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We are not alone thats the truth, but who is Samjase. Is it true that they no longer want to communicate with billy meier. Samjase is really on earth, don't be fooled easily guys.They view us as fools, unlearned and spiritually low.Can you view the mexican video fleet of 2006, this kind of display and show off comes from one source SAMJASE.


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I understand now why they see us as fools...

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Is it that we seem to be seeing them as such an easy touch, that yes one of my arguments is that counter to our more current predicessors (how do we ease preditorial and predecessor to predeceased from the dead) into our modern psyche, the alter-lyrians who were powerlords and even all of the more powerful ones of the races, that plural of five armies again, those Zeta Reticulans that dropped the mother load on Roswell either or those like we have even seen in our back doors for years here in Canada, and is at our back door.  Even the crop-circle phenomenon is tied very tighly in, and we don't blame or say they are contrived by the Pleyaren either (the real ones that is).  Yes, what I see in your collective mood is again what normal earthlings as attached as we are to the earth perhaps for parallel, that we are being treated with an indifference that they have had to lower themselves (they say in the book, the Pleyaren say that they had to embrace their emotions again, and this is probably the oscillation from that maneuver), and that they the Pleyaren, now that we can more certainly feel (and this should grow, like the greys, it is psychic, but also becomes embedded with our psyche, like doped material to a semiconductor) that their psyche which would necessarily have to using spiritual telepathy from any distance, makes us seem hostile and rude, but more metaphysical and much less aggressive (if much at all, unless challenged) more current, proud and bright, but not the intelligence style depth like we would want to that contactual field.  I am lead right now to re-read Dr. Carl Yung, so deep seem to be our acts against the wall and the shadows of the hands on the walls, makes their children seem more energetic (for contrast) that us for a veneer, you know, more like the biblical analogy of that kingdom of heaven whose inhabitants are child-like and don't recognize at times what earth mankind calls important and the equality that bridges the gap, metaphysically and spiritually and mentally, and the island or the band where the current tonal of the time also occupies space and has meaning without confusing us with the totality.


Point that came to mind again today, from a terrestrial viewpoint they seem to occupy the space used by others who have appeared and have called themselves and act like a very specific race, and that distinction is very refined and controlled to even genetic or eugenic distinct pride, to even the intake of food and the use of techology in league with nature as much as possible, and the entire domain of living with the natural, of a slow evolution that they have stated occurs for us and them, with incremental and measurable accuracy as well, unlike us, poor ugly earthlings we are.   I don't really consider us less than equals to them, or any of these visitors and et sources, they can communicate with us in various ways (sightings, books etc) but it takes a great deal more to understand our emotions (or want for lack of better structure) in parallel to this field, and where it was in the modern Earth psyche.  But technologically even the so-called greys seem to possess incredible technology and seem to be performing missions here on earth. That is because maybe for you like me, Billy Meier only became important about ten years ago, that is for my life he was some guy who had good photos, but most books did little to promulgate his now collected works and experiences, it was clandestined and maybe predestined to land as hard as it has.  But I came upon it just like I would have if we had the internet (right) back in the late 1970's, when Meier was in contact with scientific doctored sources of any value, and just before the BSE and all of this actually was said to be true, and yes it happened, like he reported, or really the internet sources published for us to see so I can verify that authenticity directly, but yes, does it make us feel good that someone can just come along, dip their finger in the pie, and say, this will kill you that will kill you, but don't expect us to help directly for any time to come, just be behind the works right at the critical points and be good critics firstly.  In many places and peoples he is not known or what all of this represents to mankind understood commonly.   So my criticism is like yours, they don't seem to have hit the mark with us on that gut level yet, and in some ways there mission is over with Billy (during the intial period which was intense and then ended but before bloodshed either, but we must imagine that they have things around us and don't tell us) and these contacts trickle through him.  It is almost like blood dripping off of a sword, and with every contact note update, it is like castle style intelligence war for need of sarcasm, to which we are supposed to go ohh and ahhh, and that suite is hard for most of common man to masticate, you know, chew to the source like a puzzle and have those bizzare patterns fit the entire picture puzzle.  Yet for certain it is very interesting and it doesn't step on its toes too much to be called a fake from the textual criticism of the entire contact notes, which like the photos and videos, are the last stage of scientific criticism that can be used.  If they contradict themselves or even the works of the books' writings either there are alot of data points that must align and like you said, when some don't appear, we are right to act like eagles and vultures on top of this and I am glad we don't just swallow every piece of the pie in one eating either. Meier could end up where C.S. Lewis ended up with Christ, to the Christian he either was who he said he was or he was a maniac, no where in-between but that ended up just out of alignment as well for us, and why again, because we are fools, who ever grew up on this material, it is of titanic origin and ultra-modern time to even talk about it and not glow in the dark after merely talking about it, merely to us that drop; or quit damn well talking like the whole is an affair in crytology and I really have to add that damn closer to many is not the intense desire or lifestyle to have studies everything either, and the even music, say the dark side of the moon still fits a sypathetic effect for the tonal to decrytopy if we add that infamous newt of force, wink, wink. 


Finally aha, came back as I was writing right now (just, interesting word) that, well instead of anything coming back (another crescendo, it is harder to remember for years as ears are the sign of intelligence) that yes, as we decided to test the moon with our rockets and instruments that we would meet something that had a long association with it, and hence that association also came to me as I was growing up, along with glowing heads while buildings burnt down in some of the theatric renderings done during the time period of sixties and seventies, exclusively in that field, we are an immature species, hence the respondo, her incredible respondo actually towards the worldly psyche that sem - ya - see which is can be described cryptically in our modern psyche's in mass as towards that same word for her, SEMJASE and seeing her is like meeting a crystal ship in the midst of a very etheral human psyche indeed then as towards a superwoman, so ha gentlemen, obey the writings and no psychic contact or the needle met the mark and done any damage, yet. As towards the moon, ever so slowly it seems we are admitting with our militaristic viewpoint (it is very tight and why not) we found more than we ever imagined (if even one report was true the devil was found out there) and knowing what they can be like (or just yelling that they are just reports), could really change anything for modern man and all of this can really describe but through the writings of Meier and one had better not describe one or two things about her (like he says, no contact is made in those realms), but I give you one experiment after thinking about this reply topic you were talking about, and it came back, just like the proverbial man (me, no proverb now) who decided to change religions and after performing the necessary thought experiment found completely different reality that confounded but did not hinder, that it took the pictured quantity (the guru or enlightened being or quality) being to 'animate' and some admitted to not having achieved that, though mine have always done that without being puppets either, and that is in the same realm qualitatively as any guru or religious person or persuasion in those regards, like dr. wormwood says, just ignore them, the real quandry are those alter-intelligences (really in most respects after getting over it all, they are all interesting in their own fatherly and intellectually pathetic ways) are as much a quandary to figure out as Mankind is still to itself (their Young spoke, held up his head we did) as an enactment in that infinity of time and space.

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