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Was the historical Jesus an Extraterrestrial UFO contactee - Prof.
James Deardorff & M. Horn (11-14-05)


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Jesus Christ is a farce, created 120 years after the death of Jmmanuel the real prophet misstakenly (or by design) called by this name, Jesus. Jammanuel is half earth human half Plejaren, his father was Gabriel, a Plejaren. He was created after Pelegon and his followers left Earth to live in Pleiades to continue the process of making amends from pass injustices to earth humans by their ancient ancestors.

The bible and other religious writings all derived from the real Creational writings called the Talmud, that was and is manipulated by corrupted individuals bent on controlling the human spiritual developments. Gods or titles of god are also included as part of the Absolute Creation, although still considered very low a status.

Therefore the spiritual potential of each and every human throughout the universes are much higher that the god level. So anyone proclaiming to be god or making this level "unreachable" to humans are just making fools of themselves. Your destination is beyond this ridiculus assumption.

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