is determined by the separation of the heads and the speed in which the tape is passing by the heads.  Sometimes the feedback saturates the recording and you end up with a lot of distortion and clipping which you can hear about half way through Meier's recording. Notice how at the begining of the playback, there is a pop or snap sound, like when you accidentally hit the mic and that pop also echoed. (It's hard to hear the echo or looping effect with the bird sounds in the background because of the volume level is too low compared with the other sounds to notice any looping. )


BTW: the sounds could have been easily made with low tech items such as a shortwave radio tuning between stations (plus the reel to reel). It's plausible that Meier might have recorded playback of the soundtrack to Forbidden Planet from his phonograph, but I haven't listened to the whole soundtrack to find the right spot. I just don't have the patience nor the fortitude to listen to the whole sound track.


Another BTW: "The Forbidden Planet" sound track was created with a Theremin which. very simplistically put, is sound created when a radio is de-tuned by waving your hands around an antenna.


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I believe you

I started to doubt Billy's "teachings" too. Like I said - that WC ship is a fake!!! My younger sister can tell that. And BTW everyone that has seen UFO's said that there were no sounds made by it and Billy says that the Plejaren people are the only ET's visiting Earth!


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Hi, gentlemen, and on the first account, alcurb, I can agree that there are are very many sounds occurring on the wedding cake beamship audio that do seem to have affects built in, and maybe even the chopping of the video camera  or the audio device circuit that Meier used for that particular maneuver.  I have been at the Electronics Technologist level for over 18 years, (you know always built my own computers on my fifth or sixth by now) and am not trying to sound smart in seeing that any circuit and way of tapping a source will have inherent defects, especially in the old days of analog and not digital sampling (with more predictable curves and plots), than the mere patterns of radio and audio functions and circuits.  I had even posted a sample of the beamship sounds that I had converted in a fluti studio (I had that free software download site to) and then used it spectrum analyzer which is almost hidden behind a further door, but it worked to show a very interesting and defined pattern, not the one you mentioned if you could perform the same treatment, for the layers were clearly stepped (prove it yourself).  I even tried the beamship sounds behind a Winamp ATI visualization scheme (I used that digital card) and it also shows interesting archetecture (which those visualization algorithms use in a complex fashion for all music and sound compliations, and that recording does produce again a predictable and complex sound function), so there is some criticism, which is to be expected.  Really gentlemen, though, does anyone in the entire scientific community (and those very educated and powerful) not had a chance at these things and not really been able to reproduce (that is science by any definition) those exact remainders, then, as you said, again, that we can produce results, that follow natural, and probably logarithmic effects but not those exact effects (and here is the keeper) and publish the results, not the suppositions, more than one in a thousand is still waiting on those tallys. Even a simple circuit and effect can achieve incredible tonal complexities, (as a parallel and I play guitar, the old tube-amps or modern ones have different signature than the modern digital or even transistorized and field affected ones do, transistor, mosfet, the large and very large, but hey it is hip that is also now application specific isn't it). But like even you said correctly in a limited fashion but scientific, that at least for what you see, you can repeat the experiments and hear the result.  Publish the rest perhaps with a breakdown and we are done for the time being.


That repeatability even Meier hasn't done, for it can't because like other forumers have alluded to or I mean other entries, they have left, taken their beamships and bases away, and poor Billy has nothing more than contact notes to keep us in-line with the argument, that either they have their noses in the air so high that they won't, or it can't now because they are done with us for the time being with old Led Zepplin vintage technology and of course Voyager style as well to boot. What also bothers me is that they could have tried instead of sound recordings to pull a far better argument and have told us the incredible, incredible (about equal in my estimation to IO of Jupiter) discovery of incredibly hot material coming from Enceladus (an almost 300 degree celcius maneuver) that was missed from that same Voyager era properly, and confounded us properly, but they missed that hence for me, strike one and two. . . 


The same thing came back to me today about the wedding cake beam ship.  But I still have faith in what it would take to produce the recording or one or more (and here we go again, why say one is faked, you must blame them all or go to hell, right, he's a faker).  But now again, go ahead and try to create one that looks that amazing and really defined and burnished and contrived, to this day it would be very difficult, because if it wasn't there would already be duplicates fashioned.  It is the same argument, doesn't look hard, looks like a damn model, but has the archetrive (and really take the works as a whole, and even if one beamship was true, it still blows the lid of of societal daily arguments doesn't, so put faith in the rest), but I am like you, I was able to capture those recording for instance and see the information on that (this one was only the small downloadable one, which isn't exactly like the video) of the source, and I know they come from different sources and times were quite separated (the equipment even) that were themselves hard to verify easily.  Experiment for sure, but don't conclude that you have produced that recording, and with that old video camera equipment and sound recording equipment, and in league with the tremendous sound that it obviously produced, even the one from beamship video, the distance guaged within the film, which has the proper depth and delay to still be plausible.  I disagree in other words, so far.  I will tell you one thing perhaps that could make sense, if the physics works out, then we are in for a really structured treat to backdrop against, but for now, you are right, in that we are merely working scientifically with the material we have now and that is even acceptable from the amateur point of view, so like the challenge, but it will simply take more evidence, like we are all alluding to to doctor the various truthfully doctored thesis' that have grown naturally since Meierism began.  As stated elsewhere by me, either the lid gets blown off this by the nations of intelligences and political systems and military systems of the Earth, or we sit in the dark with a small candle and the internet to give us all of our information and suppositions, and thankfully for people like you and I, experimentation that fits the bill of science. 


One last thing, here is mine adventure again into that field, experimentation of the scientific written kind of thesis, forget the sound recording, forget the metal sample and let us now concentrate our attention on the hair sample of Semjase at that Silver Star Centre, and we know that perhaps even from that strand, would be DNA evidence, far better than material engineering and science, that would prove that a species existed that was divergent from Man.  How hard would it be for that, to prove hair samples from some of the mighty players on the field, you know, one from Quetzal, that one already from Semjase (just waiting to be stolen for sure) an so on, a very reliable and easy tool for us now to use to create a good casefile for Meier, not the weak, anthropological one (really pictures without stills of the occupants how paranoid), and samples from the black-handed magicians that occupy the same space as the stage, come and go, but never seen (not quite, one photo of Billy's had a fighter jet with one Beamship, and if there ever was a freedom of information act that could verify even that encounter, would do much to provide veracity for the societal scientic domain) on the level as to even make headlines, like the early ones did in mass, in the 1950's (even Roswell was almost impossible to hide, hell in the early 50's the allowed reporters into the war machine, but after the initials no way, we were already let in too deep, and some still argue that we could never hide anything as important as this, some say impossible that it could be done even) when UFO's made headlines, none of Billy Meier's did and that is why he remained virtually hidden and an enigma until the advent of the internet in my opinion and then some.


This is strike three for me as a long time forumer. . .  So will Meier give in to providing the Semjase hair sample for the most complete analysis (and really he could make a Nobel Prize for it that would be something and the monetary reward), or will this also become a shroud of turin event, where the damn pope won't allow it to become crusted with the hands of mortal (but not stupid by far) mankind. It is the only one (now I mean) that cannot be reputed, no one can duplicate a DNA signature that would be required to produce a hair sample.  Keep the shroud event in mind, it is a perfect parallel, but only still that samples can get confused, and the whole affair botched.  He again should start independently and then publish the result with samples left to use, end of debate. Their is also no way at our present level that would disallow the prime directive (it is a good parallel) that we could see the DNA signature and marvel at it, compare it to terrestrial ones and say not way, but not be able to use it either, for a number of decades, so you know from these old timer points of view on this material, no rules broken bad enough to degrade that heritage.   


P.S. Hell, like us take a census and create a number of genuine internet home signature correlations (you know ask the forumers and vistors) who would like to ask Billy to give up that hair sample for the final exam?  This would go a long way to get us to eventually shut up and get on with the bigger picture, right or not?  Take a year, collect a hundred thousand signatures and pressure not just experimentation, but real scientific, try it if you can do it types that defy explanation, completely Meier, you know astound the masses right now again, or hell again, another metal sample, oh my goodness?




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Captain, I'm interested in seeing details of your analysis of the beamship sounds. Did you publish your investigation on the web? If so please provide a link. I would like to study it.


Do you know what equipment Meier used to make the recording, make and model? Did Meier have a reel-to-reel available to him at the time?


What were your conclusions about the recording? Is it inconclusive? If so, can we investigate it further?


As for the WC pictures, well, I wish Meier didn't provide those pictures because it looks too much like pictures of "found art". 


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Damnit I destroy most of my works, and really even at times at home, yes I have destroyed Meier material when it infected me and my family (thank goodness not my marriage yet) on my computer, I admit celestial fathers (solved that equation) most directly in conscience (obeyance before that steely point length wise item girls) or that which with Billy Meier or that ringing like death is so curt cobeignish (best spelling rightly) to admit it need germanic and germanium-like quantity, that when war is affected without direct contact the field becomes quite differently arranged and quietly and poetically affectly fatherly, then that it mattered and yet I did (no lie) . . .


Yes I can do it again, or at least show you for the working parts still exist and i have already mentioned the necessary ingredients, for the gold is like the sailing of both and the real or better part above that is the imaginary one, like that OT description of the garden of what you want .... knowledge to escape this conundrum or at least add to it... I will give you that  or bigger hands and feet, ha, ha. 





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Please take this as a contructive criticism rather than a personal attack captain and I hope you recognise some wisdom behind it's reflection of your mirrored image, if the glaze is clear enough for some reflection to get through.


Often encountering your lengthy posts, I cannot help but conclude that your mind is very very confused with the ideas you express and the way you express them.

Trying to get my head around the meaning of your post is like being initiated into a kaleidoscopic hangover from having puffed too many joints too quickly.

My initial impression was that I didn't have enough intellectual graymatter to understand your post but now my position is that in order to understand a crazy schizophrenic, you've got to be one which I am afraid, I haven't the temerity to jump into the skin any time soon.

Now your post does reflect some interesting points, no doubt and you write mainly for yourself instead of conveying something in order to be understood. This does reflect nothing more than self impressed intellectualism geared on pride and egotism. So I guess at the end of day, there is nothing really of any substance to your posts other than this helter-skelter like abandonment of cluttered nonsensical ideas and thoughts that reflects, likewise a mind full of excess garbage in need of emptying.


If you intend to contribute something for the good of all, I gather you'll tactfully change your approach but if not then we'll find out anytime soon from your next post that any well intended advice has gone out the other ear.


Happy expressing


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