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Has anyone seen the videos on youtube this guy made (Phil Langdon)? (under billy meier hoax, etc.) He recreates alot of Billy's videos and shows how he made a copy of the wedding cake ship with household items and spray painted it silver. To me it looks almost identical to Billy's! He even discovered using tungsten lights he can recreate the gold-colored ship night photos of it. AND, he recreates the sound recordings - they are from the model ships themselves since they are attached to the supporting fishing line and it acts like a giant guitar string.
This is something that should have been done long ago. It is my understanding that Wendelle had a Hollywood model made and took photos of it around Billy's farmhouse, but I don't think these photos were ever published. I think they would have been ideal to use as comparison to Billy's throughout the photographic analysis to demonstrate how the analysis would have picked up any suspension wires/lines. I understand Jim Dilettoso still has the photos.
I think his (Phil's) videos are close to Billy's but there are still some finer details that differ. Also he has yet to take a photo of his through the same photographic analysis Billy's was taken through. Particularly the one enlargement they made of one of Billy's photos that I think would have picked up on any suspension wires, etc.

These are very interesting.

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