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1. What billy meier have to say about the crop circles?


2. Who make them?


3. Are those pictures symbols from the akashic reccords?


4. If they are, what they mean?


5. Are they a form of warnings from the higher planes?


6. Are they a form of communication with an extraterrestrial?


7. Are they a form of technical information from extraterrestrials or from a confederation as a part of a cultural program?


For me:

Taking in account that every cultivated fields that show a crop circle have paralel lines accross the field similar to the lines of the irrigation system, maybe they are made with a robotic printer attached to the irragation system and that robotic printer work with a microwave canon.


that is a possibility!


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Here are a few therories of how crop circles are formed:
1. Lightning
2. Rampaging hedgehogs (not jokeing)
3. Chemical disorders within the soil.
4.Wind turbulence.
5. Dirt Devils
6. Alien spacecraft landing sites.
7. a well orchestrated band of hoazers
8. Messages from outer space

unfortionitly i do not know answers to your qestions. I hope to see someone reply with them soon

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hi friends

here is some info
about the crop circles
from the FIGU forum:


Posted on Tuesday, June 28, 2005 - 10:35 am:   Edit Post Print Post    Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)

Hello Billy,

thank you for the last answer, my next question is about the crop circles. In the 235 contact is said that all the crop circle are man-made, but in the 256 and in the 267 contacts is said that some of them are made from “other visiting extraterrestrial races”, and them are “coded pictograms connected to a "coming happening in the SOL system as well as in the announcement of the appearance of the earth strangers, whose ancestors came already in former times to the earth".

And, in the 267 contact is said that “some of these extraterrestrial races are not from our space-time dimension, some also come from the future.”

It have something to do with the “ancient gods ancestor” said by Ptaah in some contact?



In the 328th contact of July 20, 2002, Ptaah explained that ETs are not involved in the making of the crop circles. They (the P’s) first suspected this to be the case, but then detected that cosmic influences are involved instead (influencing the ideas of those who are creating the pictures on computers or by hand-drawing). The crop circles are man-made (terrestrial).
There have been UFOs flying above sites where crop circles were made; but they were not involved in the „construction“. Some of those UFOs were coming from our terrestrial future.


what are this cosmic influences?
or where do they come from?
etc etc etc

i dont know

but what is for sure is that in the contact notes (avaliable only in german) there is more interesting info about this and much more

take care

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That sounded fantastic, like a John Delorian and John Titor (Back to the Future) are both having a heyday, within a Timothy Good novel, and kind of fit what some of us (or most) we were all kind of picturing anyway, the interconnection to the ET sources through man, and weak ones at that, only in German or the Dutch availabilities, and with teledisks from the future, Satchi. 


Whether it is microwaves, ultrasound, both or whatever has been studied, and even in Edmonton, my kids still don't firmly believe in them, and this one in a stupid thistle field just on the outskirts of town in cold September, it went all the way to Cambridge MA for comprehensive study, at the hightest quality controls and assurance levels and they could't tell how that type (or any other) of energy source could logically cause the mica crystalization that had occurred without the 600 degree Celcius temperatures or so required to affect the clay level, in the labs, and not completely obliterate the pattern and soil materials above it, in the field, and that back in 1999, at the turn of this century.  Here is that report and although I lived in Edmonton that year, it still represents the best research that can has been performed (more than one was studied in total; one in Holland, one in the U.S. and two in Canada) and to date, still represents the highest analysis and controls needed to meet international criteria.


Over and Out

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I found out that one of the most interesting crop circles to date occurred in the year 2001- the Chilbolton Arecebo Message formation, and I found it will researching the information for the SETI program reply to the 50,000 years of peace topic, and that itself would take 50,000 years for a response to the orginal message. It was very impressive looking and actually had the pixels of the Arecebo message within its context.  The original had 1679 pixels and was broadcast at 2380 MHz (2.380 GHz). The first of the changes, (the original was kept in both, that it was coded in binary) was to the addition of Silicon 14 to the Table of Elements, the second was an additional strand of DNA, the third was change in the number of nucleotides, the fourth was the figure (a large head - Grey type), the fifth was a change in corresponding height (3'4" tall), the sixth was change in population value (21.3 Billion - theirs or a combination of some of theirs), the seventh was change in our solar system info (Mars & Jupiter it's Moons are highlighted - or again theirs not ours), the eight was representation of a 2000 year formation, the ninth was the size of the transmitter.


Something interesting at this point (in the search crew) came from one of the defenders of the formation, a man with a PhD (Philosophy Doctorate), and this site, Brian L. Crissey had this to say, and it shows the atmosphere towards presenting this information on ET existence to the political, militarial and scientific:


"The established truth defenders will allow no proof that undermines their truth, so as we expose their lies, do not put too much emphasis on precision, footnotes, and logic. It will make no difference. Everything that can be presented will be debunked. No proof will be allowed. All film is doctored. All witnesses are crazy. Land a flying saucer on the White House lawn and it will be a Steven Spielberg publicity stunt. There is not enough time left to convince anyone who refuses to recognize the truth when they see it. As Einstein said, "We have to do the best we can. This is our sacred human responsibility." So we will do our best and go forward, regardless of the debunkers."


Based upon the experiences of others, including obviously Billy Meier, it appears to be the state of affairs that mainstream ufologists and crop-circle researchers have been facing in that last two decades of tenure.  If they were true attempts wouldn't this be one of the most exciting examples of that interplay to date  The interplay on the Jupiter system and Mars is also a convergence if not a prophetic context, if not the 1650 or 1679 date for the control of the population factor, (merely probabilities) almost from this view like two species or more talking amonst themselves about earth in dialect form (and rather playfully again from some corners), that is the gray one.  And we thought for awhile They were infiltrating with our DNA notes in the watch-winds, and not other intelligences, besides. 


The most interesting thing in researching this so far is that this was so possible so easily, not like building anything more elaboarate than could be easily transferred to a field, and how interesting indeed (To be fooled or Not to be).


The good ones take about Three Days to complete, lay down the idea, allow for interprolation and extrapolation and complete the Design.


Over and Out



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