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Hello everyone,

                    I've  purchased ' And Still They Fly' & 'Through Space & Time' last year and in my opinion both books are great as they are informative and they make very compelling reading (TS&T - makes very compelling viewing lol). I wanted to know what you people thought of the books themselves? Anyone new to the Meier Case i strongly reccomend purchasing the books here. I've studied the Meier case since early 2003 and although I have found little discepancies that need explaining, however I am certain that what's going on over there in Switzerland is legitimate and true. And for you 'newbies' I am sure If you spend enough time mulling over the case you will find what I had found, the Meier case is infact reality (you can't read the Meier material in a few weeks it takes months and months to even have a good idea). >>Marc, sorry for harrassing you but Billy took photos of his trip to outer space. I heard that the majority got stolen and some were just so bad in picture quality there was no point in releasing them. Do you know of any more photos you guys at Steelmark could use to put another photo-book of some sort together?


see you in a few days people

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Marc and you and I discussed this Satchi (sorry again likely question, you male of female you your name) almost a year ago, that at least one major photograph was wrong a most major one, the Barrier Between the Universes, and we received word from Marc that the "And still the fly!" photograph (at least in the Edition I bought) was incorrect, maybe the real one is still out there, and I agree what other works are out there, if the Billy Meier actual photographic caseload is as big as the Contact Notes were to the development to our North American and Global view of the whole matter of UFOlogy and that science, or not of modern apologetics and textual criticism just a little short, sorry for the snark, snark the wrong one got put in and me put off? 


Ah, yes there could be hidden materials just waiting for our reprisal to want of prudence if even in future talk to want to ascertain, if even that we loved this case and that caseload and wanted it only presented ad hock the English way of prufrock?  Lead on weary travellor many materials have been found on the Internet and it is about time there was a positive marker put on the whole affair then, real pictures or not, wittheld or not.  Oh, of course not all Meier material can be disclaimed from the originals, but tell us really and truely as buyers and forumers, what other materials could we actually expect to be just floating along or cast about from some prime source or closer source person, I'm sorry but that should be part of the price that Billy Meier pays for his 'correct information', and it really is a source argument ladies and gentlemen, have we been cheated somehow, or out of time, or what 'they' the sources can say for sure for real is the expected material beneath the waterfall, thank you, or is there zero below the dance of this water and newer or just left behind material is not forgiven for sure for real Marc.  Can you promise us that there is no way that Meier material unknown has reached the internet and provided newer subterfudge? 


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Captain Tuttle, Hello..


You know what I think? Well, for starters I think that there are more Meier photos, but they're only for his personal viewing, so that excludes us doesn't it? For me on a personal level what's more important than any photos of E.T spacecraft is the spiritual information which is interwoven throughout the case. If you take the time to read and understand the spiritual information you'll find that it's so deep, profound and flawless that it's totally refreshing. There is nothing quite like it and in my opinion it's the most important part of the entire case. I've studied and learnt the texts and teachings and now they're a part of me and I'm a much better person for it, has it also changed you for the better?


Love, Logic, Knowledge, Wisdom, can a human ever go wrong if they live by these words?


take good care


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You know something, I was just expressing frustration over things that I cannot contain (just a little humor, but there is relevance), end of story.  I know Billy cannot must up the material to attack his once famous enemies, but if FIGU or Billy Meier ever did have the power to defeat the enemy, he should be given at least the philosophical chance.  All I really wanted to say was that Meier is responsible somehow like every one else, who either defames or uses his material, and he should like the other big guys, at least have lawyers and the like at his disposal, or any of the real goons in LA and not Switzerland or really even England.  Yep the good-old USA has a few dark corners within it living Enterprise or shall be say, beast of burden, and she is a responsible nation with the saying that she already has millions or responsible citizens that at least know the legal and other simplier limits set up her shoulders than present conditions and we are all growing up to so speak.  To say the least, there used to be easy ways for people to get messed up, and those cleaning the floors of those buildings had inclings as to how powerful and how exacting and how prophetic these works of Billy Meier are and really how moral and contractual they can be, right to the letter in some cases, for sure, for real it would still be a frightening world, but with better equipped teeth, for sure for real as well. 


They should be in gold somewhere, in my opinion and nothing less.  The article that doesn't make sense is that people want to get screwed up in nonesense past possessing power over people and that is good and simple in my books.  Every person possess a certain amount of power, can do massive P2P things and really inculcate and demote alot of necessary cultural learning, without having to put 3D glasses on to see the end of the tunnel.  That photo, and Marc is there is real one or more real one, I want that to make into a poster or good art work, or better some day, and we want the real items back on the table is my concern as much as a threat to just simply keep repeating the instructions.  We are all getting hungry for more material of the physical kind, some grow sick without the necessary feelers, Satchi, and you are kind in your assumptions as well as the necessary cultural eye.   Mine own journey has not demoted the Billy Meier phenomenon, not at all, and I am not a simple person without education or interest, believe me.  I have read dozens and dozens of books on the entire UFO phenomenon, and seen the very simple place that Meier has on the National TV's (Global really) and all of the yarn from the 90's period and then some.  I have faithfully followed the teachings in their entirety including my own Internet searches (but there really are to many at times; she is a beauty.  It is just what Meier is currently doing, and it fit the bill, to sit under her seat and not just adorn her, but be the critical eagle beneath her, and that in my estimation, is a very large thing.  Immense. That the cell that surrounds her is immense is good orchestration for the critical lesson, and that is both accountability or not, and I'm am just sure that Billy would love to have more power in that net beneath him, not less, so I feel secure that to this point, that leakage has been minimal.  But some sites report items that I have never heard of.  One was of handprints that could not be removed and came from a galactic celestial visitor, and they were on the hood of his car, and they were reported on tv there, I believe it said.  I lost that and perhaps there are more than just minor contacts happening that he is no longer reporting, as not to attract more attention than he already has perhaps.  All the same it would be nice to have more correlation into the FIGU site as well, but it still has the feel of a forum and not purer science at times either, must be the paying thing.  At least we have freer support from Steelmark, right Marc.  So get back to us, just open your mouth and justify that more things are still brewing over their with the Meier guy, that's all for now.  May the force be with you and around you, landing even.  Thanks.





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Good points, Satchi. To me, the spiritual information is the pearl in the Meier/FIGU material and the photos are only the medium to engage your curiosity.


Captain Tuttle, I'm afraid I just can't understand what you wrote. I'm not sure if you are using a translation program or what, but it's just too hard for me to really get the meaning of your words, particularly in your earlier post in this thread.


I can only tell you that you are seeing the same photos on the Web and in our books that we are seeing and really nothing less. There are some relatively small, low-resolution, black-and-whites in some of Billy's German books that I own (like the Contact Reports) that show some pictures he allegedly took in space and elsewhere. But at this stage, I don't pay much attention to them because so much has transpired with his photos (substitutions, manipulations via Meier's neighborhood photo lab, etc.) that it's almost impossible to prove their origin and authenticity.


As a publisher of Billy's material, we may sometimes have the opportunity to see new photos or clearer versions (digital or otherwise) of Billy's photo material or, for example, early versions of certain English translations, but they are ultimately destined for the public's edification, as in the book "Through Space and Time."

Marc Juliano
V.P. Technology/IT, Steelmark
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Sorry, Marc a little carried away I agree, but your tone and the note of character you just left again, reaffirmed something that bothers so many people, you can still land and win an argument, no something else really, did I say that right?  Yes are other things by far unseen by the few, for sure, and other priveldges, and now yes, like you indicate, protection within that scheme as well.  Billy Meier is still in my opinion a very great person, and my concerns are really only for protection I guess, and so many wolves are at the doors as well and few people have the depth of discussion that some sites provide. But really, thanks again for taking him completely under your wing, and yes, I certainly wouldn't complain as much if I had his other books, and even the CD/DVD's and other things on the market.  But before closing, anymore word on those other sources of his materials then, another word on the genuine articles?  Who else if offering in legal terms, genuine and creditable material, and not milking the faithful, and then I'll be gone with that little tidbit of information breakdown, for that is where my teeth were, friend.


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Hello Gentlemen,

                      The Decalogue is an interesting aquisition. I'm just wandering if anyone here has read the german language version published by Figu?  I have a very good idea of what to expect but I wander if any additional information will be added in to the Steelmark version. I'd purchase the german version of the Decalogue but it's in German and I work, study, and have a girlfriend (which is like having a child) in some respects (lol) and my personal time is very, very limited. When I read such spiritual information pertaining to the Meier case I need lots of time to digest, fully comprehend  & retain the teachings in my head. Time is limited for us all to whatever degree, so I will just stick it out and wait for the Steelmark publication.

Oh..Captain Turtle..I'm curious, where are you from?

I read your posts sometimes and wander if you've been reading too much of the old quick translations of the contact notes from the 70s..were the grammar is all mixed up and words are in the wrong places, and have started talking like that also.

Gee if you got your grammatical structuring right you'd sound just like a regular plejaren. I'd also like to say happy new year to you, wish you a prosperous 2007 full of new wisdom, knowledge & love.


take care

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